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If you want to know how to make a website without knowing any website code or having to hire a web designer then you are in the right spot! Is building a website with Easysite really as easy as knowing how to log into an email account, type an email, attach photos or files and send the email? When you make a website using the professional website builder, does it offer search engine friendly blogs so that you can get your website and blogs ranked on Google's search results? Does the website builder allow you to implement social media integration with just a simple copy and paste of your social media urls? Does the company offer phone support, video support and or email support if you have any questions about changing or updating your website? Now that you finished the simple sign up form, you should be in the Site Admin for your website. When you make a website you will find that you can edit or add new content in a few clicks of your mouse. Free Page - Click on the Edit link, and you'll see an editor that is almost identical to Microsoft Word.
Multi Page - Click on the Add Page link, now you'll see something almost identical to the Free Page, you can add as many pages to the Multi Pages as you like. The more traffic you get and the more content you have about your products, the higher ranked you'll get on the search engines, like Google. 2) You can go through the help section of the site to watch the online site building tutorials. We believe that the system is easy enough that most people should be able to navigate the site and be able to use it with minimal assistance. Now any changes will have to be an additional charge and you will most likely have to wait in line for changes to be completed. When you use an online site builder everything you need to make your own website is built right into your favorite Internet browser. Learning how to make your own website using an online site builder is currently the easiest way to go. The last advantage that was listed is that hosting is included with online site builder systems. If you do create your own website or hire a consult to do so, you will have to deal with hosting. Beyond having to think about all that, you should also consider that your web page code should be backed up daily. All the tools you need to update the site are included along with daily backups of your site. Easysite was created to empower average, non-technical people with the ability to create and maintain their own websites. If you don't find Easysite to be the easiest, most simple way to create your own website, simply cancel the service and pay nothing more. But as essential as having an attractive, professional site is, it’s only half of the equation. Once you have built a solid website for your business, it’s critical to take a step back and sift through the data to see where your visitors are going when they come to your site and what they are doing when they get there so that you can figure out ways to engage them even more.
Mobile friendly means that your existing site grows and shrinks with the size of the device it’s displayed on, which is called responsive design.
In a few years, responsive design will be the standard architecture for all websites, but for now people are still trying to catch up with the times. Business owners must know how users behave on their websites—this is crucial data you need to grow your online business.
This easy-to-use tool will tell you detailed user behavior on your site, which will help you fine-tune your online offerings. Another good tool, Crazy Egg, shows a heat map of your site and details exactly where users are clicking.
There’s a different mindset and level of attention when reading a website as compared to a print document. Just like a store changes its window display every month, you should frequently have fresh content on your homepage and landing pages.
Driving customers to your homepage is great, but directing them to landing pages that drill down deeper into the site is much more valuable.
Most businesses offer a variety of products and services and need landing pages for each category of product and service. Furthermore, when you run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on Google, make sure you take the visitors to that landing page, rather than your homepage.
If you follow these rules, you will be on your way to establishing yourself as a leader in the online space.
Even if your small business does most of its selling in the physical world, a smart, trustable, and information-rich website is essential to help new customers find you and to tell existing customers more about your products or services. Listing your key products or services on the home page helps people quickly identify whether you’re the type of company they’re looking for. This helps you as much as it helps your potential customers: You don’t need irate people in your store any more than they need a two-hour round trip only to find you don’t stock the items they expected to find.
Even with this basic information online, people will still want to call to ask if you carry certain products or work with certain client types. Perhaps surprisingly, many customers will want to see a picture of your store, workplace, or production line.
For instance, if you’re a plumber, you can tell people what to do if they have a leaking pipe, smell gas, or want to update their bathroom fixtures. If you don’t trust yourself to write clear, error-free text, write a rough draft and then find someone who can make it sound professional. It’s very important to give clear pricing or at least an indication of your pricing structure. Since you already know exactly what you’re selling, you might describe it very differently than how customers are looking for it.
You may love kittens or unicorns, accordion music or glitter; feel free to use those as much as you want on your personal site. Begin learning software, business, and creative skills—anytime, anywhere—with video instruction from recognized industry experts. We've updated our terms and conditions (now called terms of service).Go Review and accept our updated terms of service. According to a Nielsen report, US adults spent on average 34 hours per month using the mobile internet on smartphones.
