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As a result of the industrial revolution many women were in full-time employment, which meant they had opportunities to meet in large organised groups to discuss political and social issues.
Organised campaigns for women's suffrage began to appear in 1866 and from 1888 women could vote in many local council elections. The suffragists had their origins in the mid nineteenth century, while the suffragettes came into being in 1903.
Watch the introductory movie narrated by Kirsty Wark, or devle deeper into this site to explore the history of votes for women in Scotland. Gram-Utthan is grateful for the donations that help us continue our mission in serving the poorest of the poor and socially excluded. To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Afghan women wait for food distributed by Afghanistan's Interior Ministry to the internally displaced families from Helmand province, during the holy month of Ramadan at a refugee camp in Kabul (File Photo - August 28, 2011). Two leading international aid agencies say women's rights in Afghanistan are under threat as international troops prepare to leave the war-torn country. TalibanBut the aid group says such gains in women's rights could be lost in a "quick bargain for peace."  The co-author of Oxfam's report, Louise Hancock, said Monday that Afghan women do not feel they can count on those involved in the Taliban reconciliation process to safeguard their rights.
ActionAid also called for women to play a role in any political settlement to the 10-year war.The agency's survey of 1,000 Afghan women found that the vast majority worry about the Taliban returning to power. ViolenceOxfam notes that despite gains in recent years, Afghan women face a number of challenges.
While universities across the United States honor their newest graduates this Friday, many immigrants in downtown Manhattan are celebrating, too. Vietnam has transformed its communist economy to become one of the world's fastest-growing nations. In the summer of 1940, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania profoundly altered the future of many families shattered by World War Two. The head of Qatar’s organizing committee for the 2022 World Cup insists his country's bid to host the soccer tournament was completely clean, despite the corruption scandals that have rocked the sport’s governing body, FIFA.
When leaders of the world’s seven most developed economies meet in Japan next week, demands for infrastructure investment world wide will be high on the agenda. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton claimed a narrow victory in Tuesday's Kentucky primary even as rival Bernie Sanders won in Oregon.

As controversy continues in North Carolina over the use of public bathrooms by transgender individuals, personal struggles with gender identity that were once secret are now coming to light. Demonstrators shout slogans, march with placards to protest the government's plans on a new abortion law, Istanbul, June 17, 2012. ISTANBUL— Women rights groups demonstrated in Istanbul earlier this month in support of abortion rights, accusing state institutions of complying with a government campaign to systematically curtail the practice. Now the protests are continuing across the country as activists claim the government is using back-door methods to ban abortions.
According to current Turkish law, women can legally receive an abortion during the first ten weeks of pregnancy.
Turkish authorities say they are merely increasing enforcement of existing abortion laws and regulations. While ministers have previously promised that abortion will not be banned, a recent Erdogan speech reaffirming the president's commitment to protect Turkish families, Duzkan said, suggests otherwise.
Attempting to reverse a slowing birth rate after official figures showed the median age of its population has crept above 30 for the first time, officials in Ankara recently proposed government incentives such as free fertility treatment.
While government officials have said new abortion legislation is being considered, no details have been given. Abortion was legalized in Turkey in 1983 because of the high numbers of deaths by back-street abortions. In Turkey, married women are still required to obtain their husband's consent before receiving abortions.
When parliamentary reform was being debated in 1867, John Stuart Mill proposed an amendment that would have given the vote to women on the same terms as men but it was rejected by 194 votes to 73.
More than a third of those polled say Afghanistan will be worse off if foreign troops leave.All international combat troops are set to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. The aid agency says a law criminalizing practices such as honor killings and child marriages is only being enforced in 10 out of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. President Barack Obama's visit to Vietnam later this month comes at a time when Vietnam is seeking stronger ties with the United States.
While the reforms are incomplete, multinational corporations see a profitable future in Vietnam and have made major investments -- as VOA's Jim Randle reports. As VOA’s Kane Farabaugh reports from Chicago, a reunion of two families separated by war, language, culture, distance and time -- joined by a simple act -- continues to serve as a powerful reminder that one person can have a lasting impact on thousands more.

Hassan Al-Thawadi also said new laws would offer protection to migrants working on World Cup construction projects. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push for “quality infrastructure investment” throughout Asia has been widely viewed as a counter to the rise of Chinese investment flooding into region. Tensions between the two campaigns are rising, prompting fears that the party will have a difficult time unifying to face the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump.
VOA’s Tina Trinh explored the ramifications for one couple as part of trans.formation, a series of stories on transgender issues. Historically, instances of medical abortion that occurred after the 10-week limit often went unprosecuted. Recent speeches by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, they say, indicate that proposed legislation could make it all but impossible for women to obtain one. Women's right groups have warned that the government will face a tough battle over any attempts to further restrict its use.
In the second quarter of 2011 alone, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission registered more than 1,000 cases of violence against women.
Many Vietnamese Americans, especially the younger generation, are optimistic Obama’s trip will help further reconciliation between the two former foes. Now both patients and doctors are facing jail time for procedures performed after the legal limit.
It was assumed that women did not need the vote because their husbands would take responsibility in political matters. But by the close of the century the issue of the vote became the focus of women's struggle for equality. In this report, produced by Beth Mendelson, Arash Arabasadi tells us about one Afghan-American student who seems to be coping -- one shot at a time.
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