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In the end it doesn’t really matter too much, but a full bush would be a little intense. Bald is obviously preferred to being completely unkept, but some sort of landing strip is best.
Similar to my Jetta being currently parked in my Los Angeles parking garage while my beach cruiser resides in Scottsdale, perhaps the last survey response is onto something. Another fashion crime, Ms Saia says, is wearing sunglasses upside down on the back of the head like celebrity chef Guy Fieri.
However, the majority appear more interested in the man modeling the looks.'That gentleman can show off his belly any day,' one said.'On a cheeky note, where is your review of do's and dona€™ts of undies? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Rick Day recently opened up to The Underwear Expert about his photography, shooting the male form, and his recent book, All Players. The New York City based photographer, whose impeccable work has been seen in magazines Elle, Details, Teen Vogue and GQ as well as campaigns for GAP, Ritani, C-in2 and Rufskin, released All Players in October. The photographer, who recently directed a C-in2 underwear campaign featuring Daniel Garofali, credits Bruce Weber's images with projecting him into photography.

Day, whose photography covers a vast swatch of subjects, is perhaps best known for his male portraits, which comprise his latest release.
But it’s always fun to change the style up to keep things interesting (bald, landing, Christmas tree, etc). Sunny months require silky smooth and wintertime calls for a little extra fur down there, but I don’t take it as far as NoShavember.
After countless ingrown hairs and $60 a pop, I decided to just let the hair grow and tightly trim with a buzzer or eye brow scissors. BUT, I do know that some guys prefer a little landing strip or like to switch it up from time to time.
This summer she released a list of hairstyles, loved by the ladies, for long-haired men to try out. The book is a compilation of his former two image collections titled Players and Players 2 with all new photographs. When asked about his favorite part of a man's body to photograph, he states, "I like beautiful armpits and really nice asses but my favorite part is not really muscular in nature.
If I wanted to be bear then I needed to make a one-time investment instead of enduring monthly breakups with the hairs down there.

But the biggest turn on about a landing strip is that a girl has to be comfortable enough with herself to spend time maintaining that area. And as a girl who believes baby smooth skin sends out positive vibes to the Universe, I was fairly certain that a permanent parting was in my best interest. You have probably noticed that most of the guys I shoot have beards or stubble and rarely if ever do I want to shoot a guy that shaves his pubic area. And I’ve have zero comments from guys, even when I’ve been reluctant to trim, no issues! View Comment July 17, 2010 thenYESThis is just weird and creepy and not in a cute or silly way.
View Comment July 17, 2010 ApplegalI took a sharp breath when I saw the hairy crotch, OH! How horrible!Though I have to say the hairy chest one is hilarious ?? View Comment July 17, 2010 Keevathe hairy chest one is actually groovy.

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