Additionally, Google announced they will be issuing warnings to searchers when their algorithms detect that the website is not supported on the device they are using.
Google recommends upgrading sites to support HTML5 instead because they work in modern mobile devices and desktop browsers.
A simple solution to turn your website into a mobile site is to recreate a version optimized for mobile devices. Mobile expert Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive, explains, “A mobile site is probably the cheapest alternative, ranging anywhere from $13.00 per month for a single website with only 10 pages and 2 GB hosting space from MobiSiteGalore to over $1,000 per month for unlimited views, unlimited domains, and unlimited users from Mobify.
Rather than creating two separate websites (a traditional site and a mobile site), you could create a single site that will render correctly on both computers and mobile devices.
Resnick suggests that a responsive web design can be an affordable and effective solution to making your website mobile-friendly.
Depending on the reasons why consumers want to access your website from their mobile devices, you might want to create a task-oriented mobile app rather than a separate mobile website. However, just because mobile apps are hot right now doesn’t mean that a mobile app is right for your business. A hybrid mobile solution includes both a mobile website component as well as a mobile app component. The plugin comes with a ton of features and functionality to improve the user experience for mobile devices.
WP Mobile Detector provides a simple solution to adapt your site for mobile with just a few clicks.
Obox Mobile is a WordPress plugin from Obox Design, which will convert your site to a striking layout fully compatible with all modern mobile devices (i.e. Right now I’m guessing that whenever you’re asked why you chose the business you’re in from the gazillion other businesses you could have picked— you come alive.
But it’s certainly should come as no surprise that another chief reason for getting into business is to make money…in a perfect world, a big stack of money. So the first order of business is to figure out is where, when, and how your ideal clients search for what you offer.
But unless your business website is branded to set you apart from your competitors in truly unforgettable ways, and unless it gives your online visitors the experience and information they’re looking for in an easy-going, user-friendly way, those additional hundred dollar bills are likely to remain as elusive as ever.
Is your business website a place where people who are ready, willing and eager to buy can actually do so? When you consider adding ecommerce capabilities to your business website, you’ll find yourself facing dozens of decisions because of the dizzying array of choices. Most ecommerce platforms offer a variety of off-the-shelf plug-ins or extensions that let your site integrate seamlessly with well-known-and-trusted payment gateways (among them PayPal). Do you want a payment gateway and merchant account—or an all-in-one payment service provider? Once you’ve established your payment gateway, your next step should be choosing the right shopping cart application for your website. Given the widespread mindset that seeks instant gratification, whenever buyers orders anything online, they want it delivered ‘yesterday’ even though that’s clearly delusional.
If you’re wanting some inspiration check out how this company illustrates their overseas car shipping process. Colorlib shares 39 beautiful ecommerce WordPress themes that you might want to consider for your ecommerce site.
Finally, you need a way to capture the contact information of people who visit your site but are not necessarily ready to buy during their first visit. One way to coax your warm leads into returning to your site is to offer them a high value freebie in exchange for their contact information.
As I discussed in a previous post, “Winners Website: Awesome Lead-Generating Online,” lead generation is crucial to your business.
We know, you're good at what you do and that may not have anything to do with designing websites. Doing everything we can to help the businesses that use Onepager is important to us and one of our core values.

Onepager is a great builder for small businesses with limited website needs, but when your business grows, your website will grow too. I had 2 bad attempts at hiring a web team, always thought that web design was a "black box" costing thousands of dollars and taking on a life of its own in terms of time to completion. If you're just starting out with learning how to make a website, you should start by evaluating web site builders using the free trial that they offer. Once you connect with the telephone support staff, they will walk you through step by step how to make a website. You can learn all about Internet technology on your own by learning the programming languages that make pages work. The problem with learning how to write programming code is that most people simply do not have the time to take on that large of a task. The upside to going with a custom development with a developer is that you will be able to get exactly what you want. The advantages to learn how to make a website using this option are: low cost, ability to update, quick learning curve and hosting included. The best builders have many years of hard work put into them to make it easy for the end user to make a website. The latest round of up-to-date browsers are much more powerful and faster than browsers that were available even a few years ago. In other words, you need some space on a computer that is in a datacenter to serve your web page to the world. Our commitment to you is to provide an easy, fun and quick way for businesses and organizations to create a website. These tools make it easy to integrate your site with all the latest popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Retailers that have both a physical storefront and an online presence have reported an average of 23% growth.
