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About UsDaily Urbanista is a Chicago-based lifestyle blog showcasing the best people, travel destinations and things that the world has to offer. If there are any single men out there willing and wanting to see just how strong we are, let us know!  Warning: you may have to arm wrestle Laura.
I challenge them to think, to feel, to explore, to question, and I think all men want a strong woman because of these reasons, but the handling part is where it gets complicated. When all I want to do is be in control of a situation with a guy, all I ever get is rebuke.

That means waiting to text, not asking to hang out first, and holding back emotions…basically going against everything you really want to do. If the start of relationships worked the same as girl-on-girl friendships, you could both be text-initiators, you could both ask what’s happening this weekend, and you could both cry, laugh, or scream when you really felt like it.
She’ll likely respond by tapping into her softer side because she sees that you can handle it. So when we want to be this strong, independent, do-what-I-want woman, guys don’t take it so well.

We have to stand back, and play the game; even as much as we hate the game, we have to play it in order to *win* the guy. And as an example of a strong, independent, do-what-I-want woman, I’m still ridiculously single.

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