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The upcoming action-comedy The Nice Guys stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as a pair of not so nice 1970s private eyes, and today we have a fun, faux local access TV commercial for their Nice Guys Detective Agency. Knowing how to talk to a guy can be the difference between being a lady who draws guys and an annoying girl who doesn’t get any attention. So if you really want to make a guy like you and become popular, you need to know these ten facts. And we can guarantee you, these tips will make you more desirable than you can ever imagine! If you’re wondering how to talk to a guy or what to talk to him, no, you don’t really need to change your conversations for him. Throughout evolution, men have always been the hunters and the protectors while women have been the farmers and the foragers. There’s nothing better than a girl who can be shy and coy, and show off a streak of mischievousness now and then. If you use all the tips mentioned here, you’ll be a very likeable girl who’ll be desired by all guys. Use these ten tips on how to talk to a guy and make him like you, and you’ll see how likeable and desired you’ll be in no time!
The Venn Diagram of guys who don't like smart girls and guys you don't want to date is a circle.
John GreenBio: John Green is an American author of young adult fiction, who has appeared on the New York Times list of bestselling children's chapter books.

9.We always notice how funny it is after your rip out our heart, stick it down our throat and still want to be friends. There will also be Nice Guys ads appearing on bus benches and sides of buses a la ads for sleazy ambulance chasers. Most girls wonder what to say to a guy in a conversation, but there’s a lot more than just words that matter when you want him to like you back. Giggle at his jokes, smile now and then for no particular reason and bring that sparkle in your eyes. Even scientific research has shown that guys involuntarily start showing more interest and flirt more with girls who touch them in the middle of a conversation. Now if you’re Debra Morgan, that’s a whole new story because she knows how to be vulnerable, cry and be strong and independent at the same time.
You don’t need to tell a guy you’re with every single emotion or thought that’s going through you. Occasionally, touch his forearm or place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, or any other place that would be appropriate for casual touches, and you’ll see how his interest in you would grow in no time. Reach out and hold his arm while crossing the street, smile shyly and ask him if he can hold a heavy book for a minute, hold his hand as a big, scary dog comes near you, etc.
If you’re looking lost or if he catches you smiling to yourself, and asks you about it, you can just tell him it’s nothing. This number leads the caller to an answering message voiced by Gosling and Crowe inviting the user to leave a voicemail for a chance to get a ticket to a screening closer to release.

Additionally, don’t bitch about other girls or speak nastily about coworkers and passersby when you’re walking on a street. Guys like a girl who is all sweet is cute and nice, but it can get pretty boring after a while. Most girls take these things for granted, and over time, the guys will stop paying attention to them. Furthermore, if you check out this viral site you can listen to and download voicemails submitted by users, which are also socially shareable. Twiddle your hair when you’re being thoughtful, have your own cute expressions, bat your twice instead of just once every time you close your eyes. Really now, if someone does something nice for you, don’t you think they deserve a thank you, or at least a smile? Directed by Iron Man 3's Shane Black, The Nice Guys opens May 20 in the US and June 3 in the UK.

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