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The purpose of the Marketing Program is create more qualified selling conversations with ideal customers and to do this we need to create a simple and clearly defined plan for marketing your services. The outcome of implementing this plan will be consistently winning more profitable clients. Although Bruce is a Jenner, his wife, Kris, and her daughters are major influences to millions of people across the world. He Wants His Own TV Show: I be dammed if I pay mortgage on a house, have TV cameras come into my home, and when the show comes on, I barely get any TV time.

When your wife is a pit-bull, the only other option that you have left is being a Chihuahua.
Well, maybe not a manly man, because we all know that Kris Jenner is the one who had the balls in the family, but this is truly a surprise. While Kris was out there making it happen for her 3 oldest daughters, Bruce was being a stay at home mom taking care of his two youngest. No matter how much any of us never saw this day coming, the truth is, Bruce is actually becoming a woman.

4 is average, not as in average looking but what a woman looks like if they are skinny, but carefree about their fitness level.

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