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Every business is different, so we will discuss your requirements, and create a promotion plan that fits your budget.
This is always the first consideration when we create a website, and involves brainstorming, considering customer needs, researching keywords and finally writing quality copy for your website.
With the rise of social websites such as utube an myspace come exciting marketing possibilities. There are many digital marketing methods that business owners and digital marketers can use to promote their brands, products and services through their websites.
For online entrepreneurs who have minimal resources at their disposal, using free website promotion methods is better idea. Let Digital Marketing Philippines take you on a wonderful joyride with this top 13 FREE website promotion ideas that you can use to drive a highly targeted stream of potential customers to your website – driving your profits up without the exorbitant costs! Before everything else, first and foremost is you need to fill up your website with good, relevant, high-quality and highly-targeted content.
Content is at the heart and core of your website and is the hub where all your digital marketing efforts should revolve in. Digital Marketing Philippines’ articles on Social Media Marketing are some of the most exciting content this site is sharing and offering our readers. Nielsen is telling us that online users allocate up to 21.3% of their time online checking their status, sharing photos, and liking posts on social media sites.
Through social media, you can build a separate profile page for your website, brand or product where you can engage directly with your existing and potential customers.
Social media is not only a highly effective tool for connecting and interacting with highly targeted audiences in a more personal and social level, it also made it quite easy for high-quality content you share to get even more reach with the use of social sharing buttons. With search engine algorithms changing and leaning towards social relevance, ongoing social media sharing activities in your websites will definitely be a plus factor that can help your sites get better ranking. Social media shares can let your content go viral, but with social media bookmarking, your targeted audiences can include your website among their favorites. Online local directories is one of the best ways a local business owner can promote his or her business. Forum marketing these days is not very popular subject these days since most of the people right now are going into social media groups instead of a niche related forum.
The idea of forum marketing is for you to share your expertize and brand yourself as an expert in your field. To get more exposure and high-quality backlinks from other sites that are relevant or related to your website’s own niche, you can write and publish articles for these sites as a guest author or blogger. Writing in blogging communities and other blogs or websites builds your network, getting you acquainted or even friends with other website owners that are related or relevant to your niche. You can develop your reputation as an authoritative source of information or expertise in your niche by writing and publishing niche articles on content sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Business2Commuity.
Social media sites focused on posting questions like Yahoo Answers and Quora where people can answer and ranked based on how relevant their answers are in relation to the question is also a good free website promotion idea.
Online users can really get pissed off when they post inquiries and comments about certain items or topics about a brand, product or service – and receive neither answers nor acknowledgements in return.
YouTube and other video sharing sites have become an incredible phenomena that launched the careers of very popular modern artists as well as generate valuable traffic to websites through videos and infomercials. Social media groups in the top social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linked-in can also be used for free website promotion. This list of FREE website promotion ideas is of course not complete as there are tons of innovative but effective ways of promoting your websites and getting the attention of targeted audiences.
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Discover a simple step-by-step guide on what you can do to promote your business on the Internet staring right now! 1) Free promotions such as search engines and directories would give your web site the deserved traffic you’ve always wanted. If your web site and its free promotion did not work even after accomplishing these methods, analyze your web site. Get Free Email Updates!Signup now and receive free offers, discounts & coupon codes I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can purchase additional reports which can include tracking of sales or other customer actions. Some of these are paid advertising and promotion channels that are guaranteed to get you highly targeted results in the shortest span of time. These tools may take a little while before tangible results are realized, it can slowly but surely help digital marketers promote their websites for free. Content can be anything that you can place in your website: from great how-to articles to very informative step-by-step video tutorials. It’s free to join and create profiles about your brand, products or services on the various social networking sites available.
PQ Media translates this into hours, highlighting that up to 33 hours a month the Internet users in the United States spend online, 8 hours of which are spent doing various activities on social media sites. You can also build discussion groups and communities in these social sites and build a network of like-minded people – all potential audiences and customers for your brand. You should include plug-ins for social media sharing with each of your content, practically allowing your visitors to spread the word about your website quickly and easily with just a single click of these buttons. Sites like Google+ local, Bing local, Yahoo local, Yelp, Manta and others allowed you to list your local business and gain targeted exposure to your targeted audience in your area.
