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So… one was really random, met on the plane ride, the other was currently the longest Indon-friend I have and another was from online. Because their line of work requires them to analyse perhaps massive data, and I would assume deal with codes and system flows at times. I jokingly agree with the longest-known-IT guy friend, that I should hang out with an IT guy. This entry was posted in Interesting Blogposts, Jakarta, Knowledge, Rememberance, Runderstandings, Tech on March 15, 2014 by avnjl.

Amanda is a lifestyle blogger whom endeavours to better herself through reflective practises. We could be chatting and then lapse into a brief period of silence, and then there will be another come back not on the surface of a topic, but of content obviously from after analytics (could be of a new topic or the current topic).
She is known to be witty and analytical although at times she seems to be talking to herself. Other moments he will be touching the magazine, his passport, the food tray (which I’m guilty at times too) and well, doing other things that I didn’t notice as I probably would be asleep.
Cooking (food and literature) is therapeutic to her, so Indulge in her and perhaps drop her a note or two along the way?

Please pardon the lack of updates, awkward titles, disorganised contents and excessive blabbers. Intrigue you with new thoughts, sharing that he is reading this certain book, economics, politics, control, power, current situations.

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