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If the love you have for your child is measured in distance, what does it say when you pick the closest rock in the sky? Looming childcare expenses, constant anxiety over SIDS, an extra 15 pounds that refuses to budge- yup.
OK, with #1 I’m going to admit that if the imagery with that quote was the Nutbrown Hares, then I would be all over that. Sorry again to thread jack, but this seems like one of the only spaces I can just shout that out and have it be semi-okay. The only one I kind of liked was the second from last (the one about roots and wings), but it’s still kind of a mixed metaphor. Dunno but they absolutely will be pulled off that wall as soon as Snowflake learns to stand.

Husband had Kidlet on his lap while I was reading it, and we were exchanging weirded-out looks when she’s rocking the teenager. If you’re here just as a reader (rather than a blogger) please do take the time to click on a few of the links below - you may find something really interesting! But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
When I got pregnant I spent weeks poring over Pinterest looking for theme ideas and color schemes to make the babies’ room just right. As long as your definition of adventure is moving from the bed to the glider to the couch and back again. I mean, the illustrations are great, but the big nutbrown hare is kind of being a dick, always one-upping the kid like that, no? I think it is the fact that the person occupying the room can’t even read these stupid quotes. I mean, he’s talking about China being a sleeping giant that will take over as soon as they come out of their slumber.

5 copies straight to the goodwill box…although I really think I should have just burned them.
In my family I’m surrounded by Hallmark moms who tear up at the deep, deep beauty of these profound statements.
It seems like no nursery is ready to bring home baby to without some sort of wall art containing an inspirational quote that sums up your love for you new bundle of joy. Or getting some spring rolls instead of your usual egg roll with the Chinese food order because you’re too tired to cook again. I’m considered heartless and possibly not human and certainly deprived of True Love for not agreeing.

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