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Google Earth Free Screensavers is a latest HD wallpaper for your desktop and it is available in wide resolutions.
This file title Google Earth Free Screensavers image size is 151 kB, and resolution 1024x768 scaled to 1024x768.
If you are an icon designer and want to showcase your Icons, logos , prints , web ui or web design resources, Here is the best place!
Yesterday, we told you about the Olympic themed Google Doodle that was also a hurdle jumping game, and I embarrassed myself with my poor score.
Press the space bar to throw the basketball, the longer you hold it down, the more power there is behind the shot. You’d better be fast scoring those baskets too, as you only have 24 seconds to score as many as you can.

Today, Google has done another Olympic games game, and this time it’s in the form of free throw basketball. As time ticks by, the woman will move back, meaning you’ll have to adjust your throwing power in order to keep getting those baskets in. Again, with a few tries a lot of you will be able to score better than that and we’d love for you to compete for the best score in the comments. Perhaps they will continue the trend with more games, which I don’t think anybody would mind. Here you will find some nice wallpapers about Google Earth Free Screensavers for your current screen resolution . Once you learn the required power for each of the three distances it’s not hard to keep scoring points.

Although if key mashing is your thing, perhaps aiming for baskets might be a bit harder for you. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background, by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers below.

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