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Hi folks, we’re going to close comments for this post to make sure that everyone gets the support they need.
I have set this up in WordPress (very cool by the way), but I have one question, my interest category in my list is a radio buttons.
Has anyone gotten the MailChimp WordPress plug-in to work under Windows (IIS7, PHP5) enironment? Most of the other plug-ins works fine in my system (IIS7 running PHP) but maybe not MailChimp? I would like to ask how hard it would be to add an image and edit the font of the current Mail Chimp widget I am using so it matches the look of the other widgets in my sidebar.
If you turn off the custom styling, you can target the #mc_signup_form css id in a style sheet to customize things. Conversely, a list of plugins activated for your site may help, though that will likely take us longer to test.
Im wodering how you customize the length and colour of the text input boxes on the sign up form, and how you customize the submit button, instead of the default one. I have tried to modify error messages in php files, I have the same problem on FO, cannot display properly. Can I use Mailchimp to send emails that people sign up for using the Subscription Options Plugin? At this point, the entire form is displayed within #mc_message instead of just the error or success messages.
This resets all of the form field values to their original state when the sign up process is successful.
I want to increase the length of the input text box, what’s the css style and variable I should be targeting? Yes Ben i use wp plugin and i tried this feature but it does not redirect to the page i specified in form settings. MailChimp installed fine and i’ve configured all the settings however when i go to the widget page its only partially loaded, the drag and drop functionality is not working and the right hand widget bar is missing. For some reason, I cannot get the MailChimp WordPress widget to play nice with other widgets. It could be other WP plugins you have installed that aren’t getting along well with ours, or it could be some other code on your blog.
I would like to use the mailchimp widget in 2 sidebars – the main pages and the blog pages. When jquery is turned on for the template, the slider in the header does not work, nor do the dropdown menus in the main menu bar. I have installed this plugin, but I only get a deactivate and edit button – there is no way for me to use it. I just installed the MC plugin and everything seems to be installed properly however when a person subscribes, it doesn’t add that person to the subscriber list in MC.
There is a long and well documented history of the js in this plugin conflicting with other WP plugins, which is a real shame. Can you elaborate on “long and well documented history of the js in this plugin conflicting with other WP plugins”?
Unfortunately we can’t purchase every paid plugin every time someone believes our plugin is breaking is causing a conflict with something, so you may also want to mention this to them or have someone technical dig into it and determine the underlying issue.
The button alignment on my MC widget needs sorting… at the moment it is dropped into the middle of the widget whereas the email input box is left aligned.
This Primary School Free Website Template is based on WordPress Content Management System enabling the easiness of usage for your web visitors and providing the wide possibilities for the site owner. With our Primary School Free Website Template you can post about various kids activities, modern technologies used at your school, publish students and teachers pictures and what not. You can also download our Free Website Template in order to practice your web design skills while trying to customize it. I’ve been working on updating some of my older free themes with fresh new designs and most importantly fresh new features! Customizable Theme Options on the Theme’s Options page in the dashboard which allows you to change the featured image sizes, sidebar default styling, post excerpt options, footer link and text options, spaces for ads, and much more. Widget Logic: This allows you to choose which pages, posts, or categories you want to display or hide certain widgets. Either upload the zipped folder through your WordPress Dashboard by clicking on the Theme’s Tab underneath Appearance. Or, unzip the folder and manually upload the theme to your wp-contents folder using an FTP client.
Remember to go into Menus under the Appearance Tab in your Dashboard to set your Primary Menu. Well, the nice part about WP is that you can continually add and change things as you need to in order to make it what you want. To get rid of comments on a page, you simply uncheck the radio buttons located on the dashboard of the page you are editing, and it will close comments. Your forum idea is a good one, although I don’t have time to set up and moderate one right now. Make sure that you don’t just try to install the zip folder by itself onto the theme.
You shouldn’t need to add any php at all, but simply add the Meteor Slides Widget to that top widget area. I downloaded this theme but I was wondering if it was possible to open it in artisteer and if so how do I go about doing that? Beautiful theme, but the palm tree image just won’t appear, no matter where I put the files there is just a big white empty box.

