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Your question obviously follows my last post mentioning two tragic news stories recently published about older women who died alone without anyone noticing for some time. Well for a Good man like me that really wanted to meet a Good woman to settle down with since there are just too many Career women today that are very Spoiled, Selfish, and very Greedy which is the Real Reason why i am still Single because of this since many of my other friends certainly agree with me too. I wish I could find someone who has had some kind of loss, so we can talk about it and maybe we would feel alittle with ourselves.
You are probably new here so I wanted to let you know that this site isn’t intended to match visitors, either for romantic or platonic reasons.
I’ve repeatedly cautioned people NOT to post any identifying information that could make you a target for scammers.
If you want to connect with someone in real life, you can do that through a special group page I’ve set up on Facebook (for women only). Of course, you can post on these forums as long as you do not provide last names, emails or other identifying information.
I agree with you, I was together for 15 years, her health was go much wrong and sure I was her care taker, cook, empty portable toilet, prepare insulin ect, but my health was not support that help, when her young daughter show and help. Living around 5 widows (67 – 70 – 76 – 80 – 81 also a 91 year old who just moved to a senior care home) gives me lots of activity of small jobs from mowing their lawn, clean snow in the winter to small repairs. I always wondered why they wouldn’t seek a male for companionship or just for friendship to go out once and a while.
I was forgive said, I never was in Europe,My two parent was, I was worn in sin Country of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and live less of mille from a pink House, that why I not like a Pope, because a Church there play politic and a Pope are socialist. You thing I take my anger to another, but are not, what we suffer today are voter for blame in 2008, if was more smart, never was vote for a Nazi demon Party, sure now change mind when see a true, but are to late, I was not vote for Dems.
Deb: Less than half a percent of men is probably looking for women 20 years younger than their age.
I am honest and faithful so I keep wondering why after so many years she thinks she will find something better at 60?
This is not a matching site for platonic or romantic friendships; rather it is to provide a forum for people to provide advice and comments on some of the dilemmas related to friendship. There is a special Facebook page associated with this blog where women can make connections. Maybe in the country most men go after women their own age, but in NYC (at least among professionals), men tend to go after younger women.
Younger generation do not socialize many social clubs we are used to are dying because of lack on members. Got what do I have a great life; lots of love, lots of smiles, no worries and everyday is a new wonderful day. Pam, I went to a few dating sites and yes there are an extra few baldies around but so is Dr. Pam, go to places of your choice where there is some activity you like, I’m sure chances are much better than through dating sites. Not all in a 70 80 or 90 are active much, but many don’t won or looking for different reason. Music is another tool in my life I enjoy, plus the outdoors during the spring, summer season. You would be surprised how many widow friends I have because of the little jobs I do for them. So if I run into someone who gets abused I will help them with their choice: it is either solve the abuse situation or get out. In the USA (that is if you live there)they have also social programs were you can get help.
If you would be my neighbor I (69) would help you and believe me I’m not afraid of your wife nor your son.
Each situation are to different, I was all my life a warrior,I bring my family to USA and set all family here, never ask nothing to Gov, but today if are help for senior you ignore what real are all, Dem here are a nest real discriminate and smile in you face, I suffer terror attack scare, I heard my son walking or near and my body and mind react fast and shake and sad cry, bad dream, my health go down fast. Discrimination happens everywhere and certain things you have to accept as part of life and try to make the best of it. So let me know how you are doing in a couple of days and hope you tell me you found some help.
You might be in a desperate situation but help is not looking you up, you have to look it up. Everybody has some struggles (ups and downs) in their live no matter of you are rich or poor. A teenage girl was savagely attacked by her own German Shepherd after the puppy a€?suddenly flipped', tearing off part of her face.Iona Manson from Birmingham, needed two hours of facial reconstruction surgery and more than 50 stitches after the mauling, which tore a chunk out of her nose.
But her mother Mhairi Manson, 39, said she was still struggling to sleep after witnessing the ferocious incident.'It was horrific,' said the former ambulance worker. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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For example, college students are continually thrown into contact with other people in similar circumstances.
Unless there is something about you that pushes others away, if you follow your interests and remain actively involved with people, you will be able to replenish your stock of friends. Friendships take time but if you are welcoming to potential friends and pursue your own passions, you’ll be able to turn new acquaintances into deep friendships over time. Many women want the Best today and will Never settle for Less since finding a Good woman at my age now at the age of 60 is very Difficult.

It’s run by Soaring Spirits, an organization dedicated to helping widows and widowers cope and live again. Sixty nine years ago I’m raised in a village where we cared for each other and helped each other when someone was in need.
