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When you are looking for the Aquarius sign in the night sky you should look for the water bearer sign. She is able to live by herself without any guy in her life, a very strong person! Not because she does not have a dream guy, but if she can not find such person, so what. She likes a COOL GUY who sometime act like he is ignoring her, so he has a chance to show him his own confident. If she really loves you, then you are lucky because she is an honest, truthful and will never bored you. This sign remains a factor of success: most often, you are able to adjust your objectives to the context and to whatever the situation may offer or, on the contrary, you influence events in order to make your ideals come true. Better than anyone else, you manage to become the centre of attention, to highlight your good disposition, to surprise, even to impress!
Your decisions are so inflexible and your choices, so final, that your intransigence may bring about a few setbacks.
The prevailing features are your persuasion powers, a faith that moves many a mountain and overcomes the most resistant obstacles. You know what you want and you have a tendency to take action and to decide with your personal goals as priorities, even if they can be in contradiction with what others think. You seek other people’s attention and approval, you need to exteriorize your emotions, to interpret them, and even to dramatically enact them because it is essential for you to shine at the front of the stage.
Your entourage becomes quickly aware of your liveliness and of… your contentious and witty mind, Paris Hilton. Libra: As they are both fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius both love being around people and share a mutual need for an active social life. I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. She like to guess her man’s reaction, but at the same time she likes to has many men wanting her. Understand that sometimes she will be over confident and sometimes like to have power or act bossy. The desire to earn general consideration prompts you to behave with liveliness, joviality and benevolence. You are careful about your image and you do not shrink from any sacrifice in order to appear to be up to all situations. You should pay more attention to your entourage in order to counterbalance your nature and to take advantage of your assets wisely.

You achieve your ambitions as soon as possible, whether through an active social life, highly charged friendly relations, or an urge to take actions in order to reap - in the eyes of the world, of course - the rewards of your dynamism.
This generally does not last because Aquarius often hide deep down a golden heart that ends up revealing itself.
You always try to achieve more and better than anyone else and, whatever the situation may be, you strive to remain warm, generous, loyal, honest, straightforward and courageous. This is not a handicap, but it prevents you from reasonably planning your long-term actions. They also may find a very strong common bond in their love of intellectual pursuits, the arts, and music appreciation.
Their zodiac sign one just one step before Pisces, which is the grandfather of all sun signs. According to Greek mythology, Aquarius was someone called the Ganymede who was captured by Zeus and eventually Ganymede became the cup bearer for Olympics.
Every constellation is made up of thousands of stars and other galaxies or constellations. She is a daring type who could just do thing differently from other people in her same society. With a touch of vanity in your soul, you’re fond of situations that allow you to highlight your qualities and your plans. It is likely that spirituality or humanitarian actions are part of your motivations, sometimes at the price of some degree of isolation. You are always available when your assistance or your advice is needed and you are glad and proud to help. On the other hand, you are extremely intuitive, warm, imaginative and you possess a kind of indefinable charm full of density and mystery. You are a bit whimsical and scattered, sometimes hyperactive and willing to devour obstacles with your big shark teeth, but often, you take the easy way out because of your desire for tranquility. If Aquarius can learn to understand Libra’s need to please others, instead of seeing it as an annoyance or a weakness, this is a match that can make for a wonderfully harmonious marriage.
Also, when Aquarians are around, the place will not be quiet and it will be sparkling with entertainment.
When you join the stars of a constellation you will form a figure and the zodiac sign is identified in the sky using this figure. Strong determination coupled with flexibility and acute sense of communication are qualities you should develop.

You loathe conflicts and your cleverness and your flexibility allow you to achieve your goals while shrewdly worming your way through difficulties.
For you, to take action means to communicate, to convince, to accumulate contacts and, somehow, to assert yourself as you hold sway over your entourage.
They may have issues with their ankles and knees, and also experience cramping with these areas. You follow your ideas through, discarding external opinions and viewpoints and you bring your enterprises to a successful conclusion, even if it means that you go it alone. You are not indispensable and people might think that you are self-centered and authoritarian when you handle things with no regard for your entourage’s views. Matters linked to death and inheritances, family investments etc., may play an important role in your destiny. Your intuition and your imagination are the assets that compensate your lack of efficiency and discipline. It would be regrettable that you project such an image because it may only reveal a lack of self-confidence and you are only trying to reassure yourself. Your mother often has a prominent role and may strongly influence your major life decisions until you become an adult. You are much more successful when you work for a noble cause, usually a collective one, sometimes political or spiritual ones. You think that communication is the basis of any progress and that it is much more useful than any direct initiative: in your opinion, if people are convinced, everything else always follows naturally.
Your siblings, if you have any, have probably felt the warrior hint in the way you communicate.
The other constellations are not even visible through the normal telescope and you need a special one for that. You are so changing and malleable that you can shift from one extreme to another, according to your partner’s personality, because your adaptability and your flexibility are really strong.
The Saturn nebula is a part of the Aquarius constellation and comes exactly in the water bearer symbol. It is named the Saturn nebula because it has an appearance similar to Saturn when observed through a telescope.

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