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Since we know so little about what’s coming, that leaves the door open to plenty of possibilities. However, I do agree with most reviewers, that the amiibo requirement makes this game expensive.
So with clever shopping, I am confident you can avoid the $90.00 margin as long as you do research.
And I’ve been playing Smash Bros again recently after the last new characters joined. I got confused because it’s in Illex forest, isn’t that where you have to go for the Celebi event to activate I think? Other than that, the Pokenav and Super Training features really helped improve access to competitive battling.
They will never give us that, but I’d like an ability to own multiple save files, at least two.
I hope that they will add about the same amount of Pokemon from X and Y, which was about 60. I also want most of the features from ORAS to return, such as flying all across the new region, DexNav, BuzzNav, etc. Since these games are called Sun and Moon, does that mean that we can take our Pokemon out into space? I still wish they would have went the DQXI route and allowed you to switch between 2d sprites and 3d models. It would be pretty cool if they could pull it off, maybe it’ll be in there for the 20th.
Firstly, trainer customization and soaring are two notable recent features I think should be staples of any mainline game in the series going forward. Then I want to see the introduction of difficulty selection (Masuda and Ohmori in an Interview with an Italian forum stated that they are taking into consideration the possibility) so that long time fans of the series can be challenged and younger players can still enjoy the game. Even if it’d be a nice addition I don’t wat camera control on the N3DS, people would argue that the game is too different and honestly I can see where they come from, if they really want to implement it then do it just in the main city such as Lumiose which would have been amazing with camera controll, especially for controlling the Skates (those have to return too !! They should also include less new Pokemon, because then they can be more strict and exclude the crappier designs the developers come up with. In a way, yes.My dream is that all the Pokemon can be competitively viable(without having to set up each one with Baton Pass buffs from the previous mon or other set ups). Instead of having to get a specific Pokemon(usually an OU) and then train it with focus on 2 stats, I want to use the Pokemon I simply like.

Bring back all of the features that were introduced in one generation, but cut in the next one. Better Street pass usage, like trainers you pass are located on the map in the place they were when you passed them and you can battle them.
There’s more things and this just looks like a block of text, but I think most of these things can be realistically implemented.
I’d like for there for HM actions to be done without the use of giving a Pokemon the attack in question.
Am I the only one who’d like to see special kind of Pokemon that hasn’t been seen since a certain game come back? What I would like to see in this next Pokemon game is more trainer customization (being able to customize your trainer in more detail) Costumes for Pokemon (other than just Pikachu) the ability to visit the Hoenn or Kanto region, or both once you beat the game. It would be cool if items like black glasses (raises dark type moves) could be visible on pokemon, and it would be more like equipping gear and customizing pokemon.
Although we did see it coming due to European trademark leaks, we can now officially say that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the latest entries in the series, and both will be out on 3DS later this year. It looks like we’ll have a new world to explore, and new Pokemon are being introduced as well. Plagued with terrible reviews, this game , to us, is a fun board game I enjoy because my casual family actually is able to play with me, and by casual, I mean they are terrible at smash bros and have a hard time with mini games in Mario party 10, and can never hold on to their powers in Mario bros Wii u (fire, penguin suit, flying squirrel etc), but we can play Kirby RtDl because of all the hits you can take and still be in the game. I’ve also been kind of jumping between Xenoblade X and Xenoblade 3D depending on which gaming device I have in front of me. I couldn’t care less about Bayonetta (though I dig her stage), but Corrin is so much fun to play. Downloadable pokemon usually have like a 1-2 min scenario though where someone says something.
Now, I want a way to make every move a Pokemon can conceivably learn to be taught by move tutors.
I want to replay the game as the female protagonist after I did my first run, but don’t want to delete my saves. Game Freak always introduces new ideas and mechanics and then doesn’t include them in future games.
It was awesome fighting Deoxys in space in ORAS, so why not do more Pokemon battles off-planet?
It’s so lame coming up to the first couple Gym Leaders with only 2, usually un-evolved Pokemon, Gym Leaders are supposed to be challenging.

Game Freak needs to shake the gameplay up a bit and just adding 100 new monsters every time doesn’t really do it for me. While I do think the HM moves should stay as TMs, I think Pokemon should be able to these actions should it be logical (for example, if a Pokemon can fly, it should be able to fly you to a location with the move Fly). I don’t know if my previous comment got though, but it would also be nice if the Kalos or Hoenn region could be revisited. Each family member of mine (niece, wife, father in law), gets their own amiibo and we love how it saves your own progress, and how you can get different outfits for your characters, really feels like the characters are our own, like our personal characters we can take to anyone’s Wii u to continue our amiibo festival fun.
The designs of the Pokemon in X and Y were fantastic and hopefully they can do the same with Sun and Moon. Pidgey, Azurill, can not carry a full grown human flying or surfing, so you require a sizeable Pokemon who can e.g.
Pokemon Z isn’t happening any time soon so we deserve to get the Gen 3 Battle Frontier in Sun and Moon. That bird needs a new level by level move list (it learns nothing but present by level up), a buff in all stats, and hopefully a new evolution. I would also want to see different HM animations like when your Charizard uses fly, it doesn’t just turn into a bird. More trainer customization would be great, and if an enemy (like a cheep cheep) from the Super Mario World was made into a pokemon, that would be awesome!
I got into the game when wave 2 amiibos came out, as I love the owls, and so does my wife (I am Blathers while she is Celeste, cute!) I personally think a digital board game with out mini games every turn makes this game a relaxing experience, and it plays mostly by chance, which I am perfectly fine with because that’s how games like monopoly usually play out.
Other than that, I think that a way to manipulate IVs would make competitive battling accessible to anyone.
I also want other features from X and Y to return like Pokemon Amie, Super Training, and also new Mega Evolutions!
Also, make the Elite Four in Sun and Moon an actual challenge, because in X and Y they were a joke.
We are at gen 6 and approaching gen 7, and Delibird still remains one of the worst Pokemon in the whole game…he deserves better.
Previous generations before 6th had TERRIBLE shiny forms but it wasn’t until 6th gen where the shiny forms started getting really good.

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