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Demi Lovato attends the The Young Women's Leadership School in New York on September 20, 2012. The Young Women's Leadership School (TWYLS) of Brooklyn offers a demanding college prep curriculum in a traditional setting where rules are strictly enforced.
One of  five Young Women's Leadership schools in the city, the Brooklyn school aims to encourage girls from low-income families to explore and excel. TYWLS was housed in William Gaynor Junior High School building on the edge of Williamsburg at the time of our visit, but the Department of Education announced plans to move it to  PS 147 in 2013. Special ed: TYWLS has team teaching classes and support for students with disabilities but no self-contained classes. How many students took an AP or IB class and scored at least a "3" on the AP exam or a "4" on the IB exam? How many students graduated in four years with test scores high enough to enroll at CUNY without remedial help? How many students say that this school provides helpful counseling on college or job-seeking?
While these schools claim 100% college acceptance (which could mean nothing more than an aggressive counseling program coupled with requirements that students apply to many levels of college), neither of these schools claims to have a 100% graduation rate, which would be a much more impressive achievement.
The Tribune and other media have reported on the significant enrollment attrition between freshman and senior year for both of these schools.

The Tribune had to correct a similar story in 2008 (see photo) but apparently hasn’t passed the word on. Read PURE's 2010 Office for Civil Rights complaint against CPS's high-stakes testing and retention policy here. Read about the accountability problems PURE uncovered in Chicago's charter and turnaround schools: Our report. This all-girls school, opened in 2008, will add a class each year until it serves grades 6-12. All 7th and 8th graders study Latin, and students may choose to continue it in high school. Some wear T-shirts emblazoned "Girls Rule." In 2011, the school marked the United Nations' International Year of the Girl with guest speakers and events. Ninth graders visit campuses and, starting with 11th grade, students have a full-time college counselor. The school seeks students and families who understand the school's approach and want to be there. The policy doesn't work, harms students, increases the drop out rate, and costs over $100 million per year. Julie's work has earned her a Ford Foundation award and recognition as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Chicago.

Founding Principal Talana Bradley says she has no tolerance for misbehavior and we saw no discipline problems during our two-hour visit.
Many said they enjoyed the mix of students and the teachers and, to some extent, the absence of boys. At so-called leadership conferences, students meet with their parent and an adviser to review their progress toward meeting various goals they have set for themselves. On the day of our visit, he met with 10th graders, telling them what they could expect and how they might behave at an upcoming college fair.
For now, arts are offered largely in after school programs, although Bradley hopes that will change as the school grows. The job, says Bradley, is not just to get the students into college but to find a good match.

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