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More:cancer male and leo female love compatibilityleo man aries woman loveleo man and pisces womanleo woman cancer man love matchleo man gemini woman in lovecancer woman leo manleo woman aries manMultiple information in regards to Leo Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility.
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Sasstrology run recently a blog contest among its readers for the best original article on How to Seduce an Aries Man. If you cannot come up with a subject matter that get’s them excited, talking sports is a safe bet. To keep the conversation flowing and his interest peaking, voice your opinion, preferably a controversial one. Antagonize him a little bit with an opposite point of view on something he is passionate about.
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When you want an overview of your life’s gifts and challenges, and how your past, present and future all fit together. Both love and insist on being the center of attention, to receive many compliments, to explain how things will take place.

I planned on participating, but unforeseen circumstances prevented me from sending the article below before the deadline.
For an Aries, both male and female, half the joy (if not more) of any love relationship is in the pursuit. The success of seducing an Aries man is therefore in the balance between letting him do the “conquest” and you NEVER being totally “conquered”.
In other words, you need to have a strong sense of adventure and a healthy dose of spontaneity. My mission is to help you discover, develop and nurture your creativity no matter what transit you are going through.
The only way is for one of them to give ground, but this is a very long process.Neither one of them wants to admit defeat - you may already know that it's either win or lose for a Leo and that he is used to winning by nature. Aries men are shinny chivalrous knights at heart who fall in love with the Unobtainable Lady. Such a relationship will be interesting and turbulent, even fun at times, but only for those standing in the sidelines.They can be happy if they manage to mutually submit to each other and soften their power-hungry natures at least a little bit. Let him know about your interest in him and intentions as far as he is concerned while at the same time letting him do the conquest work.

If this happens, they will have a relatively serene relationship, which for Leos would be a real accomplishment.
Show him that you have the utmost confidence in your ability to seduce him and keep him interested in you.
They will argue like any other couple about things they don't like in the other person, without realizing that they are the same.If they submit to each other, they can end up being happy - love will definitely keep them moving forward, but they must not allow ego and the desire for authority and winning to ruin their relationship.
When it comes to flirting and cheating, you may find them flirting with others, even when they are both out together somewhere. There is nothing worrisome about this - Leo must prove to himself that he can do it, and when both of them are like this - there is actually no problem present.Only a Leo can understand another Leo, that a flirt means nothing more than a flirt. This is their method of fueling their self-esteem, of having some fun and reminding themselves that they can still impress someone else (not that they ever had any doubts).If they manage to fall in love with each other, this may create a truly strong connection. It will be filled with many compromises and hardships, but it is love that will keep it moving forward.

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