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The process of falling in love is not a catalytic chemical reaction, which is sudden and spontaneous. Love is an emotion binding the entire universe including the tiniest creature on the earth.
No matter whether you love him or you feel that he is the one without whom you find your life meaningless, always respect your feelings and thinking.
While every man and woman is different, there are some key qualities every man looks for in a woman that he could fall in love with. Thomas tells you why this key qualities are so important to every man and why it’s need for a man to fall in love with you!
Suzanne has been seen on Bravo TV, The Today Show, Good Afternoon America, Inside Edition, BBC Radio, Glamour Magazine, Men’s Health and much more! Right from Sidney, Spenser and Dryden to Eric Segal, writers swear by it, millions die in its pursuit and millions squander decades, in finding its true definition.
They like women who can chose their clothes for them (but girls please try this only when you have a good taste in male apparel, especially ties). People many a times misunderstand them as rigid and far from feelings, but that’s not the reality.
They seek company of someone with whom they can spend good time without being questioned and compared. I may not be the only one to whose sanity struck this doubt, as to what is it that makes a man fall in love? Now summing this whole thing up, I’ll say, to make a man fall in love with you, you have to take full control of their lives.

Love begins with an attraction for opposite sex which is often termed as crush (temporary love), which women develop quite easily. Think about what’s there that is unique only to you, and differentiates you from the other women out there.
Ask him to help you in the smallest of matters as it will make him feel valuable and recognized.
When you draw a picture of yours as a strong lady with loving life he would get attracted to you with a desire to be a part of it.
Also, remember not to allow him to trouble you just because you have good feelings for him.
Yet I do not think it will be a tort against the numerous thinkers who devoted their life, but on the baffling subject, if I give it a shot and try to figure out an answer. He wants someone to whom he can go with his quandaries (sorry for hurting the ego of my numerous brothers out there, but this is how it is).
To be more precise, become their mothers (because if a man can genuinely love someone, it’s his mother).
This honest analysis of your personality would help you see yourself through other’s eyes and will show you the areas you can improve upon. And there is a possibility that he may start liking you back for the realisation of his worth.
So, next time when he comes before you, try to provide him the safe zone where he can feel emotionally safe. Find out his likes and dislikes, fun things he loves to do, his favourite pastime, and his taste in music.

On the other hand, if you present yourself before him as a victim of misfortune, seeking someone’s ear to hear all her miseries, he’ll unquestionably be repelled.
However, it can well be something divine too, the same thing which keeps the kitchen of many romantic writers in commotion. To achieve the permanent love, a woman, usually loyal by nature, tries to make all her efforts in the direction to please her man and create her place in his heart. Try to develop interest in the things he likes to do so that you two can hit it off together.
However, if there’s something you just can’t work upon, or don’t want to, then it is better not to take that into account. If you are a woman reading the article you can very well relate to the basic theme of the article that says, ‘what makes a man fall in love’. Before proceeding further, we would also suggest you to use your intellect to find the best way to get him.
Some get attracted to the physique whereas others consider intelligence and etiquettes as the appealing virtues.

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