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Now Amazon not only shows off the new Windows 8 boxing but unleashes 10 more videos which make 14 over all.
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it will indeed be skipping Windows 9 and jumping to Windows 10 as the name for its next operating system.
Company executives did not spell out the logic behind the numerical leap from the current version, Windows 8, except to say that the new version won’t just be an incremental improvement.
Microsoft has not set an official timeline for Windows 10’s launch, and the version it showed on Tuesday was only a preview of the final product.
In a more typically Microsoftian move, Windows 10 will allow you to switch between multiple different desktops for different situations.

Nor is this a new phenomenon for Microsoft, which followed the Xbox with the Xbox 360 and then the Xbox One. If you are using Windows 7 , you can directly upgrade to Windows 8 using the current Upgrade Offer for existing customers .
I guess they figured Windows 8 was so criminally awful that any version called Windows 9 would be judged guilty by association. Instead it will bring back the retroactively beloved Start menu from Windows 7, which remains the world’s most popular desktop operating system despite being five years old.
Its own history of Windows release names is studded with NTs and XPs and MEs and Vistas in between Windows 3 and Windows 7.

With strict numerical progression out the window, the company’s options are literally infinite. To make things more confusing, each of those Windows names also has a formal release version number. After all, Microsoft is hardly the first tech company to flout ordinal conventions in naming their new products.

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