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The scene opens back up with Gail sitting out on her patio in her white thin shirt which is tied in the front and her jean shorts. Gail leaves the scene as 'Shaniqua' turns her back away from the camera seemingly sucking on the dildo as the fans go wild cheering."Live from New York City, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! Just following up on our post the other day on retrospective evaluations of probabilistic predictions: For more on Leicester City, see Nick Goff on Why did bookmakers lose on Leicester? The post Nick and Nate and Mark on Leicester and Trump appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. For more on Trump, see Nate Silver on How I Acted Like A Pundit And Screwed Up On Donald Trump and Mark Palko making a lot of these points, back in September, 2015, on how journalists were getting things wrong and not updating their models given the evidence in front of them. Which is closely related to the “Why did bookmakers lose on Leicester?, because it seems that their big losses came not from those 5000-1 preseason odds but from bets during the early part of the season, when Leicester was winning and winning but the bookies were lowering the odds only gradually, not fully accounting for the information provided by these games. Jonathan Sterne sent me this opinion piece by Stephan Lewandowsky and Dorothy Bishop, two psychology researchers who express concern that the movement for science and data transparency has been abused. We strongly support open data, and scientists should not regard all requests for data as harassment. The status of data availability should be enshrined in the publication record along with details about what information has been withheld and why. Scientific publications should be seen as a€?living documentsa€™, with corrigenda an accepted a€” if unwelcome a€” part of scientific progress. Freedom-of-information (FOI) requests have revealed conflicts of interest, including undisclosed funding of scientists by corporate interests such as pharmaceutical companies and utilities.
Journals and institutions can also publish threats of litigation, and use sunlight as a disinfectant. Issues such as reproducibility and conflicts of interest have legitimately attracted much scrutiny and have stimulated corrective action. Research is already moving towards study a€?pre-registrationa€™ (researchers publishing their intended method and analysis plans before starting) as a way to avoid bias, and the same strictures should apply to critics during reanalysis. I would have appreciated the chance to explain the analytical procedure in much more detail than was possible during my 10-minute talk but he didna€™t give me the option. There was time for a press release with an interview and a publicity photo, but no time for writing up the method or posting the data. The post Bias against women in academia appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. All challenges aside, there are disparities, for whatever reasons, between men and women in the workforce, and it’s a topic worth studying, especially given how the roles of men and women have changed in recent decades. I have no reason to think that academia is worse than other sectors when it comes to how women are treated.
Tian Zheng pointed me to this page by Virginia Valian, author of the 1988 book, “Why So Slow? The post Birthday analysis—Friday the 13th update, and some model checking appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.
You can see dips on the 13th of each month, also a slight bump on Valentine’s, and drops on several other special days, including February 29th, Halloween, and September 11th, along with a bunch of major holidays. If you look carefully on the bottom graph you’ll again see the little dips on the 13th of each month, but the blow-up above is better. Comparing to the results from the earlier time period (just look at your copy of BDA3!), we see the new pattern on September 11th, also in general the day-of-week effects and special-day effects are much higher.
The first thing I noticed, after seeing the big dips on New Year’s, July 4th, and Christmas, were the blurs around Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving. The second thing is that the day-of-week effects clearly go up over time, and we know from our separate analyses of the 1968-2008 and 2000-2014 data that the individual-date and special-day effects increase over time too. The other problem with the model we fit can be seen, for example, around Christmas and New Year’s. You can also see this problem arising in the last half of September, where there seem to be “too many babies” for two entire weeks! This is a great example of posterior model checking, and a reminder that fitting the model is never the end of the story. It’s easy enough to adjust for this in the model by just including an indicator for the dataset.
We (that is, Aki) fit a hierarchical Gaussian process to the data, with several additive terms (on the log scale, I assume; at least, it should all be on the log scale). The post Beautiful Graphs for Baseball Strike-Count Performance appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. Jim Albert created some great graphs for strike-count performance in a series of two blog posts.
Albert plots the pooled estimate of expected runs arising at various strike counts for all plate appearances for the 2011 season.
Using the x axis for count progression and the y axis for outcome yields a really nice visualization of strike count effects.
