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As you know if you read this blog, I don’t believe people should be punished for getting manic.
Julie Fast Talks About Charlie Sheen and Bipolar ManiaCharlie Sheen’s story took over the US media for a few months this year.
He has now lost his job, most of his friends, his father Martin Sheen said he could not help him. I hope that he can make it through his tour – but my question is where are his family?
It’s really common that by the time someone gets this sick and bizarre- most people have left.

These mental health pioneers talked about their bipolar disorder before society even understood the term. This site should not be seen as a substitute for an official diagnosis or for professional health care. I know he has broken a lot of promises and people are really mad, but killing off his character is a bit harsh.
Of course, those of us with bipolar disorder could see it was mania, but the world just kept on exploiting what they called the Charlie Sheen circus. The topic is still interesting as she seemed to do so well and then she was pretty out of it again.

If you saw her performaces of recent TV shows such as Good Morning America, she didn’t look well.

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