A only different are my education are full type Europe, and when I was young in my house was a rules talk In Ukranian, but I don’t read or writ, and my rules here are all in English any where include to my girl bell, I proud be American, see Puerto Rican never said are American, but said are Puerto Rican, and why are here?immigrant who are not loyalty need deported.
It is too bad when people are reaching out and are made to feel worse then when they are in so much pain. Always be cautious about posting your email address or other identifying information that would make you vulnerable to spammers.
Not all, but the ones who never had a good marriage or never got to do anything really fun or exciting. Most older won quiet and peace, now and yes if woman are 70 must won a man around some age, I am 67 now I will not look for a woman 47, because I am not to active for health reason and in sex, I am dead with 47 years old woman, and I not look for sex, but for company and enjoy life together. Sure a woman must not tolerate abuse, but are woman who are a abuser, not a man are all a time. I have stood in front of a women abuser 30 year younger then me and told go ahead and hit me, just to protect someone else. For 35 years I am here I was fight all kind of adversity but I can’t now, abuse are for long time, that why 16 years ago I was leave and later divorce my ex, reason my son, and with a second woman was not better, for many years, a last incident, beat in my head ( I was suffer two stroke) and push, my balance are to bad, down on a chair and a flat TV broke in my head, before was Police, a COP treat me to arrest if I was not stop talk, and a second told her abuse and kill my, all are hard believe, but are DEM way. I can’t walk much, because a pain come to severe, next how you can leaving with evil was your family and now are you worse enemy and must live in scare? Sometimes we have to search our own soul too and ask our selves what can I do to better the situation.
And the 13-year-old, who had raised Fidden since he was nine days old, is still mystified why her 13-month-old pet suddenly attacked her. Young moms can take advantage of abundant opportunities to make friends with parents of their kids or with other women involved in school committees. The days here are beginning to get hotter in Florida and do not look forward to the summer here,alone. He died in the house,it wasn’t meant to happen he was meant to get better or so they told us. Woman look for younger, and what be will doing 60 or 70 years old women with a 40 years old man?.
The 67 and 80 year old doesn’t seem really want to associate with other people and live just in their own world with no family. I can understand this but what I can’t understand is find some friends or companionship instead of being alone all the time. Also why don’t many women (widows or divorced) in their 60 or 70’s look for closeness in male companionship? That are another reason why I not writing well, I was no have time for school, only work and support a family and all I was learn for my self, include politic and American History. I know voter wake up, like last election, but never must forgive what real are Dem demon and never vote against, never be will change, support Nobama was a high treason. At least you can say anything you want hurt ones feelings over and over again (what is a stupid thing to do)and then we wonder why so many doesn’t have friends.
For 27 years I was the one keeping the log on the fire; doing all the emotional work in the relationship. Nowadays they don’t solve their problems they whine and go to the local grocer to get a new partner.
I no have any friend, I are in my own way, I scare 24-7 and no one care, my only company are my girl dog, she are to sweet and love my, if I was 20 years younger, was different and I predict my short future,If I not leave from here, less of a month I be will dead.
My ex was a master set my children against me, Oh yes she are to religious, across any where, but act like pure evil.
Corruption (evil situation) exist since people are on this earth, you and nor I can solve all the problems. 4 am I was heard my son fight up, today when I take out my dog, was crash a cell phone outside, don’t confuse, a bad temper come in a blood from my ex, now my grandson 22 are alike a father, in a case of second woman, was alike come in a blood.
Being aware of your loneliness and that you want close friendships is an important first step. I recently moved to a new state and although my sister is here and I do things with her occasionally, I don’t rely on her to make a life for me either. I had to give him CPR till the emergency services arrived but I or them couldn’t save him. I no thing younger man won antique woman and later be care taker, if some age, well are a little different, plus most woman use a cement in a face for look more younger, and I hate, I like natural.
The 91 year old husband died when she was 67 and she felt not to be interested in men anymore. See what brutality doing now Dems and try understand who suffer why are anger and hate.I not expect nothing more from life, I know I will not live longer, but Get housing, peace and quiet live happy for a rest of live I have. I just wish there was a place where people could chat instead of a dating site to establish a friendship similar to a pen pal. Yeah they will tell you I have 500 friends on Facebook (actually they are acquaintances) No body can maintain 500 friends nor can someone maintain 500 partners. I a turkey day family was together, except me I was pass with my dog, my family are my worse enemy now. And I guess I will try to find a local area friend or someone who doesnt complain about all the drama about having a friend. I am one who was suffer abuse, and still suffer in a hand of my own blood son, but I can’t work, and my health are bad, I am 67 and disable, I separate from my girlfriend, no housing, and are days where a pain go out control, and I cry and I am stuck with my ex, my family hate my and why must tolerate?