A beautiful and clear website is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business, especially if it’s built and marketed properly. So if your business is not displaying mobile-friendly experiences for your customers, you’ve lost more than half of the opportunities for new business right off the bat. You could also have a separate mobile version of your website, though a responsive site is believed to be better for search engine optimization. If you look at any major, successful online business, it will have a mobile friendly website, and it’s usually responsive.
Gathering these facts and figures will enable you to create effective pages and, ultimately, higher sales. Visitors are coming to you to solve their problem, so your website should answer their question quickly and easily. This immediately conveys the message that they are relevant, up-to-the-moment retailers, and leaders in their space. Be sure that landing page has effective messaging and calls to action, and the title of users’ search is in a header on your landing page. Remember to stay on top of trends, monitor your results, change your site accordingly, and enable sharing. From startups to Fortune 1000s, Blue Fountain Media helps generate more leads and increased brand recognition. It’s a way of showing online that you’re a “real” business—as opposed to, say, a kid operating out of his garage! If you’re a dog groomer, you can describe common grooming techniques, or suggest the things people should look for in a good grooming salon.
Most people don’t have the time or the inclination to do things themselves, and are willing to pay you money once they see the complexity that is involved.
It makes him look smart, and now people travel for miles to his shop because he’s got a reputation for fixing hard issues. Unless you’re running an ecommerce site, this page or set of pages will be describing the type of items you sell rather than listing your full inventory. Customers want to feel confident that they know what they’re getting before they contact you. The worst person to give you directions to a location is a local, because he or she will likely make too many assumptions about your familiarity with the area. Your customers will thank you for your minimalist design every time they visit, because without added distractions, the true information is much easier to find. This approach ensures that all of your content and site features will load correctly on mobile devices while offering the exact user experience consumers get from your traditional website. Responsive web design is an increasingly popular option for companies with tight budgets and limited resources.
He says, “My preference is a fully responsive website, costing anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 or more, again depending on the design and functionality. For example, a large segment of airline customers typically want to accomplish a few specific tasks when they’re on the go.
Resnick warns, “Mobile apps or a hybrid solution combining a mobile site with a mobile app are typically much more expensive than a mobile site alone.
A company that chooses a hybrid solution wants consumers to be able to quickly and easily perform very specific tasks using a mobile app, but anything outside of those specific tasks requires that consumers visit the company’s mobile website.
Bear in mind that most of the plugins provide ways to create a separate mobile site and will not actually make your WordPress website responsive. WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website. This plugin is packed with a number of great features (24 modules to be precise), and not all of them are useful. The plugin doesn’t have as much features as other plugins listed here, but it comes with two themes and help is provided for developers who want to create their own mobile themes. The plugin targets every single mobile device and all aspects of your blog are tailored to the visiting handset.
The Wapple plugin is quite different, as it doesn’t uses mobile theme, and retains the styling of your site from web to mobile. Most of the mobile plugins aims at providing support for couple of gadgets i.e Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. You can easily spend three to ten minutes (more when encouraged) explaining your passion for what you do and the value and benefits your customers receive when they engage with you and your product, service or cause. You’re about to learn how to make five changes that will help you engage with your customers and confound your competition. Naturally you’ll want your customers to feel confident and safe when they buy from your business website. PayPal is frequently tapped as a popular second alternative by consumers who prefer to withhold their credit card information when they’re online.
A shopping cart lets your customers add the items they’re interested in buying and then complete the check out process.
The software you’ll end up choosing will depend on the specific cart features you want or need. Rashid has offered an excellent guide including comparisons of some of the most popular and currently available shopping cart options on the PC Mag site. Because shipping can rack up considerable expense for ecommerce merchants, you can easily end up losing money if you aren’t careful. By visiting your business website just once, even briefly, they’ve revealed their interest in learning more about you and whatever it is you’re selling. Freebies can include eBooks, coupons that offer a discount on their first (or next) purchase, or gift cards. In it, I explained how to put your website to work generating leads and capturing new names using email signup forms. You'll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible. Our multi-site plans are great for agencies, brands, or users who want to manage more than one simple site. You have effectively saved my sanity, my relationship with my sister, and possibly her business because her website gets way more traffic than her Facebook. WE ALSO OFFER A FREE WEBSITE CONSULTATION SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS OR IDEA SO WE CAN HELP YOU BE A SUCCESS. Just choose the first option in the sign up "I already own this domain name." And we'll hook up all the settings for your domain name. Once you sign up you, have a few different paths that you can use to learn how to make a simple website. Using a downloadable HTML website template is another option, like the ones offered by Allwebco Design Corporation. Sure, you can buy all the books and study all of technical manuals that you need but really, who has the time for all that? Some high-end developers can charge as much as two to three hundred dollars per hour and most custom websites will end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. These sites know that their number one job is to make it easy for non-technical people to create a website.
