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The California Lottery's newest Scratchers® ticket is available for play at your local retailer.
We're pulling out all the stops to make sure that the California Lottery Black is our most successful Scratchers® game ever. Look for Lady Luck in our new campaign for California Lottery Black Scratchers® on your television and local movies screens all through April. Our new website is more popular than ever, with over 12 million visits in the first 30 days since launch. We are always making improvements to our new website in order to make it a fun place to visit, and to provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips.

You are about to go to a third-party site that SCG Power Rangers LLC does not operate or control. With its dark and edgy look, the new California Lottery Black game is unlike any other Scratchers® ticket out there. That's right, you'll have a 2nd Chance to win $250,000 by entering your non-winning ticket code into REPLAY.
In March we added enhanced functionality to the 2nd Chance pages to make it a smoother process to enter multiple codes. NOTICE TO PARENTS: Never let your child submit personal information or purchase products on a third-party site without your supervision and participation.

Beginning in April, our Northern California retail partner Quik Stop is giving away a free 12oz. For your child's protection, parents should take charge of all purchases and information disclosures on a third-party site.
When you click on that tab, all the jackpot amounts and winning numbers pop up in one place.

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