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Praying on your wife’s behalf not only enlists the help of the Almighty, but also puts her and her needs at the forefront of your heart and mind, right where they belong.
Unfortunately, men are notoriously selfish in the bedroom, yet are dumbfounded when their wives are less than enthusiastic in this arena. Everyone needs an occasional break to rest and recharge, and this is especially important for a wife who is at home all day with young children. Soak in the tub together each evening or go on a date night once a week — whatever gets the two of you alone on a regular basis. It is amazing how meticulous guys can be prior to marriage in their attempts to impress a girl, but once they walk down the aisle, all bets are off. Invariably there will come times in your relationship when you will be forced to choose between your wife and something else that you enjoy. If you have been blessed with a quick wit, you can either be the life of the party or a pain in the neck depending on the circumstances. Obviously no list is comprehensive, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all, but hopefully this one will prompt you to compile a list of your own, tailor-made for your own wife. Please send me anything you think that would help me in being a more honorable, loving man to my wife. The reason I mention it is that many women do not have husbands that respect them, and it is difficult to respect and admire someone like that.
2) Another thing that ignites a woman’t passion for a man is when he sees himself as a participator in the household upkeep. It is a disservice for a man to think his only contribution to the family is going to work and earning a paycheck. The real question is whether or not putting others ahead of yourself is a valid approach to life in general or marriage in particular.
Of course there are many permutations and potential pitfalls if one gives and the other takes. While much of your 25 ways to respect your husband and 25 ways to show your wife you love her are fundamental to any healthy relationship, I find many things quite disturbing, but they all stem from this idea that a woman is a lesser being than a man. Why is it that a wife’s guide is to show respect, while the husbands guide is not of the same tone or caliber.
I realize every relationship has its own parameters and dynamics, but to suggest,let alone blatantly state, that the basic rights and roles of two individuals are not equal is hurtful to me, my (someday) children, our society and the world at large.
You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine, thank you for allowing me to share it with you. Every man must understand different women have different wants thus the way you express your love should go handy with how she wants to be loved and her needs! Further, only having eyes for your wife will definitely encourage women to engage in more intimacy.
Finally, having eyes for your wife sends a message all women pick up: it lets her know she’s “first” before all other women. I touch on this in #14, but “eyes only for her” in all that entails is a good point!
Very well said Now everyone leaving negative comments on your wife’s post just needs to come and read that! Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features.
How men from Mars and women from Venus CAN make the most of their differencesBy JOHN GRAYLast updated at 09:56 01 February 2008First published in 1992 - the relationship book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was an instant international bestseller. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS When a woman's oxytocin levels are low, it is only natural for her to seek out the support she needs at home to relieve the stress it creates.
Don’t be afraid of being a strong, independent woman or that by setting the bar without compromise will have him running.
Trust me when I say that a man who is really in love will move mountains to be with his woman.
Now, I want you to imagine someone who RECIPROCATED your feelings, respected you, your standards, your faith and not just by his words, but by his actions. Did you imagine that when you found this person you loved and admired would be loyal to you, be there for you when you needed him, take care of you when you lost your job, honor your friends and family, wipe away your tears when you were down, fix the fixable and be proud to walk side by side with you, just as you were so very proud to do so with him? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
It sounds simple, but listening can be harder than it seems with so many distractions around us and within us.
Make this a habit, and it will let your wife know your don’t consider her your personal maid. It is staggering how many hours we waste gazing at some sort of screen instead of interacting with the real people in our lives. Seemingly frivolous things like flowers, jewelry, and overpriced restaurants let her know that she is more valuable to you than a number in your bank account.
It’s impossible to function without one, but being a leader isn’t the same as being a dictator. Make this area of your relationship as pleasurable for her as it is for you and it will pay huge dividends. Yet it’s very easy to neglect this legitimate need unless you regularly and intentionally schedule time for it. Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel and at the heart of every meaningful relationship. For any women reading this blog, you may be interested to know that my wife has published a similar list entitled 25 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband.
Though the intent is good, there’s something fundamentally wrong with thinking about the children as hers exclusively. Anyway, I’ll be much grateful if such information will be posted into my e-mail address.
It is easier to make an effort, when you know it is the thing that person is exhorted to do, even if they are not following through. Putting the needs of anyone else before your own is a recipe for resentment, if not outright disaster. For many women, the idea of having twelve kids would be a nightmare, but for my wife they are a dream come true.
I was looking over the list this weekend and realized I was struggling with a few of the items on the list despite the fact that I wrote the list!!
After all, she puts you ahead of all the others in every way, whether in the little things or the big things of life…. I may need to do a younger kids version and a teenage version, since the maturity gap would change some of the suggestions. If you think that a healthy relationship has a hierarchy, you must be thinking of your dog. Based on the idea that men and women live on completely different 'planets' when it comes to relationships, it has been translated into more than 40 languages.Now author John Gray has published a long-awaited sequel.

