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Manufacture: lean manufacturing requires a serious and pragmatic attitude, it is a base for a manufacturing enterprise. New Value: Continually create new value for customers, employees shareholders and stakeholders. To help us better understand this process, let’s take a look at each step involved in creating a business plan.
Although this is the first thing the reader will encounter in your business plan, it is often the last piece to be completed. A startup owner will need to demonstrate industry knowledge and have a firm grasp on the market size and potential market share, according to the SBA. Weaknesses: “Weaknesses are also factors over which you have control, but are areas that you need to improve. Opportunities: “Opportunities are external to your business, the reasons your business exists or the need the business fulfills.

Threats: “Threats are external forces beyond your control that you need to be aware of so you can make contingency plans. This segment breaks down the structure of the business and includes an organization chart that shows the chain of command as well as details on the owners and business leadership. For marketing, the SBA advises you include a description of potential market penetration and growth, along with channels of distribution and methods of communication with customers.
The final section may include a variety of information that may be needed as supplemental material, according to the SBA, all of it being dependent on each unique scenario.
A crucial step in the process is creating a business plan – a formal presentation that details the different aspects of the business, the market, the finances involved and the expectations.
As the SBA says, “This section briefly tells your reader where your company is, where you want to take it, and why your business idea will be successful.” A startup’s approach to an executive summary will differ from that of an established business.
According to the SBA, this includes a description of how the products or services will satisfy the market needs.

Weaknesses are the factors holding your business back from gaining a competitive advantage.
For sales, you should describe the team, the training process, recruitment strategies and an analysis of sales prospects. The SBA recommends including current and future funding requirements, how the funds will be used and any other relevant financial strategies involved.
This can include credit history, reference letters, licenses and permits, legal documents, building permits, contracts, and a list of business consultants. Other elements to include in this section are the product’s advantages, its life cycle, and any details on copyrights, patents, research and legal agreements.

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