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The economy is in the shitter and now Henry Paulson is saying we need 700 billion dollars to bail us out. With America enraged over their stolen money, President Bush enlists the help of the only man he knows can find Paulson; Dog the Bounty Hunter. Paulson, a man who always wished he had taken more risks, meets a care free girl named Cynthia, who lives her life one risk after another. So, we think either that’s going to happen, or he might just use the money to try and unfuck our economy. You know what would be cool, if you went back to Mexico only to find that Dog the bounty hunter took the place of Paulson as the dolphin trainer. Then there would be some random out of place sex scene in which you would see Paulsons girl in a full frontal extravaganza. As you may have guessed, I’m unempolyed right now, giving me a great deal of time to ponder such matters. Agreed Dog and Juanito the dolphin would make a pure awesome TeeVee show, both mulleting it. As a general rule when meeting someone for the first time, you should never say anything to cast a negative shadow on your date’s first impression of you.

Then her bangs get in on the action with some studs… And the blue and green eye makeup here is stunning.
Photo Credit Confession: I am a proud and overenthusiastic member of the olive green fan club.
First dates are by no means a time to lie, embellish, or overzealously flatter oneself, but they’re not a time to reveal too much either. It features, well, Cheetos, but also several really interesting, intricate hair and makeup looks that really need to be gawked at up close to be properly appreciated.
Clocking in at just under two minutes, the short film was shot by Willy Vanderperre, and features model Tim Schumacher upon a poolside backdrop of a Hollywood home.
Think of it this way: Share the positives while simultaneously maintaining a level of intrigue and mystery. Still, it’s not something that needs to be said at the dinner table on a first meeting. Balancing its cinematography with what appears to be home-made footage and surveillance camera shots, the film offers a take on the summer season that is laced with dark and somber tones. I want to get to know you and learn about your life and ambitions first before hearing about whether or not you want to have my children.

Branding can be found on the left sleeve and inside lining in the form of a BAPE head logo sporting a moustache.
We love this example, because so many girls interpret radio silence from a guy as a bad sign, but many times guys really do like to focus their attention on their friends and not text us during Guy Time. A new guy doesn’t want to hear details about the man who came before him (or what went wrong in your relationship). As long as he writes back something kind (and doesn’t leave you hanging for an entire 24 hours), he probably really was just enjoying time with the guys. So if you’re not ready to date without bringing up your ex, just wait a bit longer before you make plans.

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