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Don't miss this opportunity to learn the art of Japanese Stab Binding and take home your very own creation. At this week's Savvy Senior Series program, we are learning to make a brooch out of organza. This program will be held at Central Library in the Browning Events Room at 2:00 PM and will be presented by Mitch Luman from the Evansville Museum.
On Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 PM, Kristin Hood, the SHIP local coordinator from SWIRCA will be at Central Library to offer information and answer questions regarding Medicare.
If you, a family member or a friend are dealing with cancer, please join us and learn important coping strategies and tips. Mark has requested that you bring old photos you would like to preserve with you to the program. Come join us to see how you can make sure your photos are appreciated for many years to come. For a complete list of our upcoming summer Savvy Seniors Series programs, please click here. The program will be held on Thursday March 31 at Central Library in the Large Group Room on second floor at 2:00 PM.
This program is part of the new Savvy Seniors Series and is free and open to the public. Local author, Mark Soper will offer information, tips, and instruction on making your digital photos turn out great. The story, which spans close to 20 years, is filled with fascinating anecdotes of the relationship that developed between these two sentient beings. A day after finishing the book, I tuned in to Oprah where she featured a man whose best friend is a Grizzly Bear. Well, others have had the same question after watching the movie, so the answer was not hard to find. So, if anyone out there has a definitive answer, please let the rest of the world in on it. According to a new study from the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla California, humans are not the only ones who have a sense of rhythm.
In another study at Harvard University, researcher Adena Schachner and colleagues studied thousands of dancing animals on YouTube and concluded that several species of parrots and elephants have the ability to perform synchronized movements in accordance with various musical beats. Out of these studies came a theory that the ability to dance is related to a propensity for mimicking sounds vocally - that somehow the two are interconnected. So, there's your answer - although additional studies are needed to prove the above theory. Which stage in the IB Design Cycle identifies sources of information and develops strategies for obtaining useful information? What IB materials classification is high in density and thermal conductivity but low in electrical resistivity?

What phrase is used to describe a design process in which environmental attributes are treated as design objectives, rather than as constraints? What type of design approach involves minor changes to an existing product, usually sourced from within the firm and often associated with scaling-up in production? What manufacturing process would be most appropriate for making more than 10,000 of these objects using the most efficient method? The business of putting an invention in the marketplace and making it a success is referred to as _______ . During which stage of the IB Design Cycle are detail drawings developed and cost estimates performed? What manufacturing process would produce an initial product that looks like this from metal? What is calculated by taking the design load for a product and dividing it by the normal maximum load the product must endure?
What process exposes timber to toxic substances such as arsenic in order to make it resistant to insect attack? These materials are formed by cooling the liquid material slowly to allow the atoms to arrange themselves into an ordered structure. This program will provide answers to your questions and will demonstrate how hospice can enrich the lives of those they care for, as well as the lives of their family members. Have you ever wondered how many new astronomical discoveries have been made since you were in school? Jim Schenk, an occupational therapist will offer tips, give advice and answer questions to increase safety in the home as you age.
Please see our website for more programs in the coming months, or stop by the library and pick up a schedule of events. The person asking the question had just watched the 1984 movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, where it was mentioned that if a rhino sees a fire, he always stamps it out. Some birds, dolphins, elephants and seals might be able to move to a beat and actually dance. The movie itself, along with the help from the Mystery Science crew make this movie a must-see to believe.
Almost everyone who uses the internet has questioned at one time or another, the safety of their personal information on the web. Officer Kevin Corbin from the Evansville Police Department is going to give strategies and tips to ensure you and your loved ones are as safe as possible in your surroundings.
He will be showing us his wonderful photographs of birds and discussing his adventures in places throughout the world.
The next Savvy Senior Series program will give you an opportunity to learn about Tai Chi and try some if you’d like. Do you have questions about Medicare that you would like answered?  Or, would you just like to know what to expect when you reach the age for Medicare?

We still have some space in the program and would love for you to join us to make your very own candle and take it home with you. And, information will be provided on how to keep your brain healthy, some of the age-related changes we all can expect, as well as when you may need to talk with your doctor. Well, the library is offering the perfect opportunity to educate and answer questions you may have. So, it wasn't a surprise that I received a reference question regarding the best way to keep celery fresh and crisp in the refrigerator.
In fact, there are so many variations to choose, I soon understood how someone would ask for assistance with this baffling task.
One of the subjects studied by scientist Aniruddh Patel and his colleagues was a cockatoo named Snowball. Places include Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, as well as the United States.
If you are a concerned senior or have a friend or family member who is a senior, this program may be for you. This event is our Finale program for the Savvy Seniors Series, however it is open to adults of any age. Refreshments will be provided as you sit and listen to the harmonic sounds of this award winning group. The story is written by Stacey O'Brien, who was a lab assistant at Cal Tech when she adopted a 4-day-old barn owl after he suffered permanent nerve damage and could not survive in the wild.
In Malay, the rhinoceros has a special name, badak api, in which badak means rhinoceros and api means fire.
My first thought was to wash and cut the celery and put it in a glass pickle jar with a lid and a little water in the bottom, since that's the way my mother always kept her celery fresh. However, I soon discovered something I wasn't expecting - there are many opinions regarding proper storage of celery.
It could be because rhino sightings are very rare in Southeast Asia due to poaching of these endangered animals. In any case, the rhinoceros that are still alive spend their time in the deep forest and high mountains, and are rarely seen.
She will also discuss the many library resources that are available to our community regarding local history.

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