The challenge automatically stimulates the production of testosterone, the "male" hormone that contributes to a man's sense of power and well-being.As relationship routine sets in, and the challenge in the relationship decreases, however, his testosterone levels naturally decrease. The problem with this is that these days women often expect their partners to provide all of that support. As a mom, I can’t help but want to share all that I can to help ease this wonderful, difficult, delicious journey we call life. When a man approaches you, he already knows what he wants from you, but he doesn’t know what it will cost. Instead of respecting your wishes, your faith, this man is constantly trying to wear away your standards and get you to compromise. However, a man in lust, a man addicted to the attention his ego gets from such relationships, a man who cannot control his desires, will NOT. Set aside some time every day to look into your wife’s eyes and really listen to what she has to say. Studies show that couples who regularly pray together stay together, enjoying a 1% divorce rate compared to the usual rate of 50% or more. Your mom may make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, but unfavorable comparisons won’t win you brownie points. It may mean washing the dishes or helping with the kids, so that she has energy left at the end of the day. Honoring your marriage vows means remaining faithful in thought and word as well as in deed. Whether it is physical needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, you name it — do your best to provide. It isn’t as loud or as dramatic, but it can be equally hurtful and all the more so for its subtlety. The key to a successful relationship is to prioritize the needs of others after ensuring that your own are met.
So unusual and contrary to our instincts that I will go on record as calling it supernatural. In our relationship my wife is the one who decided to be respectful even when I wasn’t loving. I tend to get stuck in nit-picking (I know I shouldn’t and am working on it) but after reading this I realized that my husband works very hard to make me happy. Gents, whenever you not only stare at another woman in a way that not only dishonors your wife but commits “adultery” in your heart, you steal what is owed to your wife: your eyes for her as a man in a covenant with her. If you or any other readers want to share ideas here, I will post them, and then compile the best 25 for each age group into a blog with a printable version for the refrigerator. Have a good time with that, and have fun when your children have to go to therapy to deal with your example of a healthy marriage. And in spite of the new technologies designed to connect us, much of our communication has been reduced to the equivalent of text messaging.We are stretched to the limit, with little energy for our personal lives. When this happens, the honeymoon is over, and a man starts to look elsewhere to stimulate higher levels of testosterone to make himself feel good.His workplace will almost always provide new challenges to capture his interest and raise his testosterone levels. This is a relatively new phenomena - brought about by our insular lifestyles and the increased amount of everyday stress we face. He tells you that he loves you, that he wants to spend his life with you and even states his intentions of wanting to marry you. That is how a man and woman who are truly in love behave with one another. You must need and expect someone with backbone and character, what you need is a champion, and that is what you must be for each other. Use the time saved to invest in your marriage: take a walk with your wife or play a board game together instead.
It may mean cuddling and candlelight, so that she can relax and let the worries on her mind drift away. Sometimes life’s circumstances hinder us in one area, but we can compensate in another area.
Learn to control your temper or it will control you, your marriage, and every other aspect of your life. It’s exactly like one time in church when I heard something similar said in a lesson about marriage.
Likewise, if you agree with the premise, then the details can be tailored to your own situation. To have that level of love for your fellow man, to be concerned for the welfare of your enemies even as they slay you, requires a strength that none of us possesses on our own. It didn’t take me long to catch on, and our lives have been infinitely better ever since.
Similarly, when a woman gets to know her partner and feels safe with him, there is an increase in the production of oxytocin, known as the "cuddle" hormone. For thousands of years, women did not rely on men to generate most of the oxytocin support they needed. He will keep the addiction going as long as the supply is there and he can continue getting whatever he wants out of it.
It’s a challenge to exercise authority while maintaining a spirit of humility, but that is what being a godly leader entails. Just because your wife puts up with it and your co-workers tolerate it, doesn’t make your short fuse an asset. A woman experiences more energy, happiness, flexibility and attraction for her partner when her oxytocin levels rise. They counted on the help of women in their community for their feelgood factor, while their husbands went hunting, or later earned a living. Protection can come in many forms, such as advice, opening doors and helping you out of a car, carrying your packages, or stepping up to drive you cross-country because he fears for your safety for instance.
Do whatever it takes to gain victory in this all-important struggle that has haunted man since Cain slew Abel.
It seems some men think that they could do that stuff before they were married while working full time but not after- afterwards it is their wife’s responsibility. If your goal is to keep her guessing about your loyalty, then you should mix it up a little. For example, while he needs to switch off and withdraw into his "cave" to forget the problems of his day, she wants to interact and discuss things at length.
Over time, as reality sets in and her expectations are not always satisfied, she no longer assumes that all her needs will be met. Historically, men have only ever provided a small percent of the feelgood support that women need.
However, once you have this man then it is time to allow him to step up and do his job of properly taking care of you. This kind of man is going to provide protection and leadership and even go to battle for you because there is not a real man living who will not protect what is his.

The signs are all around you. Realize quickly, he is not your man — he is not in love with you.
What ends up happening is the wife gets very tired and overwhelmed and can feel like everybody’s household servant. That isn’t about money or “gender roles”, but about showing his love by providing in various ways.
