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I hope this little fish will swim right into your heart.  Fill it with sweet treats and small prizes and it will be a perfect addition to a birthday party no matter what the theme, or any other event. This pinata was actually made because someone requested directions to make a fish-shaped one; however, you can use these same steps to create just about any kind of pinata you like.
Mix up a batch of paper mache paste (follow this recipe).  Tear several pieces of newspaper into strips that are about 1-inch wide and anywhere between 3- to 6-inchees long. You will want to cover your work surface before you begin paper maching because it is a very messy craft. When you are paper maching the top of the pinata, make sure you leave a small opening so you can fill it with treats.
You will want to cover your pinata with 3 to 4 layers of paper mache.  Let each layer dry for at least 24 hours before adding the next layer.
You can now start decorating your paper mache pinata.  I used several thin coats of orange spray paint on my fish. Cut several small squares (about 2-inches) out of tissue paper.  Carefully grab a square and hold all four corners together.
Important Note: I used drywall (plaster board) for the pattern on this project, just to see if it would work.
Yesterday I made a full-sized sketch and cut legs from plasterboard, using the sketch as a pattern. Then I began to build up the muscles of the legs, shoulders and hips using newspaper and masking tape, and put more crumpled paper on the abdomen to round it out. Then I put one layer of paper mache on the torso area, using newspaper strips and paste made from flour and water.
Tomorrow I’ll round off the lower part of the legs a little, and use joint compound to finish the modeling of the muscles on the legs.
My name is Harmony and i have considered doing this for a year 6 project fo a while, as it looks fantastic but there are some questions, first off would it be okay for the foal to have cardboard ‘base’ legs? I was wondering, when I have finished the mini model and I’m starting on the bigger version, if there are any concerns I should consider? Currently, I’m working on a couple of big rocks and steam vents for an upcoming theatrical performance.
I saw where you said to attach the horse head to the stick before beginning to add the paper mache. Technically speaking it should only take you about three days but if you run into some trouble with the first few steps like I did you might need more time.
My favourite of the three paper Mache animals had to be the penguin, but I have to admit I am a little bit biased because emperor penguins happen to be my favourite animals. I am Kaitlyn, a 17 year old girl who lives with her parents in Calgary, Alberta and helps them with their website. Oh, and I attempted to use tissue paper on this guy, not toilet paper but the tissue paper that you use in gifts. With Donald Drennan's help you can make yourself stand out with this realistic Tiki mask. Here I've already applied one coat of gesso, some ceiling texture mixed with brown paint, and another layer of brown paint. I brushed on a thin wash of black and clear coat over everything and wiped it off in some areas.The clear coat may have been a mistake since its glossy, but at least its protective. After a brief lesson about Egyptian art, hieroglyphics, and ancient religion, begin talking about the Sons of Horus. The Art of Ancient Egypt - This free online book is excellent and will give you many resources on Egypt and its art and culture.
The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt - Catalogue of gods and goddesses supplemented by examinations of the history of Egyptian religion, the rise and fall of the gods, and the ways in which they were worshiped. Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are One - The book details over 80 divinities (gods, goddesses), how they act and interact to maintain the universe, and how they operate in the Egyptian religion. Four Sons of Horus- This site has a page on this as well as information on other Egyptian customs.

