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Impractical to forget the common knowledge of the day, and write for those centuries hence., painfully explaining the commonplace.
The poem seems to end on an anti-climax, 'hearts are torn' which again is reminiscient of sex. As Michael Pruchnicki suggests, the poem is best understood when read together with the series of poems under the title WORDS FOR MUSIC PERHAPS.
The time has come when the first rush of love has subsided and we linger in dread under the thin shadow of a mountain in the waning moon's light. To understand this poem fully you need to know the circumstances, which I assume are to do with the Irish troubles. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is an illustrated short love story narrated using love poems, illustrations and art photos. At times, Yeats can be rather difficult; he developed a personal symbology, and often alludes to Irish mythology (as well as other mythologies) , which add a richness and depth to his work, but can sometimes make it opaque for readers.

The series includes such standbys as 'Crazy Jane and the Bishop, ' 'Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks at the Dancers, ' and 'Tim the Lunatic.' The speaker in 'Love's Loneliness' exhorts 'Old fathers, great-grandfathers' to come to his aid if they have ever experienced the pangs of a broken heart. The one we longed for has changed into a creature we no longer know or understand, and we cannot recall with clarity those earlier feelings.
This is like a prayer pertaining to local matters of which the visiting stranger is unaware.
Of course, the standard response is that she is entitled to her opinion, no matter how uninformed it may be! A poem which is explicable only, or in part, by reference to history or philosophy etc., or has inexplicable internal inconsistencies or gnomic statements, is an imperfect poem, and bad manners on the part of the poet. Just looking at the first couplet, there is the imperative line 'rise' (old fathers, great-grandfathers) , this could be, taken on a literal level, to have an erection. Is it possible that such forbears long time dead now, either in the grave or approaching the end, can come to protect their offspring, their descendants who suffer here and now!
This song is followed by 'Her Dream' and 'His Bargain' culminating in 'Three Things.' A refrain ends each of the three stanzas in 'Three Things' -'A bone whitened and dried in the wind'!

No matter, I think, she is like so many who post such drivel here and elsewhere - if I don't get it, the poet has failed! LM's comment is wrong in the last statement - if any comment or feeling is justified then error cannot be corrected. Perhaps he is saying that in a moment of lusful desire, we forget 'heaven' and Christ, and succumb to our biological positions on earth i.e to reproduce. I have a problem with religious poetry, and I wonder sometimes if I appreciate it as much as believers do.
Perhaps Yeats was talking to those who would know what he was talking about, and forgot about his wider audience.

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