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The birth of cheerleading is credited to former crazy University of Minnesota student, Johnny Campbell. Women started kicking out most of the males from cheerleading and made cheerleading an attractive alternative to flagpole sitting. NFL Cheerleaders-In the 1960's Nation Football League teams began organizing professional cheerleading squads. Male Cheerleaders are gay-Many males use cheerleading as an excuse to be around hot chicks and cop a feel during routines.Some dudes, with a little to much spirit in their underoos, may be gay though. Cheerleading helps cardiovascular health- Cheerleading raises the heart rate and increases blood flow in men who are watching.
Gives women something to do besides gossiping about others- It's better then sitting on your ass bitching. Guys will like you just because you're a cheerleader- Girls increase their chances of getting a boyfriend by a whole bunch percent.

Increase in GPA in school- Male teachers love cheerleaders and reward them with good grades and help them late night after class.
While attending a game at the University of Minnesota in 1898, Johnny "Soup" Campbell tried to incite an organized riot.
This was the result of guys being cut from their school's sports team and them needing something to believe in . Jerry Buss, was impressed with the collegiate look and spirit that existed at USC and UCLA.
Cheerleaders attract jocks, nerds, freaks, stalkers, pedophiles, high school teachers, and their own friend's dads..
Male participation in cheerleading dwindled because they bristled at being called "light in the britches" and were afraid of the ridicule they would endure from dorks. In 1972 Tex Schramm,the owner of the Cowboys, tried to hire professional models for cheerleaders.

He then tried to hire strippers, but he realized they would take valuable $1 dollar bills away from beer and concession sales. The Laker Girls have evolved over time into a professional dance squad of fine young women. Tex recognized that the only way to get people to like his team was with hot girls and maybe even a somewhat decent football team. When other teams realized how freakin' hot the Cowboy Cheerleaders were, they tried to emulate them with their own cheer squads.

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