Hi Annie, as I mentioned in the post, that area in the header is just an extra widget space so that you can insert an image, slider, or whatever you like into that spot.
You can also use a plugin like Meteor Slides as I suggested in the post, and then just add the slider widget to that space. Ramin, I sent you an email regarding extracting the contents of my folder and only uploading the actual theme folder. If you are seeing just text for the meteor slides, than you are either not properly adding the image or their is an issue with the plugin itself. Of course, some of the themes collected here are actually aimed at parents, but adults with their parent hat on are often harder to impress than without. The difficult audience may explain why there are so few themes for kids and child-related businesses. Alexandra is widget ready, responsive, has several color options, a customizable logo, works with Google fonts, has an image slider, WordPress 3.0 menus, includes a layered PSD, custom call to action boxes and social icons.
Peekabo is a fixed layout theme designed for daycares, pre-schools and other child oriented small businesses. Includes the colorbox lightbox plugin, shortcode editor, an image slider, breadcrumbs, a filterable gallery, the AddThis widget, sub-page navigation, a localized theme, a contact form with validation, theme options panel, a Google maps modal window, a fullscreen resizeable background and is WordPress 3.0 ready. Powered by the Jigoshop e-commerce plugin, Child Care Creative would be suitable for an online shop for kids toys, arts or crafts as well as for the child care industry. Includes the Jigoshop plugin, custom widgets, a slideshow, a newsletter system, header options, shortcodes and has 10 widget areas.
A fun kids theme with a retro feel with an emphasis on slideshows, galleries and social networking.
Includes the FancyBox plugin, 3 gallery layouts, a shortcode editor, sliders, a theme options panel, a localized theme, custom widgets, a contact form with validation and a custom testimonials page. Includes a simple shopping cart, newsletter plugin, widget areas, different background options, and a contact form. Designed primarily for schools and childcare groups, Kid’s Voice School has a fun, hand-drawn feel with 10 color schemes, 3 blog layouts and 3 gallery layouts.
There are multiple color variations, a shortcode manager, custom widgets, built-in sidebars, multiple gallery options, an AJAX contact form and Kid’s Voice School is SEO friendly. Babysitter is a colorful, uncluttered theme designed for use by child -oriented businesses or groups. The main features are the drag and drop page composer giving you full control over site layout and colors, the blog page, and contact form. It’s widget and shortcodes ready, includes a social share bar, custom menus, multicolor related posts, a dynamic post loader, translation options, and is SEO friendly. A blog theme designed to appeal to kids, WpCartoons has social sharing, advanced post formatting and menu text that looks very much like a certain mouse’s handwriting, if you catch my drift. Mommy Blog is a sweet little theme which would suit a mums or mums-to-be blog with a pregnancy counter among its custom widgets. Featuring multiple header configurations, 2 background options, a sidebar manager, custom widgets, header slider option, Jigoshop, Google maps, and photo gallery support. Balita is a bright and cheerful theme for a baby and child store with a feature rich e-commerce solution. Includes custom widgets, a theme panel, facebook page integration, BuudyPress support, and is SEO friendly. A cheerful, bright online Baby store theme, powered by the ever popular Jigoshop eCommerce plugin. Main features are the Jigoshop plugin, and an image slider, it is also widget ready and responsive.
Paddi MacDonnell is a designer and entrepreneur from Northern Ireland, follow her on Twitter. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Once you’ve got it dropped into your WordPress directory and activated, you can configure everything from WordPress, right in your browser (what form fields to display, text, interest groups, and even the design). Just keep in mind that if you auto-upgrade to a newer version of the plugin, that change will get wiped out. If you can check your web server error logs, there should be some sort of error message there that may help us prevent this. The version released yesterday seemed to clear that up, though I’m still not 100% sure why it just started. Take a look at the HTML for it and you’ll find the elements are easily targetable with your own css, though.
However, you should be able to easily add the normal CSS version of that tag to your site’s style sheet and be set.
Sign up again in the same form using a new email address, regardless if the fields are valid or not. The generic “text widget” that ships with WordPress includes this feature so it might be as easy as to copy and paste that code into Mailchimp?