Use masking tape to tape the two dorsal fins (the fin on top of the fish’s body) together.  Also tape the two tail fins together.
Dip one of the newspaper strips into the glue.  Lift it out and then run the newspaper strip through your fingers so you can squeeze off any extra glue.
I used an orange chenille stem for the mouth and blue chenille stems for eyebrows.  I glued on large google eyes and called it done! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Links to any page on this blog are always appreciated and photos may be used with a link back, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sherri Osborn at About Family Crafts. Today I used the same pattern to cut out the torso, neck and head of the colt out of cardboard. I have not even started thinking about the neck and head at this point, although I am starting to get a bit worried about what I’ll make the mane and tail out of. The modeling isn’t even close to being finished, but I put on the paper mache because it holds much more securely than the masking tape. When I'm not catering to the needs of my obnoxious cat, I make videos, create stuff, and play around with paper mache. I used the template from your book for the horsea€™s structure, and built out the body with foam and clay. I used the template from your book for the horse’s structure, and built out the body with foam and clay.
As i am not familiar with the stuff that you used, Secondly, would using newspaper and pase for the lumps & bumps of the body be okay? If the cardboard and plaster board don’t work, I was thinking of using chicken wire instead. That’s what I used for all the animals in my book Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay. Lately, I’ve been using a layer of plaster cloth over my armatures, just to speed things up. To find all the rest of the posts, scroll down to the very bottom of each page below the comments, and you’ll find a link to the next one. The reason i need you help is because i don’t know what to use as the inner structure of my human i need your help. At times it was a bit challenging but it was definitely worth it because they all turned out to be extremely cute! I suggest that if you are planning to make these crafts as pinata’s for a birthday party you give yourself about a week.
When I put on the first layers of paper Mache I didn’t make it thick enough so when the balloon deflated so did the paper Mache. When I was in junior high my friends used to tell me that I was a penguin because when I ran I looked like a penguin with my arms out at my sides and I’m a volleyball player so I would spend a lot of time sliding on my belly.
Also, I've applied a thin wash of the darker paint mixed with acrylic clear coat and spattered some black on it. It makes it look wet.Later, when it was dry I taped some screen on the mouth from the inside to hide the wearer. Readers find out why pyramids and mummies were so important, and how bodies were prepared for their trip to the Underworld. You will want to make sure the small pectoral fins (the ones on the sides of the fish) are mirror images of each other. Crumple up small balls of newspaper and shove them inside the fins you taped together to give them some dimension. You want to tear the strips instead of cutting them because the rougher edges actually are smoother. Set the newspaper strip on the balloon and smooth it down.  Dip a second newspaper strip into the glue. Repeat this step, placing the second tissue paper square right next to the first one.  You can use either craft glue or a hot glue gun and glue sticks. To be slightly more accurate, it will, I hope, look like an appaloosa colt when it’s finished.

I also hope to get started on the neck and head, and figure out what to do about the main and tail – any suggestions are welcome. As for colors, I’d do a Google image search for horses, and choose your colors from your favorite images.
I suppose it would work just fine if you use the paper mache clay recipe instead of paper strips and paste. It gives you a hard surface that you can then add some paper mache clay to, to get final details and textures. The features are different, but you could use the colt’s pattern from this page with the techniques in the video, and make a very nice horse. I have been working on the website ever since I was a toddler but didn’t actually realize it was “work” until I was a teenager. She will be partial height, roughly 3ft tall and may be holding hands with Cucur… you will have to watch and see.
Also when putting on the glue soaked paper I had a small space heater fan blowing on it to dry it out, and a sponge to wipe away the excess. Squeeze off the extra and place the strip on the balloon.  You will want the strips to go in different directions and even cross over each other. The small bowl I had the fish sitting in wouldn’t work because of the large dorsal fin, so I had to find a large, deeper bowl. I also used Super Sculpey as the form for the head and I forgot to remove it after the paper mache was dry, like I should have.
It also covers up the sloppy masking tape, so I can more easily see the true shape of the form. Horses come with so many different colors and color patterns that it would be really hard to chose one for you. I was think a balloon for the head but i’m stuck for the body and the arms and legs and all the rest. You can use a pattern inside a human form, just like I did with the horse, and that helps make sure your final sculpture is the right size and shape.
Another problem I ran into was that I made the paste too wet when I began to paper Mache again so the animals began to crush; fix this by stopping and letting the project dry and then restarting with a new, less wet paste.
Aside from helping my parents on the site I attend school, babysit and participate in extracurricular activities such as volleyball and piano, and of course, being a teenager, I spend lots of time with my friends. After the heads are finished and securely fastened to the lids, students then begin paper macheing the outside of the Pringle's cans with newspaper strips.
Students (or teacher ahead of time) should cut strips of newspapers to put on the outside of the Pringles cans while using wheat paste or flour for creating and attaching the heads on the Pringles can lids. Keep padding the form with more scrunched up paper, tape it on really well, and build up the form until it looks the way you want your final sculpture to look. You may want to use more paper and glue and cover the entire thing if you want more strength. They created jars in the shape of the sons of Horus and they would contain parts of the body while they prepared the body for burial. I also used Super Sculpey for my giraffe head -but I did it right that time, and cut the head open to remove the clay.
However, once you have your first smaller model done, the process probably won’t seem quite so complicated. I managed to make it look exactly like the other side, and it's held up very well even through the parade.

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