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The London Olympics 2012 officially kicks off this Friday with the opening ceremony; however women's soccer games kick off today.
The US beat Japan, 2-1, in the Olympic women's soccer final Thursday, avenging a loss to Japan in the World Cup final last year.
London — When the three women’s soccer teams emerged from the beneath Wembley Stadium – Japan, the United States, and Canada – there was no trace of sadness or disappointment on a single face. Not one of the teams on the medal stand had lost a thing, really, because what they had gained was immeasurably more.
International Hockey Federation IHF has just released the the new Hockey Team Ranking Women 2014.
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Junior midfielder Ariel Krakowsky participated in soccer and track at Campbell Hall High School. It was not the role Ariel Krakowsky dreamed of having on the UCLA women’s soccer team. But it was the role she chose to accept on her road to becoming the team’s first-ever walk-on player.
Despite leading the team in goals in her last two years at Campbell Hall High School and having been named league MVP as a senior, the Encino, Calif. Once she got into UCLA, it was easy to pick the school where she had watched women’s soccer games since she was 8 years old. She joined the club soccer team in her freshman year and ended up practicing with the women’s soccer team in the spring. In an end-of-the-year meeting, the coaches told her that she had shown the ability to play at the college level, but that there was not a spot available for her on the squad. She spent her sophomore year balancing her duties as team manager while still going to club soccer practice and games on top of her schoolwork.
She never outwardly complained as she did her work as team manager, primarily because there was no one who could relate to her situation.
When the season was over, Krakowsky was once again allowed to practice with the team during the winter and spring. However, during finals week of her sophomore year, she once again had a meeting with the coaches to discuss her situation. Her teammates were all proud to learn that their former manager would be playing alongside them, and credited her trademark positive attitude for her success.
Even with the positive outpour, Krakowsky found herself on the bench more often than the field when the season started. Krakowsky would get her chance to shine during a 7-0 blowout win over Princeton back in mid-September.
The junior midfielder entered the game for the first time as a Bruin and played 13 minutes while recording a shot on goal. All of her hard work and perseverance through the tough travels of her journey had paid off. And even if she never plays in another game as a Bruin, Krakowsky wouldn’t change a thing.

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US Soccer has named Tom Sermanni the new US Women’s National Team Coach, replacing Pia Sundhage. The 58-year-old Sermanni has coached the Australian National Team since 2004, after returning to the position he left in 1997, and has led the Aussies in three Women’s World Cup tournaments. With Sundhage riding off into the sunset to return home to Sweden, our Gold Medal winning squad suddenly became the sexiest job in the world and there were no shortage of applicants.
Sermanni was a nominee for FIFA Coach of the Year in 2011 and his appointment saw  him beat out recent U20 World Cup winning coach Steve Swanson and Paul Riley.
USWNT coach Pia Sundhage will officially wave goodbye tonight when her team takes on Australia in Colorado.
I dig the uniformity of the men’s and women’s teams but this is a little too much on my eyes. Teams from Groups E, F and G -- highlighted by the United States - will begin pool play on July 25th. For years, Olympic women’s soccer tournaments have been unbalanced, uncompetitive, and often showed how far there was still to go more than what had been achieved. Women’s soccer was no longer a project, concocted in the Swiss laboratory of the International Olympic Committee with high ideals and limited expectations.
The ‘Hockey Team Ranking Women 2014? released by IHF is based on the points secured by the teams participated in the matches. She now plays for UCLA as the first-ever walk-on player for the UCLA women’s soccer team.
Come learn how to start your own independent college counseling business from one of America's premier admissions consultants. Oh yeah, plus Alex Morgan scored two more goals to throw extra gasoline on the Mia Hamm debate. There may be a few tears (mostly mine) and there will almost certainly be song as we celebrate a strong tenure for the leader of our women’s team. All set to ride off into the sunset of Sweden, Sundhage received a guitar as a gift from the team then proceeded to sing for a few awkward seconds. That’s the universal sound of a cat fight, by the way (I had to Google it) and with all due respect to Anne Hathaway, Hope Solo is the ultimate Cat Woman. Every time I look at Alex Morgan above I’m tempted to try stuffing her in a Christmas stocking (not that I’m not always tempted to try).

WNT head coach Pia Sundhage sings her answer to media at a press conference Frankfurt, Germany. But on Thursday, three teams that had given the world soccer of the highest order during the past four days strode to the center of the pitch at Wembley – the spiritual home of soccer – and knew that they had thoroughly earned this moment.
It was the finished product, full-blooded and thrilling.The Olympic Games were the confirmation of what the world had begun to see during last year’s World Cup. The Women Hockey teams from all over the world have taken part in the matches and are ranked on the following position with accordance to their points. The current UCLA students are moving on and this rather quaint and cozy place will be available June 15th. But before we get all emotional, let’s rationally break down Pia’s top moments as coach since she assumed the role in 2007.
Sure, Pia led the group to gold in 2008 as well but this last one just felt more important. No longer would women’s soccer be a cabal of the select few – the Americas and Germanys winning every tournament. According to the ranking Netherlands is on the top with the maximum points.  2nd position is hold by Australia. Maybe it was all the generational clashing throughout the program, or maybe it was the loss in the 2011 World Cup but there was a special satisfaction to the most recent Olympics.
Former USC football coach, and current Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll could be Pia’s twin brother, the resemblance is scary. And here was Japan, trying to slow the game down into a chess match, to make pass after pass after pass until the fabric of the American defense unraveled.Both strategies worked at times, and at the end, the fact that the game was not tied – or the result reversed – was more due to the heroics of American goalkeeper Hope Solo than any deficiency on the part of the Japanese. From there, Tobin Heath slipped a through-ball to Alex Morgan, who controlled it well before lobbing the ball in front of the goal.
Carli Lloyd, typically barreling through from midfield like an 18-wheeler with no brakes, met the ball with her head, and the US was up, 1-0.The score should have been 1-1 within 10 minutes, as Ms.
It was surely the save of the tournament.As the half wore on, Japan came into the game more and more as America fell back and allowed Japan space in midfield.
The USA’s forays forward became more disjointed, trying to build on individual skill rather than team play, while Japan stayed organized, moving forward and backward as a unit and trying to break down the US through its system of intricate interplay.With the US getting passed off the pitch, it had to change tactics and buckle down on defense. When she had finished, the ball was in the net and Japanese defenders were trailing in her wake – another tractor-trailer 40-yard run finished with a high-octane shot to the corner.Ten minutes later, Japan had responded – in character and deliciously.
Though a bit scrambled at the end, the setup play was ecstatic, the tick-tick-tick of the Japanese passing eventually lulling the US to sleep and then Shinobu Ohno opening a seam in the defense with a through-pass to Homare Sawa, whose shot was blocked, but Ms. It was only when Christie Rampone made a lazy pass out of the back, which was intercepted by Asuna Tanaka, that Japan threatened – and then Solo again made a brilliant fingertip save.There were Japanese tears, for a moment at the final whistle, but when the team came back out for the medal ceremony, perspective had been restored. As the the Canadians received their bronze medals for their last-second win over the French earlier in the day, the Japanese women twittered like schoolgirls on a playground, choreographing a collective bow to the crowd before stepping on the podium.The giddiness was understandable. On a delightful midsummer’s eve in one of the great cathedrals of the sport, just about everything had gone right, and everyone had a medal to remember it.

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