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Whether you opt for one knee, one size smaller or one long and a winter coat must have some qualities – to be soft, warm and give us the best look.
Trends Fall Winter 2012-2013 winter clothes for ladies to take into account some important issues that you want to be trendy as well to respect them. Seems also to maintain the so-called military style, which I personally do not entirely approve it but trend is maintained even some models of clothes not only jackets. Long luxurious velvet coat detailed with black embroidery on the sleeves and along the edge of coat and hood.
As the temperature drops the main focus point of women is to dealing with their wardrobe for staying warm along with stylish look.  There are number of varieties are available for winter weather assortment.
During winter time all women are in search of a nice outerwear, whihc will cover them and save the warmth of body.
Coats are perfect for winter time, this outerwear is longer than jackets and saves warm of your body much longer.
Elegant and beautifully embroidered versatile tailored velvet jacket with mandarin collar and frog fastenings.

The trend for this season is pretty much libertine and takes into consideration various needs.
In this post, we will be attaching and posting pictures of these top 10 perfect winter coats for women 2015 so that you might get a clear idea that what kind of winter coats are in these days! Down coats is a smart choice, first of all down fabric saves warmth and gives extra protection, secondly these coats are so comfortable and easy to be washed. In Western fashion seeps oriental influences that bring luxurious materials and great attention to detail. We have seen that these days, normally women and young girls go for long winter coats and mostly in plain form. Beautiful designed trendy wool long coats are perfectly suitable for stylish and fashionable girls who enhance the charm and glamour of their personality even in winter weather.
Dulcet and dazzling shades like deep black, maroon, smokey grey, bright red, skin, brown, olive green, etc are picked for this collection . What this means, as well as trends for men stands in a wider variety of colors, exactly, but obvious attention to what colors and combinations particularly what we think, basically talking about a winter jacket.

You can have these winter coats in the colored shades of light brown, black, grey, charcoal, red and bottle green.
As you know, coats are longer than jackets, so it means our bottoms are saved from the cold wind. As it is an entirely winter season so all the lovers of winter coats love to have some stylish and appealing looking winter coats! It has been seen that these kinds of winter coats not only look stylish and tempting but also give you a fresh look to your personality.

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