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The same as MB's I can't explain why I like Rollies; although, it emanates the stereo typical impression I don't like. She got one a year later and we are both aware of situations where they get left at home or slipped into a pocket. After a brief cancer scare a few years ago, all five kids got a Rolex to remember the old guy if he didn't come out of surgery alive. What Guys Said 17 sovetskii13 mho 14% Blonde or Brunette. In some extreme instances, when I find myself in a places where I felt it'll call attention, I remove my watch from my wrist and put it in my pocket.

But, most of times I just grab my favorite (go to) watch which happens to be a black 2-tone sub which I believe is not flashy enough to be noticed. My wife bought it to shut me up when she was tired of hearing about the one James Bond had and how great it was. Not sure on the back spacing, I do know the wheels sit more flush with the fenders than stock.
Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans.
It was one of the better looking wheels available in our bolt pattern which is why I went with them.

Add red, blue, green, whatever some girls can really pull off anything when the character matches, very sexy. Anyway, to answer your question while my love for redheads is kind of hard to explain I like all kinds really.

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