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Here is an article that i read that describes some of the differences between love and lust.
I think that lust can cause someone to have feelings that are similar if not identical to love, regardless of the differences in the underlying desires of the two. In your friend's case, I think many people are addicted to the honeymoon phase of relationships. I actually haven't seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" but there is a book with that title that I have read. As i was reading it however i couldnt help but think about what lust does to someones brain?
Besides being wildly funny, it talks about the addiction to shopping that many people can get.
Stanford doctors did an observation; took a few subjects and asked them to think about their "love" as hard as they can and while while they scan it. Stanford doctors did an observation; took a few subjects and asked them to think about their "love" as hard as they can and while while they scan it.
We had the male and female who were in their 70s, a male who was 60, a male in his 30s, two females in their 20s and a young boy who was 10. This is all a part of learning how to fully understand yourself as well as learning how to understand someone else. Our brain is incredible and can work in many mysterious ways, but when it comes to getting what we want I'm afraid that addictions will always be some kind of a problem. Many people think that lust is actually love, so my guess would be that lust would have many of the same effects on the brain as love.
In addition what you may deme lustful may not be considered lustful to someone else, so it's impossible to define how someone feels if you are not that person.
I think what made the video more compelling was that every single person loved in a different way. When we love something or enjoy something, we want more of it, and when we don't get it we start to crave it, that's just human nature. Believe me, I've had my share of friends who have been in short term relationships and were head over heels for their significant other during that short period.

You can love someone without having a sexual relationship with someone, BUT the majority of people who are in love are physically attracted to each other, which in a sense can be considered lust. We all want to be loved or be in love so bad, so many of us will use any emotion that resembles love (for example: lust) and say it's real love. In addition to knowing what it feels like to be in a relationship, we've all seen that couple that is head-over-heels in love with each other. In each of his relationships within the first couple weeks they would be crazy about each other, excessive facebook posts, calls, PDA etc..
So I can absolutely believe that it is possible for some people to become addicted to love. In addition, I think that lust can have the same effect on the brain as love for people who have never experienced true love, but then again, who are we to define how someone feels? I think lust can exist entirely without love because many people lust after another person only physically and don't have a genuine emotional attachment. In regards to your last note: "Or, if you have fallen in love, or at least think you have, many times before does it just become easier to fall in love more often?", I read a very interesting quote recently. One of the females had never even felt love and for the competition felt love through meditation. The male who was 60 stated that he was in love multiple times, but he noted that you can be in love with an experience or other things that genuinely make you happy. So i wonder if he is addicted to what his brain feels like in the "honeymoon phase" like you said, and if there is a difference in his brain which i would deme lustful as compared to someone elses. They constantly want that feeling of being in love with someone and having a boyfriend, even when a lot of people have trouble believing their true feelings after seeing that they've been with this person they love for a mere 2 months. I think it actually makes it harder because you will begin to search for someone with similar qualities as your first love but they can't have the qualities that your first love had that you disliked. Their relationship appears to be very beautiful, but their arguments appear to be very disgusting.
You will also know what to avoid, and which qualities wave a red flag when you meet someone. According to Invigorate360, Scientific studies have proven that being in love has many of the same effects on the brain as an addiction.

Using MRI scans to determine what physical changes occur in the brain while someone is in love, she has noted that the same chemical changes occur in the brain with love as they do with drug use. Risk taking is increased, a feeling of euphoria takes over, and the lovers can think of little else except each other. All of these reactions are caused by the limbic system in the brain, which changes the neurotransmitter levels. This area is what helps govern behavior, preventing obsession and reckless behavior, and love has the opposite effect and can increase this activity instead."If you've ever been in love or have felt very strongly about someone you can probably relate. Aron asserts that the honeymoon phase fades after awhile and is replaced by what he calls "companionate love." Companionate love is not categorized by the extreme highs we see present during the honeymoon phase. This phase however can be seen as an addiction as well because the bonding between both mates is significant. She has done studies involving MRI tests for individuals at the honeymoon phase of their relationship.
She noted that during this phase, the ventral tegmental area of the brain is active and that is the same part of the brain that is active when one experiences a high from cocaine or other drugs. We must also note however, that there may be a series of other factors contributing to these chemical balances. Love may not be the only thing contributing to one's happiness and it may not be the only thing contributing to one's depression. Many people actually don't think it is a good thing to rely solely on a significant other to make them happy because this creates a situation where the significant other completely controls their moods. On that same token, many people believe that being in love is all about vulnerability and their significant other should have the power to control their feelings because that gives their significant other the ability to uplift them.Have any of you experienced the love drug?

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