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The Xbox One will not support backwards compatibility for games, meaning no playing your 360 favourites on the new console. The lack of backwards compatibility is a real shame, thought not necessarily a surprise given the rumours of the past several months. For more information about the Xbox One, check out our Xbox One: Just The Facts article as well as our in-depth Xbox One FAQ that answers all those burning questions about the new console. Livraison GRATUITE Profitez de la livraison standard gratuite sur tous nos produits, sans minimum d'achat.
Information has been a little sparse and somewhat contradictory, but we’ve sifted through the sand of misinformation and the dust of not-quite-sure-ness to find the golden nuggets of truth for you all. Worryingly, Microsoft has also stated that it has no current plans to offer downloadable 360 titles for Xbox One, unlike Sony’s plans to release PS3 titles via cloud download.

The Xbox One’s lack of back compat stretches to the digital titles as well as physical. Your gamerscore and your avatar will be dragged over to the new console, something which makes this Achievement Punter very, very happy. To put it very simply, it’s a new console with new guts, no room for 360 bits and bobs. Nintendo put a smile on fan’s faces and let their wallets breathe a sigh of relief when they confirmed that Wii controllers are compatibile with the Wii U, but Microsoft have taken a different path. The upside is Microsofts promise of continued support for the 360, so those favourite games aren’t quite ready to gather dust just yet. We’re wondering where this leaves titles like Minecraft, which have massive fan bases and constant play.

They have stated that they have no plans to cease support for 360 in the forseeable future and it will continue to be sold, so at least you’ll be able to hang on to your faithful console alongside Xbox One, in order to dip back into your favourite titles for a while yet. The One controller is not dissimilar to the classic 360 pad but involves over 40 innovations according to Microsoft and that leaves little room for the controllers of yesterday.

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