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While he worked as a hospital nurse in the early ’60s, Sledge began his professional music career as a member of the Southern soul vocal group the Esquires Combo.
The Golden Dawn Arkestra is an avant-garde collective combining deep grooves and cinematic textures. Anchored by music since 1986, Nick Peraino has considered a lifestyle with easier, predictable, or more lucrative paths absent of music on many occasions, but he has always been drawn back to it. Banditos are famously eclectic, paying tribute to a little Aretha here, a little CCR there, with a tidbit of Squirrel Nut Zippers packed around the edges. The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint combines the tastiest BBQ in the South with honest-to-goodness downhome blues for an experience you'll never forget! Sledge sang all of his songs that way, delivering them in a powerful rush where he quickly changed from soulful belting to quavering, tearful pleas. Described as one of the genres rising stars, Richardson resume has included sharing the stage with various legends of the Blues.

In a time when the music business desperately flails about, grasping at any new trend that will save its sinking ship, he exists far outside its confines. It was a voice that made him one of the key figures of deep Southern soul during the late ’60s. In 1979, Percy Sledge made updated recordings of all of his hits on the state-of-the-art equipment at Gusto King Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.
Sledge recorded at Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama, where he frequently sang songs written by Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn.
Ivy released the single independently and quickly licensed it to Atlantic Records, who quickly bought out Sledge’s contract.
Not only did he sing deep soul, but Sledge was among the pioneers of country-soul, singing songs by Charlie Rich and Kris Kristofferson in a gritty, passionate style. He'd never seen the inside of a studio, and he belted as if on stage, causing engineers to scramble and adjust their levels. Sledge was able to turn this revived popularity into a successful career by touring constantly, playing over 100 shows a year into the ’90s.

Despite his performance, the finished recording wasn't the hit everyone was looking for, though, and they soon headed across town to recut it at Norala studios with the same set of musicians (even going so far as to lug the heavy Hammond B-3 organ along).
In 1994, he released Blue Night, his first collection of new material in over a decade, to uniformly positive reviews. It was also the title of a 1994 romantic drama, starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan and co-written by comedian and future senator Al Franken. King knew the song was Percy's the minute she heard it on the radio, but she never suspected it was about her.

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