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CAPRICORN WITH AQUARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYLet’s play a little picture this game:Picture the grave yet kindly Saturn, the ruler of the goat going about its business of accountability and responsibility when suddenly there is a thundering noise! CAPRICORN WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe carefree, blithe ram is the baby of the zodiac family.They are prone to rushing through life motivated only by the self and its writhing desires. CAPRICORN WITH GEMINI ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe taciturn goat will definitely enjoy saying no to the twins. CAPRICORN WITH LEO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis association is strange kettle of fish in terms of being compatible. CAPRICORN WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Capricorn is the leader of the earth element and Libra is the leader of the air element. CAPRICORN WITH SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe resonating overtone of this not very compatible association is the continual struggle between the Sag and the Capricorn as to what is a greater sin.
CAPRICORN WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYBoth the goat and the scorpion do not find the tenet of “talking through life” to be too fascinating.
CAPRICORN WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYAre these two zodiacs like clumps of earth, content side by side, soaking up the goodness of the benign sun that fires and drives everything on the planet?
CAPRICORN WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThere is something these two zodiacs share in common and that is a respect for responsibility! This in layman’s terms means that they might be at each other’s throat all day long, then jump into bed for a round of intense passion and then resume their tirade. Capricorns suffer from a zodiac version of reverse Progeria.They are born all stoic and calm, always remembering not to tease little puppies.
They may sit in the corner, quietly observing and perceiving a lot more than what is apparent. To understand their individual definitions of sin, we need to take a quick peek at some of their more dominant behavioral streaks! They are intensely private people preferring solitude or the infrequent company of like-minded people (which are rarely more than a handful especially in case of the stingy Scorpio).
Their anchored, grounded natures crave it.Trust is like an ecstasy high for these well-meaning, proper intentioned generally successful people!The Virgo virgins love responsibility because it provides with a sense of purpose in an otherwise imperfect, drifting world.
With a riddle on its lips and a swashbuckling sword of soaring intellectuality at its hip…shaking the heavens and enjoying the discomfiture of those around! The Cancer in a sophisticated and very sensitive way with lots of tears and the Capricorn with its facade of stony silence! But after the years of responsibility are over, they slowly start to recapture the essence of youth and enter their second and true childhood! Well because if you investigate it like a Sagittarius concentrating on bald facts and bare truth….you will not understand why this relationship takes the course it does!The Capricorns are ruled by the indomitable spirit that icy Saturn bequeaths them with.
Discord is rife if both the zodiacs insist upon sticking by their original natures and not compromising for the sake of harmony! The Pisces fishes are ruled by the strange and slippery elusive vibrations of the distant planet Neptune.Obscure and shrouded in uncertainty.

A Sagittarius or an archer is a masculine fire sign entrusted with the duty of communication. Fortunately the Capricorn is what the scorpion considers to be like-minded and the goat is not too averse to sharing some of its saturnine wisdom with the Scorpio. The Capricorns seek responsibility because they know it represents a crucial milestone on the road to success!
Not literally but figuratively in a flurry of displays and words that can sometimes put even a Gemini to shame. Two Cappy goats hence may not be the picture of frolicking fun like a Sag and an Aries when they are young.It may even become restrictive and smothering at times with only the steady clack clack of a typewriter or the low ringing of telephones punctuating the living room silence. When the Gemini twister of talk, walk and attitude blows its way….it can either step away…to a safe distance or it can enter the eye of the storm. They are very stubborn where getting their way is concerned and sometimes their determination may border on the ruthless.
The fishes are poor souls, very troubled by the quicksand nature of their ruler.Wallowing in indecision, they find the solid phlegmatic influence of Saturn a welcome relief. Their rhythms are simpatico and they generally make a mighty fine team.The Cappy is the leader of the earth element and I am sure most of the bulls reading this know just how much they respect and adhere to the order of things.
But the virgin and the goat are both adults (I am sure you remember that Virgo is the house in which the soul enters adulthood).So they can disregard the minor difference is motivation and put their virtue to combined good use! If the man is a Capricorn and the woman a soft and pliant Cancer, then it is not too bad a proposition for Capricorn. But oh…if only they can stand the test of time and use the monotony to get to know each other, when the gears will start reversing, they will enjoy the truly intimate and reliable relationship of trust and respect that most other zodiacs can only dream to achieve.
They are a well-oiled machine, equipped by Mother Nature to demolish any obstacle in their path and sit on the glittering throne of success. Some fishes will tell you that after meeting a Capricorn soul mate, they feel anchored and secure.
So to a Capricorn the amount of time that a Sag wastes searching for utopia where none exists is a sacrilege.If the Sag’s emotions are considered, it finds the goat very stuffy, rigid and closed in. They consider themselves to be heads and shoulders above the other zodiacs in terms of perception and perspicacity. They will accept the granite wisdom of old man Saturn imparted in a strict no nonsense way of the Capricorn.
They are miles away from this state of mind, having experienced it aeons ago.If you think the goats are in some way “superior” to the rams, you are very much mistaken. The trickster Mercury gives Gemini the property of quicksilver.They are myriad, multitudinous, ephemeral…yet one physical body. They will never settle for anything less than the complete and total satisfactory achievement of all their goals and aspirations!
The Scorpio is less likely to sting a Capricorn whose determination and objectivity it admires and even if it does sting someday, the goat sensing an intellectual equal of great charisma shrug off the splattering of acid and move on!

They are just too different.Ask any goat and they will answer in their serious way that the main aim of life is to realize one’s full potential and to shoulder duties responsible and admirably! The goats on the other hand experience a sensation that their duty bound existence may not permit them to experience till much later on in their lives and that is light heartedness and dreaminess!It is a reprieve from the mundane grindstone of achieving success. Ask an Aquarius what it thinks about the goat’s approach to life and they will stretch those limbs and say “Boriiing!” The only saving grace is, the Aquarius was a Capricorn in a recent incarnation and thus it understands the deliberation and fixation on duty.
Capricorns generally respect the natural order of things and do not appreciate dominant women.
If we however analyze the zodiac wheel very minutely, more like a Virgo, we can see the cosmic joke. You may find some Cappy gorging on sweets on Halloween if their parents were a little strict about dental hygiene.So let’s try Libra!
The Capricorns mellow out in the presence of Pisces and they can mutually make each other very happy.
It is likely to be a little more tolerant of the goat who realizes deep inside that an intriguing lesson can be learnt from the water bearer.
It is only in their second childhood that some of the fetters of duty fall off and then they might match the Aries in soaring, rumbling fun hoof for hoof! But if one has patience, and the Capricorn is literally built of the stuff….one can realize that a simple NO can take away all the Gemini flurry in one clean sweep. The position of the Capricorn is such that it will always represent some sort of service to the Leos! Dear…beautiful Libra…dazzling Venus will you compromise for a moment and try and put up with the “stuffy” behavioral traits of Capricorn? With the home front fortified and the kitchen well stocked on the Taurus’s watch, a Capricorn can go goal chasing with renewed vigor!
A great tender friendship can be forged, but being romantically compatible is a difficult goal to achieve!
It’s not a great sight….these beautiful creatures melancholy….but unfortunately sometimes the goats will do just that if something can be gained in the process! It somehow serves the Cappy right for trying to use everything and everybody for personal gain. Is it because I am ruled by a “feminine” planet?The bottom line is, they will either through superhuman effort maintain a loving relationship (prospects are bleak) or one leader will dominate the other till the relationship breaks apart and both parties feel relieved.
And add to that the fact that they both recommend saving money and we have a really smooth compatible relationship.
A little tenderness may be lacking from the picture but then these two won’t notice too much!

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