I like the red line at the average effect for an at-bat (corresponding to a 0-0 count), but I would’ve preferred the actual expected runs on the y axis rather than something standardized to zero.
With multiple graphs, it’d be nice to have the same y axis range and the same ratio of x axis to y axis size (I can never remember how to do this in ggplot).
Of course, the natural next step is to build a hierarchical model to partially pool the ball-strike count effects.
I highly recommend clicking through to the original posts if you like baseball; there are many more players illustrated and much more in-depth baseball analysis. The post On deck this week appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.
The post Peer review abuse flashback appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. When any call is made for the retraction of two peer-reviewed and published articles, the onus of proof is on the claimant and the duty of scientific care and caution is manifestly high. If you think of scientific research as a game where the prizes are publication, renown, and tenured professorships—then yes, by all means, try to bury all criticism and fight so hard that nobody will ever want to mess with you again. On the other hand, if you think of scientific research as a way to learn about reality, you should be thrilled when your expectations are confounded, when someone points out an error and you have to rethink.
Basically, I need to give them some simple answer that is least likely to raise eyebrows when they’re trying to publish. The post Stan talk in Seattle on Tuesday, May 17 appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. The post Leicester City and Donald Trump: How to think about predictions and longshot victories?
There’s been a lot of discussion in the sports and political media about what happened here.
The 14th best team in the EPL is roughly equivalent to the 20th best team in MLB or the NBA or the NFL, in terms of distance from the top. There are a bunch of quotes out there from various pundits last year saying that Trump had zero chance of winning to the Republican primary.
In contrast, if I make accurate predictions, ok, fine, I’m supposed to be able to do that. Basically, I applied a bit of auto-peer-review to my own hypothetical blog post on Adams and Trump, and I rejected it!
I think the chance of a Sanders-Trump matchup is so low that we dona€™t have to think too hard about this one!
A big difference between EPL and Tyson-Douglas is that there were only two potential winners of the boxing match. Mark Palko points us to this op-ed in which psychiatrist Richard Friedman writes: There are also easy and powerful ways to enhance learning in young people.
The post Happy talk, meet the Edlin factor appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. At the end of eight weeks, students who had been encouraged to view their intelligence as changeable scored significantly better (85 percent) than controls (54 percent) on a test of the material they learned in the seminar. Just like the original Jaws 2, this story features neither Richard Dreyfus nor Steven Spielberg. Match the resonses of large nationally representative sample to supporting these policy items. I let this languish in my inbox for awhile until Kahan taunted me by letting me know he’d posted the solution online.
But before I give you our guesses, and before I tell you the actual answers (courtesy of Kahan), give it a try yourself.
If you finish early, feel free to click on the random ass pictures that I’ve inserted to prevent you from inadverently spotting the answers before completing the test! OK, as I said, it’s tricky to do the scoring because Kahan switched some of the colors on us, but if you go back to the top image and compare, you’ll see that we got 8 out of 10 correct! Indeed, if you go with Kahan’s absurdly complicated scoring scheme, we got a perfect score of 14.75! The post Big Belly Roti on Amsterdam Ave and 123 St appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. We may all have our biases, but I’m curious about cutting through those to what useful investigation of the data tells us.A  What does the research behind these say?A  Is that research good, or does it fall prey to low power and that pesky overgrown garden you keep writing about?
The topic is interesting in itself and is of particular importance to me because nearly every day I’m thinking about what I can do to keep Stan team members happy and productive, and we do have some mix of structure we can impose and extrinsic rewards we can give out. Finally, the relation between common sense, individual experiences, and statistical evidence is unclear here. Jim Greiner writes: The Access to Justice Lab is a startup effort, initially supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation with sufficient funds for three years, headed by Jim Greiner at Harvard Law School. Regular readers will know that Bill James was one of my inspirations for becoming a statistician. The post Bill James does model checking appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. Total Baseball has Glenn Hubbard rated as a better player than Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson, Dale Murphy, Ken Boyer, or Sandy Koufax, a conclusion which is every bit as preposterous as it seems to be at first blush. To a large extent, this rating is caused by the failure to adjust Hubbard’s fielding statistics for the ground-ball tendency of his pitching staff.
