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Stock photographers take pictures of nearly every situation so media outlets can get a picture when they're in a bind. Billy Chubbs is a early 20's Millennial with an impressive university degree in English and an equally impressive Electrician's certification.
So the increasingly irrelevant Noble Peace Prize was recently given out, and it came as a surprise to no one that the 2014 peace prize was shared by a 17-year-old Pakistani-born girl named Malala Yousafzai. She became internationally famous when, in 2012 at the age of 15, a member of the fanatical Muslim religious group, the Taliban, tried to shoot her in the head. The reason the Taliban shot Malala in the head was to send a message that they would attack girls who wanted to get a western-style education. When she awoke Malala eagerly embraced her celebrity status, travelling around the safe western world and making flagellant liberals and globalists feel good about themselves while peddling feminist dogma and her book. While Malala was laughing, playing and enjoying the safety of receiving an education in a predominantly white country found upon Christian morals, school girls in Africa were being kidnapped. And every time Malala gives a speech or drops another nonsensical, feel good quote for useful idiots to lap up, those extremists laugh.
The only rational explanation as to why they gave him the peace prize was simply because he was the first black-skinned president of the United States of America. Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism. And it turns out they've all got the same idea of what it looks like when things go wrong in bed.

For those of you (fortunate few) who haven’t heard of her, Malala is a supposed advocate for girls rights to education in any and all cultures and societies in the world.
So as soon as Malala had recovered, she immediately proved she was stronger than the Taliban by returning to her home in the Swat region of Pakistan. She resides in England and was attending an English school when they came in and told her she won the Nobel Peace Prize.
While Malala mugged for the camera, giving speeches to the choir about how extremists are fools to think bullets can silence women’s rights in the 3rd and 2nd world in buildings protected by men with guns, Yazidi girls are being turned into sex slaves by those same men, most of whom will not face any prosecution or justice for their actions. She says books and education are what we need to change the world, then proved that completely untrue after she ran away when a man with a gun fired a bullet into her.
The science awards still have some merit, but the peace prize is a worthless political tool. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Christina Aguilera club tagged: christina aguilera. Malala was treated in Pakistan and eventually flown to England for further treatment once she was co-opted by globalists who wanted to make her a poster child. The world cheered her on, thumbing their nose alongside her at the oppressive Taliban from the safety of western countries. Malala was lucky that she was co-opted for an agenda and was given a great place to live in the western world, because while she is touring the globe, advocating girls rights to education, those same girls are the ones forced to continue to live in places where they can be hurt and killed for trying to attend school.
And the girls Malala claims to represent, and whom she abandoned to their fate simply because she had the chance to, are the ones who are now suffering.

Instead of reading text books and trying to fill her head with words, Malala would have been better served to take that textbook and hold it in front of her head to try and stop the bullet. At least it has no place in our so-called noble institutions, the places where we supposedly celebrate the best of humanity.
Getting shot in the head is pretty extreme, and I could respect Malala if she took it and continued to live in Pakistan. Now Malala is a talking head, a mascot, someone do nothing people can point to and exclaim that they’re changing the world. Not only have they given it to a girl who abandoned the very women she claims to represent, but within recent memory (2009) the Nobel institution also gave the prize to a man whose governmental policies continue to result in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and whose administration continues to destabilize nominally peaceful countries all over the globe with a Byzantine surveillance network which also spies domestically on their own war-weary citizens, and whose administration is continually manipulating the press in an attempt to drag the war-weary people into yet more conflicts. We need to keep making guilty privileged people feel good and like they’re doing something by cheering on a 3rd world mascot. The extremists won unequivocally, and no amount of desktop wall papers will change that irrefutable fact.

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