Because of this, there is so much more that they can do now to help you do your job when you need to make a website.
So, even if you created your own site from scratch and you know everything about programming, you're still going to need a server to host (or serve) the site. So after you make a website, be sure to back it up if the host that you're site is with does not include a backup system. There is no obligation to purchase when you sign up, plus no credit card is required to sign up. So whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, maintaining a strong online presence is a necessity.
And conversely, a poor site will create lost business opportunities and enable your competitors to eat into your segment of the market. That would be a terrible idea aesthetically—and you could miss opportunities when a customer does a very specific search. Testimonials from named individuals or clients are useful, as are the team’s qualifications and certifications, and even the number of years you’ve been in business, or combined years of experience. Bad spelling and grammar, half-finished sentences, and hard-to-follow procedures don’t make a good impression. Provide detailed product or service descriptions and large, clear images that show the product in use, or the outcome of using your service.

Just saying “Call us for details” is a turn-off that customers associate with dodgy, high-pressure business practices. Until you get feedback from realistic customers, you won’t know whether you’ve hit the right tone. So if your company’s website isn’t mobile friendly, then you are missing a huge opportunity to generate new sales. There are many affordable tools that can help you turn your website into a mobile-friendly site.
All development and ongoing maintenance efforts and money can be invested into a single site rather than spread between two sites. The advantages of a responsive site—elegant display and full functionality on any device, enhanced search engine optimization and single site management—make a responsive site the best investment for a business that really wants to be a player in the mobile era.
They want to check flight times and status updates, and they might want to make reservations. A cheap app would cost approximately $49.00 per month, but users know a cheap app when they see one and generally will not use it.
But still there are some great features, that makes it a nice addition to a WordPress site.
This plugin is very easy to use, since you can easily test the site by forcing into mobile view rather then using a real mobile device. Some of the features are: Mobile Advertising Integration, stats, mobile friendly navigation, custom header, advanced pagination, dynamic resizing of images, and much more. But WP Mobile Detector supports more than 5,000 web-enabled phones, tablets, and small-screen devices.
A huge factor to consider is how easy or complicated you want the check-out process to be for your customers. So keep shipping costs in mind before you make promises to your customers about deliveries that can end up shooting you in the foot. And while the shopping cart gauntlet looms beyond, the product page is where the magic of an ecommerce sale begins.
They have money in their wallets and an interest in what you offer in their heads and hearts.
Tim loves empowering people with the flexibility of a website they can own and run themselves while backing this with professional help when and where it’s needed. Each of these firms tries to impress users with a stunning website done according to the latest trends, using bold colors, a lot of content and super features that no one has.It is all incorrect for corporate websites, because these kinds of themes are to be clean, clear, minimal, simple and just a bit creative. This type of template is a self contained website that you download and work on on your computer hard drive, then upload using FTP client software. The easy answer is to learn how to make your own website using one of the many online web page building systems that are available on the web right now. Outside of using an online service, you would need to purchase software such as an FTP program to transfer your pages to the server to host your site.
Once you sign up, you are taken directly into your new site and can begin to add text, pictures and videos immediately. You should have a category of shoes, and within that category, you should have a specific landing page for running shoes.
A mobile app that is strictly used for scheduling, ticketing and alerts would be extremely useful to these consumers. In contrast, a custom developed app can cost a minimum of $15,000 to $25,000, depending on the design and functionality. One such feature is “Responsive Design”, which automatically streamlines your site for visitors on mobile devices. It also comes with an visual customizer, which allows you to choose from five striking pre-set color schemes. This is the payment processor you will expect your customers to trust with their payment details – and then deliver the funds to your bank account.
Be sure to consider how many hoops you’ll be asking your customers to jump through while they navigate the check-out process. This is the reason why many businessmen can’t enjoy their websites fully: they launch nonfunctional and messy themes with lack of style and visual component at all. For these people to take the time to learn a completely new and different skill is not feasible.