Mon: Bill James does model checking Tues: Whata€™s the motivation to do experiments on motivation? Paul Alper pointed me to this news article about an economist who got BUSTED for doing algebra on the plane.
Although many books have been written about the psychology of violence (as I learned during my days directing a program for court-referred perpetrators), Dr. The same dynamic of denial applies to entire nationsa€”and goes far toward explaining why the a€?nicesta€? and most restrained people sometimes pick up a gun. Listening to the Rhino deals not just with outwardly expressed violence, however, but with confronting and transforming archetypal violence (as imaged by the dream figure of the Rhino) manifesting from within the psyche.
Following up on Jung's advice to translate emotions into images, Dallett writes about how a symptom or an illness, whether somatic or psychogenic (or both), represents an attempt at incarnation imparted by a spiritual force badly in need of translation from a literal source of suffering into an actively lived symbolic work.

Active imagination furnishes a primary Jungian tool for this kind of deep work, but as Dallett reminds the reader, Marie-Louise von Franz always insisted on the importance of completing at least these four steps: setting the ego aside, tending the images, reacting to the images, and putting the results to work in life (italics added).
This belief may well be a candidate for what Dallett identifies in another context as a pathological identification with spirit: what Jung identified as inflation. In the chapter a€?Sedating the Savage,a€? Dallett presents many examples of how psychotropic medication represses unpleasant emotions while supporting artificial idealized states of happiness and surface contentment. While the matter of healing is a major theme of this book, the other is violence, and Dalletta€™s point here is that when violence is repressed it puts the individual and collective into grave peril. Dallett returns our attention to the potency of active imagination as a tool to activate the psychea€™s potential for literal physical healing as well as psychological wholeness. On the cover is a picture of a rhinoceros with two birds perched on its back, a classic example of a mutually beneficial biological symbiosis.
Jungians are often the last bulwark in todaya€™s field of mental health practitioners, who remember the unavoidable reality and necessity of darkness and violence. We must develop an ego that is strong enough to contain the violent side of human nature, Dallett suggests, in order to live up to a€?what Jung saw as the millennial task (of) carrying the divine opposites of good and evil within the individuala€? (p.87). To contain the worst kinds of violence, Dallett suggests that we find a way to give expression to our destructive impulses without causing too much harm. The gist of Dalletta€™s argument, however, points towards incorporating more of the almost lost Jungian technique of Active Imagination. The Rhino did not simply show up to heal the dreamer, but to inform her that she was to serve him.
In Pat Britta€™s own words a€?During my early association with The Rhino, I could tell he wanted something of me, but I did not know what. In the alchemical laboratory of human life we are also mirrors for transformations on a larger scale, the transformation of the spirit in nature. Dallett reminds us that one-sidedness is one of our greatest dangers, be it the lopsided, misunderstood spirituality that denies the spiritual reality of violence or the overly rational slant of todaya€™s scientific community. We read in some detail here about the work of Jungian analysis, with special emphasis on active imagination, a method for bringing unknown parts of oneself into awareness and into connection with onea€™s everyday personality. Seamlessly, the book then turns to two major topics of special concern in todaya€™s world: the nature of violence and the use of psychotropic drugs. While this discussion of violence focuses on the psychic sources of explosive violence, another section, on the use of psychotropic drugs, looks at contemporary uses of prescription drugs to damp down or cover up difficult, painful, unwelcome emotions (and violence). What we have in this small book is the fruit of a penetrating mind nourished by long experience of the psyche, and now offering us the essence of that experience, fueled by passionate concern over issues of todaya€™s world.
Why is there so much violence around us - shootings in colleges, bullying in schoolyards, violent movies in theatres, graffiti in public spaces, news on television? Janet Dallett is a Jungian analyst in her seventies, now living in Port Townsend, Washington. Britt had hundreds of Rhino dreams in the course of her nine-year analysis with Dallettt, which always focused on the meaning of his latest appearance. Britt truly grasped the Rhino, writing poetry about him, painting his picture, and even casting him in bronze so he could stand in her front hall, and her damaged heart healed. Dallett attributes Britta€™s healing to her commitment to the Rhino, a voice for what Jung calls the Self, the God within. We are doing to the wild part of our psyche what we have done to the wild parts of the earth. Inside, Gail Kim can be shown behind the bar while her friends Chiaki Kuriyama and Gordon Liu are sitting across from her.
