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If dressing up in tie and tails for a night on the town isn’t intuitive, there are ways guys can brush up on what to wear and how to be a polite, memorable date. For instance, Allegheny County’s Project Prom initiative on Thursday is holding a free catered dinner for about 100 local high school students at the Herberman Conference Center at UPMC Shadyside.
For the rest of the prom-bound fellows out there, here are some quick tips for how to make sure the dance is a fun experience for you and your friends. My family and I went and met my sister and her group down at Riverside Grill in downtown Pocomoke on the river to do some last minute group shots before Grand March. If you want a truly memorable prom, you’ll want to choose the right outfit and end up with great memories and great prom pictures to look at for years to come.
The prom dress for you is one that is flattering to your specific shape, size and coloring.
If you are overweight, choose a dress that comes down below your calf and above your ankle.
Most of the time, the girl will want your cummerbund, and sometimes your bowtie, to match their dress. Many guys like to wear cufflinks with their tuxedos, and this is a nice way to personalize the tux. The all-male guests will review tie tying and social graces and receive a voucher for a free tuxedo rental.
If slow dances aren’t your thing, use that time to grab a drink or a snack with your date or just talk. Chances are you won’t get much wear out of one (or will grow out of it by the time you need it again) if you buy one. The site offers several resources for helping guys pinpoint their style and get discounts on rentals. They carry designer attire for prom at severely slashed prices (and you can use the extra money to have a piece altered if the fit is off).

A suit in black, navy or charcoal styled with a skinny tie, bow tie or vest is another option. If you can jump up and complete a couple pull-ups in the jacket, then you’ve found an ideal fit. A suit or tux in a traditional color with a good fit will turn just as many heads as a brightly colored vest or unusual sport coat — or maybe more! Two weekends ago my sister went to her junior prom and if you follow my work, I use my sister as a model a lot!
There are dresses with large bows, ruffles and netting that detract from the overall goal of calling attention to your best features.
This slimming technique will show off the smallest part of your legs without revealing the largest parts.
If you are renting a tuxedo, try to do so is much in advance as you can to secure the proper colors that will make your date pleased.
Also, limit social media use until a break in festivities or after the dance, and ask your date or other group members if they’re OK with you sharing photos and comments of your night with them on social media sites. There’s even an interactive where young men can pick a model with comparable features and dress him in different tux and suit looks with the click of a mouse. She’s always a good sport about the crazy ideas and notions that I come up with in my photographic journeys. If you are a very fair skinned, look for medium to dark colors rather than a light color that will wash out your features.
If you are carrying some extra weight, consider an empire waist dress that will hide the stomach area.
If you are very thin, choose a shorter dress that comes above the knee to show off your figure.
Make sure to wear all the pieces that come with your tux, including a vest if there is one.

Tuxedo rentals at Men’s Wearhouse start at about $60, but most rentals easily can run into the $150 range or higher, depending upon the designer and the accessories selected.
Leave behind the bow tie and vest, and the suit can be worn later for a job interview, family wedding, school awards banquet or another formal function. Plus I’m also thankful I have such a beautiful sister who is willing to model for me ?? She puts up with a lot. If you have a deeper skin tone, avoid dress colors that will blend in too much with your skin tone. If you want to show off a small waist, choose a dress that is well tailored and has a defined waistline. Many of these retailers also often have coupons and sales, so keep an eye out for those and shop when you can snag the best deal. She got her dress about a month ago from Scher’s Bridal Shop in downtown Pocomoke, Maryland, and we picked out her jewelry from Charming Charlie. You want to set off your skin tone rather than drown it out with a similarly-colored dress. When we were driving back home from her hair appointment, we passed the branch near the church that we have been going to since I was three, and I’m pretty sure I heard the hallelujah chorus. The lighting down there was so beautiful and the azaleas and camellias were blooming out, so naturally we loaded my sister up in my little Honda and drove down there. I’m so glad I saw that spot, and we fought the groundhog holes and bugs to get some awesome photographs.

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