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If you are an individual who usually resorts to food to deal with your emotions, it might be a bit hard for you to differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger.
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It is very easy to mistake emotional hunger for physical hunger though there are a few fundamental differences that exist between the two. Emotional hunger unlike physical hunger makes you ache for your favorite junk foods like pizza, cheesecake, cookies etc.  In a state where you are hungry physically you can consume any sort of food especially healthy foods!

When struck by emotional hunger, individuals tend go overboard with their consumption of food and can down any junk food present in sight. Instead of your belling growling and aching for food, emotional hunger comes from the head where you are only focused on certain kind of taste and textures and it usually points towards some kind of junk food. And I'm sorry to hear that Tina, my problem is I love the same one as my brother, and I don't know if I can just sit on the feeling, not telling anyone. I feel the same way we lasted almost 4 years of our lives together and then things changed we both moved on but I know deep down he is still there. I fell in love with a guy and we agreed to marry but now my mind has changed, I don't want and feel him either.
When it comes to emotional hunger your brain doesn’t really register whether or not you are full and hence individuals keep eating beyond the point satiety without even knowing it.

On the other hand when eating because of physical hunger, individuals are usually aware about how much they need to eat and feel satiated when their stomach is full. This is certainly true from the day we are born, and many people believe that we also have access to past life experiences. Although we are unaware of it, our unconscious dictates many important life decisions such as who we choose to love.
When we are confused about love we can work to bring awareness to the memories that are dictating our decisions, we are then able to make conscious choices regarding our life partners.

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