Outside, Gail and Chris walk to their vehicles, Gail's being a cherry red candy coated convertible and Chris' being a silver Mercedes Benz.
I mean, Shaniqua has been on a roll ever since she stepped foot into the WWFX, are you at all intimidated? There's nothing that you can say or that Shaniqua can say to make me change my mind about this damn match!
Sometime later, Gail is shown standing around in a backstage area pulling up her knee pads.
With special guest tonight, GAIL KIM!And a special LIVE Performance from Beyonce and Sean Paul!" Back from the break, 'Shaniqua' who is now played by Gail Kim, is lying in her bed dressed in all black leather and with dark brown face paint on her face and arms while lying under the sheets.
As a result, the field is being invigorated by initiatives such as study pre-registration and open data. Much as I’d love to think that the famous cartoonist has been leaving lots of comments on my very own blog, ultimately I think the posterior probability is low that fraac is Adams. In that case, the question is mostly just an academic one, because anything we do will come up with more-or-less the same answer. We might be close to the edge of parameter space, or there might be some bimodal situation where two (or more) parameters can combine in two (or more) different plausible ways, and the evidence from the data isn’t yet enough to conclusively rule one of those out. Now obviously a whole bunch of things have to break right for for a 75-87 team to have the best record in baseball the next year. The bookies arena€™t giving odds on SOME team with a (equivalent to) 75-87 record or worse winning the most games next year a€“ but for one specific team. Douglasa€™s win was surprising because he was assumed to be completely outclassed by Tyson, and then this stunning thing happened.
Beyond that I think it makes sense to look at a€?precursor dataa€?: near misses and the like.
For example, there is intriguing evidence that the attitude that young people have about their own intelligence a€” and what their teachers believe a€” can have a big impact on how well they learn. Dweck and colleagues gave a group of low-achieving seventh graders a seminar on how the brain works and put the students at random into two groups. It all started when Dan Kahan sent me the following puzzle: Match the resonses of large nationally representative sample to supporting these policy items. This dude was profiled by the lady sitting next to him who got suspicious of his incomprehensible formulas. Dallett's clearly and concisely written book offers thoughtful and sometimes surprising reflections, case anecdotes, and scholarly musings on violence as a spiritual problem.
It is easy for introverts in particular to skip the final step, but doing so severs inner from outer, contemplation from action. James Hillman has presented a similar critique, which can be summed up by the dictum: Silence the symptom and lose the soul. It is tiresome to be reminded that Jung believed active imagination to be the sine qua non of coming to terms with the unconscious. Oxpeckers or a€?tick birdsa€? sit on top of the rhino eating insects and noisily warn of approaching danger. It contains big ideas that deserve to be pondered and digested many times and reading this book is an excellent way to re-engage this material.
Dallett reminds us that the etymology of the word a€?violencea€? suggests a close relationship between violence and God. Dallett makes a convincing case that our culturea€™s addiction to love, peace and happiness in effect creates senseless violence and that we must learn and find a way to teach our children, that the terrible side of life is not going anywhere. Dallett reminds us that, once a respectful and responsible attitude towards the unconscious psyche has been developed, the meditative dialogue of Active Imagination is the technique for the on-going and life- long task of engaging emerging images.
Dallett grounds her reflections by allowing us a glimpse into the lives of two former patients, Pat and Teresa and she shows us the difference in attitude of these two women towards powerful inner animal dream figures. Britt had this dream, but because she took the image seriously and engaged it for decades to come. It is a potentially dangerous, primitive animal that has visited the dreams and fantasies of Ms.
Dallett makes the analogy to the alchemical work, which Jung had translated into psychological terminology. At first I thought his message was personal a€“ urging me to view life as whole, not with the limited eye of my rational ego. Our collective ego is still trying to maintain its autonomy in relation to the larger mysteries while the power of the feminine in her own totality is pressing into consciousness. This discussion is unusually clear and thorough, giving a readable and rounded picture of this form of psychological worka€”both its potentiality for healing and its dangers.
