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The Works Cited page is located at the end of your paper and contains all the works that you have cited in your paper. If more than one author is given, the first author is Last Name, First Name but second and third authors should be listed First Name Last Name. When listing a web site, the site's URL is only required if the citation will not easily lead back to your source. Due to the many types of publications that may now be accessed online, citations for online sources may require a publisher, publication date and even page numbers. For more rules and examples of citations, visit USM Libraries' MLA Style Guide or view a copy of MLA Handbook, 7th ed. Introducing a quote is important because it clues your reader in to where you are in the scholarly conversation. Online library databases are databases of abstracts and full text general and scholarly articles.
Online magazines and online scholarly journals-  These sources are similar to the sources you will find in the subscription databases with two exceptions. Online literary texts- These are texts that are out of copyright and free works in the public domain.
Whenever you use information that is not your own within your paper, you must include an in-text, or parenthetical, citation.
What in-text citation would I use if I have already used the author’s name to introduce a quote? If you have already referenced the author’s name, all you need to include in the in-text citation is the page number. The in-text citation should provide a DIRECT reference to an entry on your Works Cited page. These citations are linked so that your reader can find the sources for certain information on their own. Horses are a fantastic pet for teenaged children because they help develop responsibility, communication and health (Smith 43).

Because you have properly cited your information, I can now go to the page in the book you used and find out more about this information on my own. Comments about these pages should be directed to: Mike Hill, RSCC Learning Center Director. Set an example and use any of the services listed below that will make the URL short to re-direct someone to the correct website with the long URL. Use NickNark to uncover the URL behind any of the URL's created by one of the services listed above. This (we)blog brings you information about (web)design, blogging tips, (programming) tutorials and much, much more.
Have fun reading this blog and don't forget to subscribe to the feed to keep updated on the latest articles. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. French television channel and film production company Canal+ is here to help with these flowcharts slash advertisements made by Euro RSCG.
Think of how puzzled you are when you are following along with a speaker and he or she throws in a random and seemingly unrelated fact; even if they explain the relevance of this fact at some point later in the conversation, that moment of confusion is uncomfortable. These articles are often republished from a printed edition of a journal, newspaper, or magazine. An in-text citation must be used when paraphrasing, commenting on, quoting, or referencing any information from an outside source. If you do not have an in-text citation for a source, it should not appear on your Works Cited page, and no source should be listed on your Works Cited page that was not referenced in your paper.
Smith has to say, so I go to your Works Cited page to find out what source I should go to in order to get more information. Note, just because you read it in your research does not mean it should be included on your Works Cited page. This means that with a bit or work, you can find hard copies of these sources outside on the internet.

The second being that fewer of these articles will be peer- reviewed which makes them less reliable than many of the scholarly articles you will find in a database.
A good rule of thumb is to limit the degrees of separation from publisher to topic as much as possible. Your citation should come right after the referenced information and before the period at the end of the sentence.
Simply put, if you did not cite a work in your paper (in-text citation), it cannot appear on your Works Cited page.
Because your in-text and Work’s Cited citations match, I should be able to easily find a citation on your Works Cited page to help me do this.
However, the bottoms of many Wikipedia entries contain links to great articles that may be more appropriate for scholarly research.
This does not mean simply replacing one or two words (this is plagiarism); proper paraphrasing changes sentence structure, style, and word choice. Subscription databases may be general or specific and tend to contain the most current information on a topic.
Note that the articles found on these sites are distinct from those found in the databases because they may or may not be exclusively found on the internet. Use Wikipedia as a starting place, but leave the scholarly references to more heavy hitting reputable sources! These databases are a good place to refine searches to scholarly (peer-reviewed) texts only.

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