But since our goal here is to give you the most complete list of free website promotion ideas, we also wanted to give the most comprehensive options and forum marketing is one of that.
So don’t just go to these forums and blatantly promote your business but share your expertize and engage to the members.
There are blogging community websites where you can join as a guest writer, allowing you to create your own author’s bio where you can embed backlinks to your websites. You can ask these writers to write for you by inviting them as guest bloggers in exchange for better exposure and organic links. Although there’s some arguments on whether the backlinks from these sites are still relevant in the current search engine algorithm changes, the reputation you can gain as an authoritative writer in your niche would still make all your efforts pay off. You can build your brand by being authoritative source of information who uses his expertise by trying to unselfishly answer relevant questions posted. Commenting and answering inquiries can build your online relationships with these targeted audiences, which is a good way to build your brand and develop product loyalty.
Most of these videos talk about topics relevant or linking to a brand, product or service directly or indirectly.
The first thing that you are going to do is to search for the most relevant and related groups for your business. Try to study which of these method will work well with your digital marketing campaign, and if you find one to your liking and convenience, try to develop a marketing plan that you can execute to perfection – and obtain targeted results that will keep you more steps closer towards achieving your goals.
In this FREE e-book you will learn the basics as well as advance aspects of Digital Marketing.
Make sure to check your web site’s ranking to know whether or not this type of free promotion is right for you. These ads could be seen by other people who you are not targeting for, but may as well be interested in your services.
Banners that pop-up at the top of a page or in a separate window would automatically catch your target audience’s attention.

Emails can be downloaded to a mail reader such as Outlook Express, or can be viewed using IMAPI webmail.
There are however, free online marketing tools that people can use to promote and drive traffic to their websites.
Digital marketers have the option to use some or all of these free digital marketing methods. High-quality content that can go viral is a surefire way of driving targeted visitors to a website – visitors that can eventually become paying customers. You can create these types of content yourself, or have a staff or freelancers create these content for you. Statistics on how effective social media marketing is abound throughout the Internet, with reliable information coming from reputable organizations like Nielsen and PQ Media backing these claims. Tapping and getting access to just a fraction of these figures can bring valuable promotion mileage for your websites. Maximize all the features that these local directories are offering you and always strive to persuade your customers to leave honest reviews about your business there!
Basically, what you can do is perform a search like this your market + forum and check the top 10 in the search engine results.
You can also work with individual blogs or websites or be a guest author on local newspapers or magazine blogs – and boost your online credibility as well as get really valuable backlinks.
You can build your brand, gain better reputation, and build relationships with potential customers. You can also turn these inquiries or comments in a Q&A type of article and post it in your site – a move your targeted audiences will surely appreciate.
And as soon as your free web site promotion proves its worth to the audience, then you’ll believe it’s true. However, they should understand that it requires dedication and some hard work for all these free online marketing promotion channels to finally pay off. You can even have guest writers or bloggers create something for you for posting in your website.
Then choose the top 3-4 forums by checking which forums are having the most conversation and the # of active members.
In the past, I have known some great people that I found in forums and until today they are still a great resource person for me in the digital marketing niche.
I think it better to join at least 5-10 niche related groups on these 3 social media sites. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
Doing business on the Internet requires a continuous cycle of activities that will let you get a good foothold on the marketplace with a very strong online presence that delivers results. The possibilities are practically endless and are guaranteed to generate highly targeted traffic – if your content is well-written, innovative, interesting, relevant and of course – original. Again don’t forget the golden rule here, you are joining these groups to show your expertise and brand yourself and your business as a great resource for your niche. So engage to the members post, share their posts to your accounts, provide your ideas and opinions on their posts or questions, don’t balatantly self-promote and lastly don’t forget to post your relevant content from time to time.

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