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Here’s wishing a Happy birthday to the most handsome and sexiest boyfriend in the whole world!
Finally, I finished this tutorial for the teddy bear Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, and baby shower popup card. This tutorial is a big long because I’m still getting used to my new video editing software. If you are making the 2-part popup card, then fold the bear up at his attached foot and insert the tab on his other foot into the inside card. If you are making the 3 part popup card, then insert each tab on each foot into the respective slots.
Thank you for sharing, you are a genius when it comes to pop up cards now I have to learn how to cut them ) it wont be easy for a leftie.
Aside from birthday gifts and special birthday presents, you can make it extra special by uttering beautiful birthday wishes to your boyfriend.

This version is slightly faster to make and cuts the bear out of the same card as the inside card. This version lets you make the bear and the inside card out of different colored card stock. They seem easier to glue (when I make your 180 degree cards, I tend to have some problems with the centrefold).
I made one of these (the Valentine card) and when I finished, I closed the card and then opened it again and when I opened it, the head was still folded. Here, we include some of the best birthday wishes for boyfriend that you can use as birthday card messages and birthday SMS wishes.
Don’t forget to include your true feelings together with your boyfriend birthday greetings and messages.
I mentioned in the previous post that you can use this card for other occasions by adding additional clip art parts.

Feel free to share them to your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such. I am sure that you will find some messages suitable for your need and if it is not you can select some message and rewrite it.
You can add a graduation cap for a graduation card and maybe put a costume on the bear for Halloween. I wanted to make something simple, since I may be making a lot of these for my baby shower. After I made the first baby shower card, I had to make the Valentine’s day, Birthday and Christmas card.

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