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Steve Walters started Thailand Musings in 2006 after meeting and marrying Golf on the site Thai Love Links.
Of course we are still friends and I hope to see you again when you return to the City of Angels. By Dan Ambrose: Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs) added another belt to his fast accumulating collection of middleweight titles with the addition of the WBC 160lb strap, courtesy of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Canelo chose to vacate at this point, a move that many boxing fans see as a cowardly fight ducking move on his part. The boxing fans obviously want to see Golovkin fight Canelo next, but I don’t see that fight happening unless Golovkin agrees to a catch-weight of 155lbs, and whatever purse split that Canelo and Golden Boy ask for.
A fight between the two would make Canelo fabulously rich in the same way that the Floyd Mayweather Jr.
If Golovkin is okay with taking only 10 percent of the money for the fight, then there’s a chance that he and Canelo can negotiate the fight. While most of us have moments of joy, they are usually overshadowed by hours, days and even years of affliction. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to fire your thankless boss, pack-up and leave an abusive relationship or sell those cherished but unnecessary electronics to pay your bills. The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.
Furthermore, imagine you had access to a time machine and traveled 100 years in the future. Moreover, by rising a few hours earlier, you’ll quickly begin to notice how productive every aspect of your life will become. Let me pose a question; if you could absorb an expert’s abridged life experiences on a subject in a few afternoons, would you do it?
Unfortunately, most Americans are dumbing themselves down with all of the brainless pastimes available these days. A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world. A bonus of cardiovascular training is the extended periods of time you’ll have with only your thoughts. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Due to the outstanding popularity of this and my other articles on improving your lifestyle, I’ve recently launched an online academy for changing your life for the better.
If you truly want to begin changing your life, I strongly recommend you check out Academy on the Go.
I've recently launched an online academy where your smartphone, tablet, or laptop becomes the instructor. The site was started as a way to share information about Thailand, it's people, culture and traditions and has grown substantially since that time.
Golovkin picked up the WBC title the easy way when Canelo chose to give the title up after the World Boxing Council gave him and his promoters Golden Boy Promotions a deadline of May 24 to be done with the negotiations with Golovkin or else they would send it to a purse bid.

Supposedly, Canelo and Golden Boy Promotions are still interested in negotiating a fight with Golovkin. Golovkin seems to be skeptical himself, as he’s now asking the fans who they want to see him fight.
I think we’re probably talking about Golovkin being offered a 90-10 split in favor of Canelo on top of a catch-weight of 155lbs. But I think it’ll also require that Golovkin agree to the 155lb strength-draining catch-weight for him to get the fight as well. It might not even be worth it for Golovkin to take the fight under those circumstances because Canelo no longer has the WBC middleweight title that Golovkin wanted. When deciding you want change in your life, you must truly get upset with your current situation. It may be as drastic as moving to the tropics; allowing you to study the effects of pollution on the coral reefs. More importantly, rising early will have an extreme effect on your overall life and well-being. And change will be inevitable as you must find something to do with your newly acquired free time. But just as sheep blindly go through their life, most people’s lives are consumed in thoughtless activities. Your level of physical activity and your overall health will have a huge effect on your well-being. Unfortunately I encounter pessimistic viewpoints almost every time I talk with up and coming entrepreneurs. With the emotional roller-coaster that change brings, it will be difficult to stay on track.
As a long time visitor to the Kingdom Steve hopes you enjoy his thoughts and observations about Thailand and it's culture. That’ a pretty indication that Golovkin doesn’t believe that Canelo and Golden Boy will agree to make the fight with him. Not only would the fight be not worth it for Golovkin because of the catch-weight involved, but it likely won’t be worth it due to the lopsided money split in favor of Canelo. That belt is now in Golovkin’s possession and the only reason why he would need Canelo is to give the fans an interesting fight to watch, and of course to get a nice payday if the fight can get made. In fact, I believe there is an unwritten rule of life stating that the only constant is change. Keep in mind, the more significant your desired life outcome, the stronger your convictions for change must be. Or as simple as having the ability to devote a few extra hours a day to give back to your church, school or other local organization. From pursuing your dreams to doing more of the activities you love, you’re life is sure to improve by getting out of bed. At least Pacquiao was popular enough to negotiate a 60-40 defeat with him getting the smaller money.

And you’ll find that by using this energy as a catalyst for change, your desired life will be within your grasp. Having an overwhelming motivational force to jump out of bed every day is extremely important for staying happy. That you toiled a half a century of your life away in a dead end job and a mediocre personal life. Not everyone wants to move to a third world country or donate a majority of his or her money to medicine research.
Your limiting beliefs are just as powerful, (if not more powerful) than any other emotion during times of change. Luckily, an optimistic point-of-view can metaphorically hold your hand through your change process. Golovkin wouln’t be able to do this because he’s not at the level where Pacquiao is in terms of popularity.
Are your relationships, career choices, financial situation and other aspects of your life truly satisfying? However, until you find a life path you truly enjoy, you will struggle with the monotonous hassles of a normal lifestyle. Or that you followed your passion and led an extraordinary life doing what you loved while directly improving countless people’s lives. Therefore, these pessimistic feelings need to be squashed before they ruin all chances of refining your life. It will keep you happy and give you something to look forward to as your days of change go by. Golovkin isn’t a PPV fighter like Pacquiao was, and this means he would lied to take the smaller money. And by finding your passion, you too can join the ranks of the many remarkable people who have contributed huge advances in their field of interest. Conversely, what did you gain from the non-fiction book you (hopefully) read six weeks ago? Additionally, optimism will keep the good juices flowing while smashing any psychological roadblocks you may encounter.
Donating $400 to a charity feels much more rewarding than buying the latest and greatest Scotty Cameron putter.
Not really, but our idea of a typical day and lifestyle has evolved to a point where advanced intellectual thought processes are rarely accessed.
But it is completely up to you which direction you will take your life when these inevitable changes approach.
I am assuming the book had a much more profound effect on your introspection than the TV show.

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