It means that the moment you stop giving in to him, the moment you stop showing up at the games, the moment he no longer sees you on the sidelines, he will dispose of you without a second thought and he’ll move on to his next conquest. His detachment and her increased attention to their lack of connection will inevitably build tension in the relationship. Although men still hold that role, it is not as significant because women can provide for and protect themselves. My husband is awesome- we share responsibilities (yes, i do the majority of some things and most of the childcare) but this sharing gives me more time and energy for other things like ministering to those around me, and investing in my relationship with my husband and kids. If men can learn how to boost their testosterone levels and women their oxytocin through their behaviour, and understand each other's need to do so - their relationship will vastly improve. Unfortunately, despite this change in relationships, a man can still fulfil only the same small portion of the support women need to cope with the stresses they face. Unbeknownst to you, your wife has arranged a surprise romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant and is hoping to discuss the possibility of starting a family in the near future. HOW TO BRING OUT HIS INNER ROMEONormal levels of testosterone are linked to feelings of success in men (depressed men have low levels of testosterone).
Imagine a woman's need for oxytocin to be a well that needs to be filled - no matter how hard he tries, a man will only ever be able to fill about 10 per cent of that feelgood 'oxytocin well'.
Unfortunately, Wednesday is also the night of the fantasy football league draft in the man-cave at your best friend’s house. Therefore, to feel good in a relationship, a man needs to feel successful at fulfilling the needs of his partner.
Guy thinking says to push the anniversary celebration to Friday and enjoy the best of both worlds. Her responses of trust and appreciation not only nourish his soul, but also counteract the effect of stress by stimulating a healthy level of testosterone.
When a woman's oxytocin well is already almost full - she's feeling happy and pretty good about herself - a man is naturally highly motivated to bring her to the top and make her feel great. Failure, or the anticipation of failure, in making his partner happy has the opposite effect - creating stress for a man and lowering his testosterone levels.
On the other hand, if her well is almost empty - she's feeling tired, stressed and bad about herself - and he provides his 10 per cent, her oxytocin levels will still be quite low and it will feel to both that he has not made much of a difference.
Confidence increases testosterone, and doing things that stimulate testosterone will increase a man's confidence. By taking 90 per cent of the responsibility for their own happiness and expecting only 10 per cent from men, women can set up themselves and their partners for much greater success in the relationship.
Appreciating and accepting what he does, or forgiving him for what he neglects to do, is the most supportive way a woman can treat a man - and one of the easiest ways to get the best out of him. DIY FEELGOOD BOOSTERS FOR HERYour oxytocin will increase if you adjust your lifestyle so you have more time to do things that are rewarding, fulfilling, comforting and involve connecting with others beside your partner. Then for bonus points, have your friend leave a message on your answering machine about missing you at the draft, but he respects the fact that your wife is way more important to you than football. MAKE SURE SHE'S A WOMAN IN LOVEWhere women are concerned, oxytocin - known as a social attachment hormone - is vital for a healthy, happy relationship. Though men and women have, on average, similar levels of oxytocin in their bloodstreams, women have more oestrogen, which boosts its effectiveness. Researchers have discovered that oxytocin lowers stress in women, but does not have the same effect in men.
It is produced in great quantity during childbirth and lactation, and during orgasm in both sexes. In women, oxytocin levels can rise during a massage and fall in response to feeling ignored or abandoned. The hormone affects social recognition and bonding as well as the formation of trust between people. Oxytocin stimulates maternal behaviour in women as well as sexual arousal.It reduces blood pressure, stress symptoms and fear.
Studies have shown that animals and people with high levels of oxytocin are calmer, less anxious and more social.
Levels increase when women connect with someone through friendship, sharing, caring and nurturing, and decrease when a woman misses someone or experiences a loss or break-up, or feels alone, ignored, rejected, unsupported and insignificant. She is consumed by thoughts of giving freely of herself and sharing more time with her partner. To feel good in a relationship, a woman needs to trust that her partner cares for her as much as she cares for him. This kind of support directly affects her oxytocin levels, which in turn will lower her stress.
LET HIM HAVE 'CAVE TIME'When it comes to dealing with stress - women like to talk - while men need space to be alone, what I like to call 'cave time'. There is good reason for this.In all men, the testosterone levels that keep him feeling happy fall steadily during the course of the day, so when the stress of his working day is over, his body must relax to restore itself. A man can elevate his 'feel good' testosterone level by taking a nap or doing simple, entertaining activities such as watching TV or reading a newspaper Just as women need more time to talk and share, a man needs more time to recover from his stresses by having plenty of space to do things on his own, or at least to be in control of what he does. Often, women think their partners are lazy, when in fact they have a biological imperative to rest. It is hard for a woman to imagine her partner's need, because a man's need to rebuild testosterone levels is so much greater than hers. And most women are looking to lessen stress by connecting with their partners, not pulling away. Yet women can also use some alone time to take a breath and finally be free from the daily pressures.
While taking a break - and allowing her partner some cave time - a woman should do something that helps to boost her 'feel good' oxytocin levels and enables her to relax. Just as testosterone stimulates stress reduction in men, the hormone oxytocin stimulates stress reduction in women.

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