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There’s no need for me to beat around the bush here — I think you are stunningly beautiful! But there’s one important thing I want you to know — I love you just the way you are! We’ve been married for a while now, and I love holding you in my arms and being intimate with you! So, dear wife — with all the stresses and pressures of life, please don’t let your body become one of them. The activists say thousands of women producing bricks in Pakistan are not being paid directly, and the industry has no record of these workers, their work or earnings.
According to the Brick Kiln Owners Association of Pakistan, there are 15,000 to 18,000 brick kilns in Pakistan. Asma Jahangir, a veteran human rights activist and former head of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said some of these women are raising concerns in such forums as her former commission, the Bonded Labor Liberation Front Pakistan -- an organization working against the practice of bonded labor -- and the Lahore-based Democratic Commission for Human Development. Women shape mud into blocks that will become bricks, a skill most acquired from their mothers.
Hajra Batool, who works at a Lahore brick kiln, said she and her sisters make bricks starting before sunrise but none of them is listed as employees in the kiln's records.
Rural Pakistani society is deeply patriarchal, and it is rare for women to have a say in family financial matters. Some women have been beaten by their husbands for demanding their wages, Tanveer Jahan, director of the Democratic Commission for Human Developmen,t said. Mehar Abdul Haq, secretary general of the Brick Kilns Association of Pakistan, said, "Workers who borrow money from us ask us to cut a sum from their wage. Critics like Jahangir and Jahan are urging the kiln owners to start paying wages directly to the women who work there.
LAHORE, Pakistan, September 1 (News Lens Pakistan) -- Pakistan's Punjab province is to train and send 200,000 workers to Qatar to build stadiums and infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup tournament.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (News Lens Pakistan) -- Human rights defenders are alarmed by an apparent 15 percent jump in "honor killings" of girls and women in Pakistan last year.
QUETTA, Pakistan, (News Lens Pakistan) -- As hardline militants continue to gun down polio vaccine workers in Pakistan, health workers continue their efforts to protect children. With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S.
While discussing with other military spouses, I found that we want to say a lot of things in common which is where this list came from. I know being a military wife is not harder than your job, but it’s still pretty fricking hard! I don’t want to resent you for the loss of my career because I supported yours, but there are times I feel jealous that you’re progressing in your career while I’m not. My husband’s Chief told him when he started at his command that he needed to put his foot down at home.
2) if she’s still married after the deployments, then more than likely she handled it just fine. Also, we were married BEFORE he joined the military, and are approaching 10 years together.
Wow…because you have never in a million years thought in the back of your brain a single one of those things?
If you really want to make her day, go beyond saying “thank you” and praise her for doing a good job. Did you notice the extra words, after the “I love you?”  Telling your wife you love her is a great start, but telling her why you love her, how much you love her, or that you’ll love her forever, will melt her heart.
Take charge of your next date night.  This shows your wife that you enjoy spending time with her. In one sentence you’re telling your wife you value your life together and that you’re committed to her. Hearing these words will either make your wife burst into tears, smile like a kid in a candy store, or, if she’s completely shocked, laugh uncontrollably.  Before you ask this question, though, be ready to hear what she has to say without being defensive.
Ayodele Osho has over four years of experience blogging and writing on contemporary Nigerian politics focusing on enlightenment and empowerment of the Nigerian youth. Watch This Idiot Completely Eat It While Trying To Grab His Food From The Window Of The Drive-Thru.
Erica is all about the following: Hubby, Chai Lattes, DIY Projects, Cooking, My Puppy, Taking Naps, Being an Auntie, Decorating, Shopping, and Vacations. Everyday individuals are breaking their marriage vows and choose to find another human being to devote themselves to.