And why are we so fascinated by violence that crime, killing, and war are often at the top of the news? I hear him pronounce: a€?If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing easily!a€? By this he means, according to Britt, that if a thing is worth doing it is worth taking the time to get to know it, so the thing can show you how it wants to be done. When connected to your inner program something beyond the ego comes to your aid, but when you try to go against your destiny you hit a wall. Later she realized he wanted to reach a wider audience; he wanted to speak for life, all life, animals, plants and the earth itself.
We North Americans have naively idealized the Christian virtues of kindness and self-sacrifice, dangerously repressing our so-called negative emotions. We are sedating the suffering of body and soul with psychoactive drugs, unaware that pain is a reaction against something that needs to change.
First, it was taking out Trish Stratus, then she took out Lita shortly after with a blink of the eye. Well maybe she'll get the message when I eliminate her ass at the Pay Per View.-stands up stumbling a bit- You know something? Besides, I was hoping that you and I could-strokes Chris' cheek- Could head back to our place and spend some time together?
Now Shaniqua may be known as the 'Bondage Babe' but to me, she's more like the 'Bondage Shim.' That Women's Championship Title is mine no matter what that freaky bitch has got to say about it! Every single belief every person has is a rationalisation of their emotional state a€“ in particular it’s usually hiding from fear. In those cases, plotting the distribution should clearly show that something is up, but what do we do about it in terms of giving a point estimate? 5000-1 may be low, but 50-1 is absurdly high given there actually are quality differences between teams, and there are quite a few of them.
Leicester is a pro soccer team and nobody thought they were outclassed by the other teamsa€”on a€?any given Sundaya€? anyone can wina€”but it was thought they were doomed by the law of large numbers. For example if therea€™s not much data on the frequency of longshots winning the championship, we could get data on longshots placing in the top three, or the top five. Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, has shown that kids who think that their intelligence is malleable perform better and are more motivated to learn than those who believe that their intelligence is fixed and unchangeable. The experimental group was told that learning changes the brain and that students are in charge of this process. Also criticized is the widespread habit of using meditation to get rid of (repress) the emotionally charged images flowing from the unconscious. I would like to see this insightfully expressed logic extended more often to the state of the oppressed struggling on every side and in all corners of the world. The Indoa€“European root of the word a€?violenta€? is wei, which means vital force and one definition of the word God is a€?an immanent vital forcea€? (p.86). The reader is encouraged to reflect on seemingly counter-intuitive statements, such as a€?violence is the human spirita€™s protest against the enforcement of more goodness than it can stomacha€? (p.92).

This suggestion, although fundamentally right, may need more elaboration than this book provides, because the danger of infection by archetypal forces is high and not to be taken lightly. With reference to Barbara Hannah, Dallett devotes a segment of the book to a much needed review of what Active Imagination is and discriminates what it is not. We are informed on the front page that this book was written with contributions by The Rhino and by Dalletta€™s former patient Pat Britt.
Dallett writes, a€?The Rhino has been the central figure in hundreds of Pata€™s dreams continuing still today.
The alchemists believed that their work was to redeem God or the son of God, whom the alchemists imagined as a a€?fabulous being conforming to the nature of the primordial mothera€? (p.
We are encouraged to look at the place within ourselves where we remain a€?fundamentalista€?, where spirit is trapped in a literal, concrete enactment, physical illness or cherished convictions of the nature of reality. The cover photo of a rhinoceros with two small birds casually perched on its back leads us into a text full of insight into both interior and outer worlds. Only a profound understanding can put forth such subtle and complex ideas in such apparently plain talk.
Britt had been so ill with bacterial endocarditis and kidney failure that she was expected to die in her early forties. However, if something is hard to do you should change your relationship with it, or let it go. We are suppressing the healthy masculinity of normally active children with Ritalin, either because the way we are living is driving our children crazy or because they do not conform to our expectations. And just last week, Gail got the chance to get her hands on the WWFX Women's Championship Title.