I know any where are still good peoples, but I scare of all and not trust 100% no one.I sure not alone, are so much senior suffer will evil dems any where, a President was declare war to senior.
If your son or daughter beat a mother, you be will not defend?, well my ex never doing, I not saint but she are no saint too.
Seems you have to clear some of your baggage in your head and exchange it with more positive things. I not violence man, maybe I be will argument but never physical, alcohol and drug bring violence plus bad temper. I loose my family and girlfriend for 15 years, I am alone with my dog, live temporaly with my ex, but un der a terrible torment, scare and agony, I no wish this for no one.
I am 64 but look and act much younger and it seems like the guys I meet that are my age have one foot in the grave.
Maybe an extra one for an extra marital affair what doesn’t work either because of jealousy.
When I said dogs are better who human, most are mock, but are real, my dog are girl and mature, and she kiss my hand and give power for live and treat me good and I sorry no won any another human woman, my experience with two was not good and I will not take again another risk and chance, found a good woman are not easy. My Mother never was like her, my mother was speak in Ukranian because my ex was not understand, but I was defend my ex all a life, 30 years married, that why I speak tree languages. Woman in general are no more victim, was but not today, plus most no have any respect for a man, decide bring a family and don’t ask nothing, simple doing. Who kiss me are my dog, my family are liberals, but a pain condition give me a to hard life. Nowadays life start at fifty and most of us are seniors when they are eighty (that if you look after your health). You have to try to build up your self esteem so you have the strength to remove yourself from the situation you in. My ex never was respect me like her husband, she also was not a good wife in sexual life, who if a wife not give a husband sex, a husband be will look in another woman.. Time ago I was warming what be will happening and a lot mock on my, but was real, who was mock are suffer now. I hate living by myself and I worry that I will die alone but it’s still a mans world and they run the shots. If now my son are mother fucker evil, she not open a mound for defend, I can was be what she like, but children must not Justice a parent, never, merely all respect, because half of his life come from me.
In the neighbourhood we all keep an eye out for each other so any unusual thing and we will check on each other.
Sorry if I sounds harsh to you and to Lynne Smith, but the fact is you have to take the first step if you want to have change in your life. And many of them are still active and for most of them you don’t have to be a caretaker.
When a human older are in real terror, many thing can happening and easy get hearth attack, I was suffer two stroke, are moment feel stronger but are another moment where I can control a terror and I feel strange in my chest, a only cure are be alone and calm. Place to help, well before 2008 was ok, but after start change, what I said about Dems are to real, Dems are who discriminate, instigate American fight, give support to illegals, not a own citizen, for illegals all are available, a City and a Country are full corrupt, Police are pure murder criminals with seal and weapon.
I’m not in a position to be able to turn away work because, believe it or not, radio pays so poorly.
I see you ignore reality, divide peoples, I am not pro or against black, we all are human, but one case, I was arrive to bus stop, I use mobility scooter, was a young black woman seat and heard music, when she see me, was like see a evil, I see a hate in her eyes, Up and walk away, and not back until bus show. I get paid near minimum wage, on an hourly basis without any benefits, days off, or sick time. If you was in my place and live where are a nest of liberals, adult services, are a County agency protect and help older senior, not doing and play game and discriminate, illegals and muslin treat much better who own senior and that group have all support and help, you be will not hate too, if you are discriminate and suffer?
I know much more you can imaginate, I am politic activist in Internet, last election I was go in person for vote, I was not get a ballot by mail and when I was call a board was told me a woman, said DON’T SEE IN A COMPUTER SEND YOU A BALLOT, mean are a form of discrimination because I white, but at some time for Gov I am latino, but white and conservative. Here a City and County are liberal and NOT help senior whites, and little secret, I am Hispanic for place, but not for blood and I not considered Hispanic, are shame for me, I talk tree languages, but use English all a time, all read and heard are in English and I feel well, but when mock and discriminate set me to sad and angry. Corruption are monumental here, in 2012 was a lot of fraud, and who loose in OH loose a White House. When I said any thing, believe are true and I know what I said with evidences, include GOP here are to deep corrupt. Housing Authority are corrupt to, over 65 and disable if are in risk of homeless must give housing in emergency with no waiting list and are Law, but Law for liberals are toilet paper.
I understand that I put work before personal life but now I don’t have a choice and that if I stopped working, I stop affording to be able to live.
My grandfather worked till he was 82 on the farm and my grandmother did built a chicken coup in her 80’s.
Said 11 million when in reality are over 40 million illegals now, and see in a border drug enter for ton and ton, are not any joke. Not help because I am conservative, but my situation are bad, Adult Services are a agency protect and help citizen from County, but doing shit. If by or before end of years I not get nothing and not die before, I will kill my self, no more agony.

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