Once the link in the confirmation message is clicked, you’ll see them appear on your list. There are a couple mentions of js issues from ages ago (ie, cleaned up long ago) above, but none that really say that. Primary School Free Website Template is a perfect match for those looking to establish creative but still kind and sweet place on the Internet. It is a great opportunity to keep your hand in templates editing before building your own web presence based on one of our Web site Template. I’ve just created a brand new Tropical Paradise theme ready for you to download that would be perfect for a resort website or a vacation blog!

Note, because these four spaces are dynamic, you can use one which will cover the entire space up to four that are evenly divided. Make sure to create your menus within the Menu Panel underneath Appearance in your Dashboard.
This will allow you to easily add or remove images from the slider as well as add a link to each image and adjust the transition elements.
This is a great feature if you want to use a different slider or image on each page of the theme.
Also, make sure to go to Theme Options within the Appearance Tab as well to set your theme defaults as desired.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this theme, and let me know if would like any custom design work done for this theme or others.
I’ve changed my site a ton since setting it up, and will probably continue to change it as I learn new things and just for variety sake. This is the simplest way to remove the ability to post comments, while still giving you the ability to allow comments on certain pages should you choose to later. Glad you like the theme, and I’m always happy to answer specific questions people have. This new tropical one is great, however, I was wondering if you could do a bit of customizing for me?
I installed the meteor slide and i was able to make a slide on a post however i cannot put it on the picture frame on the header just like on the screenshot above. I tried to upload the zip file through wordpress and i also added the files in my host dashboard–nothing. Design for a school or daycare centre can be particularly hard, because it needs to portray professionalism, caring and efficiency to the parents, while still engaging the kids. It comes with several useful handy plugins such as Colorbox, Tiny Carousel, Nivo slider and AddThis as well as shortcodes for easy editing. Kidz Store has a pretty comprehensive list of features including shipping options and tax management, while the visual design is bright and clean.
It has a drag and drop page composer and a highly intuitive options panel to make things easy for inexperienced users. It includes a social share bar, shortcodes, a contact form, translation options, custom menus, an anti-spam feature, and custom sidebars. Now, if I could figure out how to get an image to float behind the part where the name and email address goes, i would dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back….
I’ve saved the changes and cleared my temp files yet I still have a border around the contents of the form.
If you install that, you should be able to turn both plugins back on plus the javascript option in ours. As a result, the mailchimpSF_display_widget() function will return the entire form instead of just the error or success messages when the sign up form is submitted again. Maybe there is way to change manually mailchimp_includes or better to use raw code without plugin?
The one that comes closest is the jquery slider one, and it’s hard to call that our issue since we are using the jquery distributed with WordPress itself.
So, if you are currently using the old Tropical Paradise Theme that was previously posted here, you may want to consider a free upgrade for a bright new look and tons of great features! You can easily drag and drop menu items and subitems into place here, change the navigation titles, and much more. Please note, that the image size which works best for the header area whether used in a slider or just inserted into a text widget is 485 x 295. I used the steps listed below for my own site, although I do allow comments on certain pages. So, unzip it, save that Extra’s folder inside of the theme folder if you want or just to your computer, then send just the theme folder itself to the zip folder and install. My husband and I teach scuba diving and we are attempting to set up a site to help promote our services. Is there a different plug-in that would work better or would you still use meteor slide to do that?
Having some challenges getting the image (whether by Meteor or by text widget) to line up in the Header Widget Area. It can be just as difficult to produce work for kids: they are a very tough audience, and pretty unforgiving if you get it wrong.
The front page is fully customizable, it includes a digital shop which is WooCommerce compatible and has the option of multiple payment gateways.
Basically the widget beneath MailChimp is jammed right up against it, while spacing is proper for the other widgets. I love the set up of the tropical theme, but was wondering how hard it would be to replace the flowers with some scuba equipment or scuba related graphics? Adults may persevere with a poorly presented site if they have to, kids are much less likely to bother if they just don’t like the design. To use the vertical menu, you can simply drag the Vertical Menu Widget into your desired location into one of the sidebar areas, and populate it with either pages, categories, or a custom menu you have created within the Menu Panel. I just did a test drive install using an ftp client with the exact folder provided online and it works fine.

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