Her hair is down in it's natural state, except it's over her shoulder with a skyblue rose pinned in it. The scene then fades into Gail and Chris falling in bursting open the apartment door kissing. You get paied to ask questions and yet you ask the same question over and over, what's wrong with you?! Just then the crowd bursts out in laughter as Kenan Thompson (Shaniqua) is dressed in a black pleather bra top and matching hotpants with black pleather boots and a braided wig on his head in Shaniqua's style. Even the smartest people with the correctest beliefs tell themselves lies that are qualititively identical to those of the craziest loon.
One way to think about Leicestera€™s odds in this context would be to say that, if they really are the 14th-best team, then maybe there are about 10 teams with roughly similar odds as theirs, and one could use historical data to get a sense of whata€™s the probability of any of the bottom 10 teams winning the championship. Therea€™s a continuity to the task of winning the championship, so it should be possible to extrapolate this probability from the probabilities of precursor events. The control group received a lesson on memory, but was not instructed to think of intelligence as malleable. In my men's groups we always knew which men were at greatest risk for another violent incident: those who maintained that their anger was an aberration they had now overcome with penance and good intentions. An overemphasis on decency and virtue not only darkens the personal and collective shadow, it unconsciously identifies with divine goodness and thereby falls into inflation and self-righteousness.
These and other New Age maneuvers are enlisted in the service of propping up the happy persona that conceals the darker dimensions of conflictual psychic life.
Yet Dallett goes farther: Psychiatric medication should only be used to contain severe symptoms, she argues, preferably in small doses and even then only temporarily. Most of the examples of violence in this book break forth from the uptight middle class, where swings are removed from parks to prevent lawsuits.
In Jungian thought, the Self, which is the psychological equivalent to the image of God, often breaks into consciousness violently.
Active Imagination is not guided fantasy nor is it art, but, following Hannah, Dallett sees Active Imagination as a creative function. 28), an earthy, fabulous, night creature, like the Rhino, equally life threatening and life giving.
We meet the rhino of the title as he first appears in the dreams of a gifted woman whom the author has known for more than 30 years, initially as her Jungian analyst. Rage, she says, is a natural instinctive response to a threat to the Self; violence is the human spirita€™s protest against the enforcement of more goodness than it can stand. Gail looks around at the dark locker room with leather whips and chains hanging from the wall.
We continue to stand by the analyses, findings and conclusions reported in our earlier publications. Leicester was the 14th-best team in the league last year in terms of points (and they were better than that in terms of goal differential, which is probably a better indicator of underlying quality). In the light of this observation, the missionary and the terrorist stand revealed as brothers-in-arms.
Making a work of art, breaking a therapeutic impasse, or modifying a relationship are three of many possibilities for new forms of expression that liberate the archetypal power from remaining trapped a€?in mattera€? (in symptom or illness).
One can almost hear in popular a€?thinking positivea€? propaganda the voice of the family cheerleader castigating brothers and sisters for being so a€?depressinga€? as to discuss Dad's alcoholic violencea€”or on a national level, the violence inflicted by the precarious rule of empirea€”out in the open.
Although the alarm should be raised about overmedicationa€”psychotropics are even being found in public water suppliesa€”I have known people with major psychiatric disorders for whom the advice to go off meds to do a€?psychological worka€? has been disastrous.
Dallett pleads us to acknowledge that the terrible in human life is real and that only by confronting it, by taking it by its horns, do we have a chance of not being controlled by it.
The Rhino represents an instinctual mercurial principle in psyche that holds the power to heal or to wound.
The Rhino becomes an imaginal companion for Pat Britt and Dallett speculates that his a€?dependable presence may compensate the uncertainty of a life in which death is always at handa€? (p.33). We follow the patienta€™s devoted inner work with the dream rhino, as he emerges into a living imaginative reality: mentor, opposite and guide, and we learn of the healing of her life-threatening physical illness.
In Britta€™s initial dream, the dream that is thought to foretell the course of therapy, a small rhinoceros charges her, but she catches him by the horn and holds on.
If you can let it speak to you, and give it what it needs you will have an inner partner for the life that remains to you, however long or short that may be.a€? (p. Royalties, in part, go to the International Rhino Foundation, which helps to preserve the rhinoceros from extinction. Oh Poor Trishy, laied up at home sitting on her Touchey!-they all laugh- You know something? The 'Basham Brothers' then move under the sheets placing 'Shaniqua' between the both of them humping her repeatedly.