If you have been the victim of a woman who cheats you might be asking yourself why or puzzled as to what happened. Of course, there are women in a marriage who don’t cheat even when their needs are not fulfilled.
I see you staring at yourself in the mirror, agonizing over a pound gained or a wrinkle found.
But I want to remind you that long before I saw all of you, I saw your smile from across the room — and that’s what sparked the attraction. Even though I may not verbally express it enough (I’ll try to do better!), you are beautiful. 26 (News Lens Pakistan) -- Labor rights activists in Pakistan are urging the country's brick kiln industry to change the pay system so that women laborers are paid directly, instead of their wages going to the male heads of their families. The system of debt-bonded labor, family norms, patriarchal attitudes and illiteracy are the main causes of the exploitation of women workers," Jahangir told News Lens Pakistan. There are many women who get beaten up by their husbands whenever they demand money, but are unable to leave them," said Shamma Bibi, a brickmaker from another kiln in Lahore.
Meanwhile, they are urging male heads of family to distribute the wages to the women in their households.
People don't know even about their rights and also don't have contact with the concerned authorities," said Khalid Mehmood, director at the Labor Education Foundation. 12 (UPI) -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday that the nuclear agreement reached with world powers has the potential to ease tensions between Iran and the U.S. 25 (News Lens Pakistan) QUETTA-- A new ban on hunting houbara bustards is being flouted by Arab princes who have been given extraordinary privileges by Pakistani authorities to hunt the bird, according to an official of the Balochistan provincial Forest and Wildlife Department. I once got pissed he wouldn’t change her diaper and I mentioned that I do it a hell of a lot more due to his time away.
We can’t just shut off human emotions because our husbands do the important job of defending our country.
This article wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously… except for the gate guard hitting on me. I’m pretty sure this list was meant tot be taken in jest but apparently some of you are too dense to realize that. My guy deployed 3 times (12 months, 15 months, and 12 months followed by 12 unaccompanied months in Germany) and I had a newborn each time… All in 5 years.
That’s an extremely hard decision to make but it looks like you guys have made it work.
Ayodele is also the author of various blogs that focus on youth empowerment, information technology and contemporary issues for the benefit of numerous Nigerians.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You might explain something so clear in your mind, and your significant other has a different idea of how it should be done correctly.
They believe that through an affair, in some way or other, they will come out feeling better and get what they want out of life.
Men are much more simplistic in nature, and they often feel that as long as a woman has a man who provides for her and treats her good enough the relationship should last and she should be satisfied. Unfortunately, marketing images are often digitally altered — creating an even more unrealistic image of beauty. I know I can’t entirely solve this problem for you, but let me at least try to put your mind at ease — I love you just the way you are! Certainly, that attraction has grown over time, but it all started with that beautiful smile and those sparkling eyes. If I’ve had a bad day, nothing can pick me up quite like your smile and the sound of your laugh.
UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security.
It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. I hold back because frankly, it’s not worth the extra questions or the epic battle in some cases. I got a friggin earful from one of his coworkers about how unfair that was since he doesn’t get the choice.
I’m a retired Navy spouse and I have used some of these lines in the past and my husband and I just laugh about it.
During the third one, while he was in Germany, my 6 year old was diagnosed with leukemia, and I had a 1 and 4 year old at home as well.

He has unusual flair for personal growth and development, thus investing heavily in online research at various times.
Below are prime examples of some funny husbands who honestly have no clue what they are doing, or maybe they do and wanted a good laugh from it. Women cheat on their husbands for many different reasons, but most of them come back to a need to feel love or to fill a void they feel exists in their relationship.
The goal should not be to look for women that never cheat on their husbands but rather to find out why women cheat on their husbands and do your best to avoid giving her an excuse.
You are probably one of those fake Key spouse wives that try to pretend that their life is fabulous and smells like roses. What you say goes when he is gone, when he around you have to compromise, that’s how it works.
Most wives have to move every 2-3 years and may have a portable career- lucky them but for the rest it is very hard and when they can not get a job it does affect them emotionally and financially.
Perhaps their sex life is less than amazing, or they crave a spark that simply no longer is a part of their marriage. Make an effort to prevent the cycle of cheating by giving her everything she wants and needs from a man. You don’t have to wear the latest trends and sport the newest looks to grab my attention — all you have to do is smile!
But please don’t make others feel worse about themselves, we are all in a weird jumbled world of acronyms, borrowed homes and sucky parenting shifts, if some of us laugh and vent so be it.
Ayodele holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University and is currently a master’s degree student in Information Technology at the University of Lagos. However, there are a significant amount of women who cheat on their husbands and never get caught.
He is a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and an associate member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria. If you fail to provide for any of these emotional needs you may find yourself on the wrong side of an affair. Having to hold down the fort during deployments can be tough, but if you can’t handle it, maybe you should reconsider you choice to marry a service member. But when these words are compounded to form the word eudokeo, itmeans, a€?I am more pleased than you could possibly imagine!
What causes a woman to go from her wedding day completely in love with her husband to the point of cheating on him? I can understand and relate to the stresses that come with being married to someone in the military, but some of these things have NOTHING to do with the lifestyle and everything to do with being an ungrateful bitch. It seems like some of these things are things that you need to tell your husband because withholding them is being dishonest in your relationship. It’s also painting you in a bad light, given that this is legitimately your thought train.
Paul uses the word splagchnos in Second Corinthians 6:12 to describe hisA deeply felt affection for the Corinthian believers.
Spouses who hold a job as well may have more reason to stress, but if your spouse, the service member, is bringing on the majority of the income, you sit down and shut the fuck up. He uses the word splagchnos in Philippians 1:8 to describe theA A deeply felt affections of Jesus Christ. However the word eu, the first part of the word eusplagchnos, pictures a person who feels very positive about someone or something else.
I am finished intervening to help every time he struggles!a€?A In moments when our flesh is tempted to be judgmental toward our spouses, we must resist the temptation to act high and mighty and condescending. Help me to truly feel compassionA for what my spouse is going through, and teach me how to let mercy flow from my spirit toA strengthen him (or her).
I know that my spirit is filled with everything my spouse needs inA moments of difficulty, so I want to know how to release those good things from my spirit toA strengthen and edify him (or her).
Can you remember times when you felt a surge of compassion flow from your heartA toward your spouse? When you released that compassion and let it flow from yourA heart, did you become a source of great strength and encouragement to your mate?A 2. Can you recall a time when you were the recipient of divine compassion flowingA from another person?

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