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Good online marketers see their website as a sales funnel that looks something like this:Great online marketers implement the best analytical tools they can afford and continually test various advertising and marketing strategies designed to fill the funnel. The best marketers don’t just test advertising and marketing strategies designed to fill the funnel more efficiently, they also recognize that between each segment in the funnel above is a conversion. While you might be rolling your eyes at the fictitious nature of the video, it’s based on a true story told by David Kirby involving a Frenchman named Jacques Prevert. In my experience, something that simple can have a profound impact on your site’s conversion rate.

At Blue Corona, we have a proven 5 step process for helping our clients better utilize analytics and the web to grow their businesses. About The Author: Ben Landers is the President and CEO of Blue Corona, a data-driven, inbound internet marketing company. But to operate this way is to completely fail to take advantage of one of the web’s greatest features—the ability to run inexpensive data-driven tests to measurably improve your results. Here’s another example that is absolutely taken from the real world, and this example involves business analytics software powerhouse SAS.

The first step of our process is to track everything and commit to making data-driven decisions.
The fourth step is to commit to continuously testing and optimizing to improve your conversion rates.

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