Anyway, the idea that ita€™s a 5000 to 1 shot for the 14th best team in one year to win the league in the next is obviously absurd on its face. I am thinking of people legitimately diagnosed with bipolar disorder who took similar advice from their gurus and ended up psychotic; one, a former student, is still homeless and ranting in the streets.
As fantastic amounts of money continued to be funneled upward, the number of Americans living below the poverty line soars higher than ever before. There is a story about the late Edward Edinger in which someone asked him, a€?What is new in Jungian psychology?a€? He replied, a€?New? Then I am reminded of the story of Edinger and his comments about what is old and what is new in Jungian psychology.
Instead she asks us to recognize violence as an intrinsic aspect of the collective psyche, one that must find expression and that does have a purpose as when a€?the Self often breaks into consciousness in ways that are violent, primitive, even monstrous. The unconscious is a minefield of devastating, destructive potentials, but without venturing, and at times suffering this minefield, there is no way of getting to the treasures.
In Pat Britta€™s case, it was the spirit released from a life threatening illness that took the image of this large, gravelly voiced Rhino. Finally we see that this work gives the former patient her independence of analysis and analyst. All Shaniqua is good for is strutting around talking a good game because she's big, muscular, and ugly.
The walls near the bookshelves turn and behind them come dildos of ever color, a hanging body chain falls out from the ceiling, and a movie screen slides down and there begins a tape of Shaniqua and the Basham Brothers having a threesome. I have also known people with schizophrenia who could never hold down jobs or attend school without some kind of long-term antipsychotic medication. People still dona€™t understand the old.a€? Author Dallett might heartily agree with this sentiment. He speaks to our desperate post-modern world, saying we must turn away from our arrogance and learn again to live with the rhinos, the crocodiles, and all the natural, instinctive forms of life a€“ now, before they are gone, leaving us alone, alienated, and doomed to extinctiona€? (p.37).
What's important in such cases is to prescribe a correct and accurate dosage not only to contain extreme symptoms but to make psychological work possiblea€”work that includes dealing with the psyche's responses to the need for medication. If the Self in such sufferers is enraged, social constraints and injustices give it excellent reason to be, for as Martin Luther King pointed out long ago, a riot [like a symptom] is the language of the unheard. In her latest offering she reanimates many penetrating insights from Jung and reminds us that they are as cogent and urgent now as when Jung first presented them.
In response to her dream, the woman took up the task of relating to the unconscious through art, dialogue with the rhinoceros and study of dreams.
But anyways, in the morning, Gail and Chris are shown walking around their apartment, obviously getting ready to hit the road.
First of all here we've got Trish Stratus, the blonde bitch who thinks that she can't be beat, well Lita certainly proved that she can be beat. The 'Basham Brothers' then lie on each side of 'Shaniqua' as she looks into the camera and begins to speak. The remarkable dreams and healing experience of this dreamer make up one part of this rich book and serve to illustrate and put flesh on the abstract bones of some of C.G. Gail has on her Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey that is tied in the front showing her navel and her jean flared hip huggers with her hair up in a ponytail. Incase she didn't know, I've dealt with men and women bigger than me in the past and no matter what, I won. Gail listen to me and listen good, I'm gonna keep fucking this piece of plastic-drops the dildo- And you're gonna-gonna-Oh my God! And Lita, she's below garbage, she's scum, underneath my shoe, I wanted to show those fuckers that I meant business!
But the growing data about the impact of a deep alignment of psyche and body reveals that we have merely scratched the surface of that mysterious intersection. A little later that day, Gail is shown backstage at the arena in her red ensemble and matching trenchcoat checking herself out in the mirror. A connection and engagement to the depths of the psyche that stimulates powerful healthy growth and that transforms body as well as psyche is unhappily still on the fringe of accepted consensus today, this in spite of what depth psychologists, in addition to Jung, have intimated or stated for over one hundred years. Gail turns around a bit annoyed at the presence of Terri walking up on her with a microphone.

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