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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Arceus, the Alpha Pokemon and the Creator God of the Pokemon World, served as the titular antagonist in the twelfth Pokemon film Arceus and the Jewel of Life.
Arceus created the Creation trio (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina) and the Lake guardians (Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf). In the movie, Arceus exhausted most of his powers to stop a meteor that would have destroyed the world, but a man named Damos helped him to recover.
A millenia later, Arceus awakens to have his vengeance by destroying Michina, and got locked in a fight against the Creation Trio who tried to protect the city and sent Ash Ketchum and his friends in the past to investigate.
A few weeks earlier, Gold is at Ecruteak City where he attempts to catch up with Silver, only for Arceus to appear and blow away the Ecruteak Gym with its powers. Lance reveals that he was ambushed by someone, which is why he didn't appear at the Pokeathlon. Petrel forces Silver to hand over the Plates to Archer, who proceeds to force Arceus to use its powers. Archer has Arceus use its power to create the three legendary Pokemon Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Although they believed themselves to have won the battle, the Pokemon Arceus created quickly reform themselves.
After everyone else leaves to take their battle outside, Gold remains in the Sinjoh Ruins to calm Arceus down. Seeing how determined Togebo is causes Gold to remember how they are both treated as last resorts, which puts them in similar situations. Arceus resides in the Hall of Origin, an area of Sinnoh in the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games.
Arceus has the highest base stats of any Pokemon (excluding both version of Mega Mewtwo), totaling 720. Arceus' signature Ability is Multitype, which changes its type depending on the Plate item it holds. Many fans compare Arceus to God, as both are creator gods & supreme beings worshipped by many. Arceus is significantly more formidable in the anime, wherein Judgment is strong enough to ravage whole cities and Multitype can be used at will to dampen damage from enemy attacks. In gratitude, Arceus used five of his magical plates to create the Jewel of Life, which would turn the barren region of Michina into a fertile and prosperous land, but was to be returned some years later.

After Ash and company save Arceus in the past and bring him the Jewel of Life, the Alpha Pokemon ceases his attack as his altered timeline catches up to him and he recalls Damos kindness and Ash's intervention.
Despite his best efforts, none of his attacks seem to affect the Alpha Pokemon, which responds by attacking his Pokemon with a powerful roar. Silver and Morty are knocked unconscious, leaving Gold the only one awake to combat Arceus. Lance praises Gold's skill at beating the Pokeathlon, but believes that he will be unable to calm Arceus down due to Gold not connecting with Togebo enough.
Gold, Silver, and Crystal attempt to stop him, but are blocked by Ariana, Petrel, and Proton. Silver attempts to distract the Four Generals by feigning suicide, allowing Gold and Crystal to attack while their guard is down.
Archer reveals that once the creation process begins, it cannot be stopped, and was only halted temporarily so that Arceus could complete itself. Gold sends out his entire team to try and face Arceus, but they are quickly swatted away and defeated again. This area was supposed to be accessible with an event-exclusive item - the Azure Flute, but it has never been released, and the area wherein the deity can be battled and caught is unaccessible without the use of cheats. Like the Maltheistic portrayal of God, Arceus in some versions have been shown as a tyrannical deity who wants to destroy humanity. The discrepancy may be explained by the fact Pokeballs act as power limiters, sacrificing most of the entity's power to allow the trainer to control it. He was then "betrayed" by Damos, who refused to give back the Jewel of Life and attempted to kill him. He then thanks them for saving him and stopping him before it was too late, and he proceeds to undo the damage he had done.
Reacting to the Plates in Silver's pockets, Arceus opens the barrier to let them in, along with Archer, Ariana, Petrel, and Proton, who sneak inside. Archer uses the Plates to force Arceus to activate its Ability, Multitype, so that it can use its various types to attack Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
With the assistance of Silver's Feraligatr, Gold and Crystal destroy the legendary Pokemon before they fully form with the Ultimate Attacks. Although the situation seemed hopeless, Lance arrives with two allies, the former enemy Pryce, along with the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. The only one left standing is Togebo, who Gold refuses to let fight as he does not fully trust in his power.

Togebo evolves twice into Togetic and Togekiss, respectively, and delivers a Double-Edge attack, which doesn't hurt Arceus, but calms it down enough to end its rage. Arceus can learn almost every TM and HM move and can be tutored many others still, allowing it to fill virtually any role in a party. But unlike the previous games; Arceus along with rare and legendary Pokemon, will emerge from a Master Ball. Arceus' actual degree of omnipotence is questionable, since in many Eastern religions the creator deity creates the world (sometimes by accident), but does not rule it. Arceus quickly leaves, angering Gold into following it while taking an unconscious Bugsy along for the ride.
Archer praises the trio for helping them use Arceus for their goals when they were just trying to help Arceus.
With the three Pokemon destroyed, Arceus retaliates against the Four Generals by blowing them away and absorbs the Plates into its body. The three Trainers begin combating the Pokemon, and manage to hold them off for a little while. Despite this, Togebo refuses to listen to Gold's commands and continues to hopelessly attack Arceus.
With the battle over, Arceus flies to parts unknown, but Gold decides to follow it to give Arceus a proper send off. It has a signature move known as Judgment, which has 100 base power and changes type depending on the plate Arceus holds. When Arceus emerges from the Master Ball, it will unleash powerful meteors and warp the gravity around it, sending all characters in the air smashing back into the ground . Arceus uses its powers to create a powerful barrier around them, locking Gold and his Pokemon inside.
When Gold questions how Pryce returned, the man reveals that the one who saved him from the crack in time was Celebi, who could see the destruction that Arceus would bring with the legendary Pokemon it created. There, Archer reveals that they landed at the Sinjoh Ruins, a mysterious area where the cultures of Johto and Sinnoh meet.

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