The other problem with hiring a developer consultant is once the project is completed, you are dependent on the consultation for any updates. In fact, if you can get online and use a browser, you already have all the tools you need to get the job done. Sites are canceled automatically after the free trial is over so you don't have to worry about any surprise billings. It's yours and unlike other site building services that hold your domain name hostage, you're free to transfer your domain name to use with other services at any time.
There are some companies that offer affordable mobile app development, such as Mippin’s Appsme, or you can hire a mobile app developer to create a fully-customized app at a higher cost. If you have JetPack plugin installed on your site, then with a click of button you can implement the mobile friendly theme. These companies know that if they make their page editors easy to use, they will be out of business and soon. If you like using the system and find it easy to make a website, you can make a purchase online and continue using it by paying a small monthly fee for the service. The reason you would want your site to be served from a data center is that they have backup power and backup Internet connectivity. In other words, we organized the behind-the-scenes code to be exactly the way that Google and other search engines would like it to be. Zero website designs are those with horrible color use and obscure navigation; the websites with cluttered layout and old-fashionable design. These websites are confusing and lead to no actions.In this post I am going to tell you how to avoid common mistakes that website owners and inexperienced designers do.
Data centers are setup to provide the best environment to make sure your website is always available to visitors. And here I give you 7 very and very easy steps how to perfect your website design if you have one or start making your first corporate site.
I would rather give an example: this year freesia, dazzling blue, celosia orange are in trend, so what?
Will you follow blindly the trends and add all these colors to your site making a background blue and using freesia or orange for the elements and typography?
Definitely no, you shouldn’t do it.The best colors for business web design are white, gray, beige (sand), placid blue, light green. Talking about accents, I mean typography (preferably in headlines), buttons, lines, icons or figures.By means of color hierarchy, you can make the focus on certain content items and information that needs to be strengthened.
Include a Catchy Introductory Boxon Your Front PageI think everyone has had a sad experience of browsing a website and having no idea what it is all about. Such details let users catch the information quickly and understand what this company can offer them right at the first second of site browsing.
Make the Navigation as Easy as ABCWebsite navigation is not the feature for experiments, and realizing your innovative ideas. Navigation scheme should be kept to its minimum if you want to make users enjoy the website instead of wandering around all pages in a search of needed section. At the first sight the navigation of this theme has a common look and is designed as a simple top horizontal bar, but hover your mouse over it – there are tons of sub-items. It is not professional at all.Open this website now,I am sure you will find it easy to navigate. Balance Text Information and MultimediaThere are websites, where the dominance of media content is appropriate. If to be more specific, these are photo portfolios, wedding albums, music related web pages and movie sites. The corporate websites are everything different, so far as they serve for a different function and the target audience of these themes differs. Nothing prevents you from using images, probably even videos, because they will diversify the layout and pay more attention on text. Plus, remember to leave enough white-space on the canvas, it is a key element to make site readable.5. Use Right FontsYou might think that your website is well-done if the colors are picked successfully, the layout is accurate, the images are uploaded, but nobody has abolished the typography yet. The typography is a crucial part of a website design, because it makes the content either readable or not.
If the letters are too close to one another, the words are hard to read; in its turn, when the words are placed very close, the users may go past the whole sentences because they can’t manage to read them. Add a Contact Form but Do It AccuratelyAn essential component of a perfect corporate site is Contact information and particularly Feedback Form or a Contact Form.
This is the way your clients (potential or regular) can write to you, leave a message in order to get a call back or an email reply. The Contact Form can simplify and quicken the collaboration between a client and an entrepreneur.
I have noticed none Form to fill on this page, it lacks a professional touch for sure.Here we can see a Contact Form, but it is too big and requires much time to fill it. The target audience of business websites is serious-intended people, who are looking for a promising project to invest in, influential partners to deal with or these are potential clients looking for a certain service. In times of fierce competition, you can’t permit yourself to lose visitors and let them go to your rivals. One more easy way to shorten the site loading time is to compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
You have probably many plugins that you don’t use, make an audit of them all, and delete unnecessary. Finally, use a fast web host.I suppose this article will help you to make a stunning website design for your business website, taking into account the major elements you should use and how to develop them in a right way.

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