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The AskINTJ podcast makes its long overdue return to answer your questions about hipsters, astrology, alcohol and what any of it has to do with MBTI type theory. The inaugural episode of the AskINTJ podcast in which I finally get around to answering some of the hundreds of messages in my ask box. Q:So recently I have explored cognitive functions when I realized I couldn't decide whether I was an INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, or ENTP!
You think all of your functions are introverted because your dominant function is introverted, and that informs all the functions that follow it. You think your F is introverted because inferior Fe has this weird feedback loop that makes it a very internal process, which is quite different from how Fe behaves in the dominant and supporting positions. Besides, only an INTP could over-think it to the point that they believe they break every single rule of type theory. The debate between whether Holmes is an ISTP or INTJ comes from whether you believe his genius lies in seeing all the tiny details in everything or in building connection from those details to form a narrative. Your biggest challenge will likely be communication, especially during fights and other heated topics. I think a character will stay their type in the hands of the same writer, provided that writer isn’t terrible. It’s silly to assert that characters will stay their type when writers are changing hands, though.

My personal read of the original Holmes is that he’s an INTJ, but he has enough ISTP qualities that it would be easy to interpret him as such and bring those qualities to the front. Taking it into my offline life, I’ve established expectations with the various people I interact with on a daily basis.
What you have is perhaps not two different sorts of people, but rather one type of person in different situations. However, when it comes to topics the INTJ feels passionate about or situations that the INTJ has some responsibility for, they will not hesitate to say exactly what they think, unfiltered. I dated several ISFJs that seemed like great matches at first blush, but in actuality there were lots of hurt feelings and conflicts that I didn’t even know about owing to IFs tendency to use veiled language to communicate. Sherlock Holmes, for example, stayed very squarely within his type throughout all the original stories, despite there being many stories written and published over many years.
Each incarnation of Sherlock Holmes brings a slightly different character to the table because the different writers have a different perception of the character and vision for the story.
This is how we end up with a spectrum of Sherlock Holmes personalities that all feel like they came from the original but are incredibly varied in their characterization. INTJs are typically very live-and-let-live, and mostly just want to be left alone to get on with their business. The scene in which he’s watching several TVs at once particularly stands out in this regard.

Since you’re both Js, it may be easiest to schedule nights out and personal time in advance.
The character of Bella Swan from the Twilight series, however, has a dramatic personality shift in the last book. Furthermore, the actors playing those characters bring another layer of complexity to the mix.
I get stupid comments, pretentious over-corrections, and bitchy criticisms pretty regularly, but I just expect them as an inevitability, and that makes them easier to pick out and ignore from the much larger stack of positive and interesting feedback. My friends also know that I will drop out of contact for a day or two every once in awhile because I just can’t deal with the socializing. It’s incredibly frustrating to see people who use their knowledge of type theory to further judge and alienate people. Or that he has to lay out the details of a case visually in order to really understand what’s going on.
Everything about how he thinks has an external sensory component, which is a perfect example of dominant Ti and supporting Se working together.

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