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Customise your Side Mirror Covers and choose between Carbon Outside Mirror Caps or Brushed Aluminium.
The Standard Configuration of the ADAM JAM includes the Body Colour Roof and 16a€? Boomerang Alloys. Choose the Option Pack 2 (OPC-LINE Pack) and enjoy the OPC-Line Kit with 17a€? Hurricane Alloys. The ADAM JAM with Option Pack 3 (TWISTED OPC-LINE Pack) boasts a Two Tone Roof, the OPC-Line Kit and 17a€? Hurricane Alloys. Available in Carbon Outside Mirror Caps or Brushed Aluminium, the Side Mirror Covers of the ADAM JAM really show off your sense of style. The 18a€? Twister Wheels allow for a unique personalisation feature, fit for any game changer. When I was a kid, one of my favourite activities was to go with my dad for monthly shopping, we used to have a list which mom would prepare for all the essentials of the house.
So much has changed since then, there are so many choices, and now technology is changing the very experience of buying process (btw check out this ted talk on art of choosing). Personalisation is already a red hot topic in eCommerce, a lot of automation and web analytics tools (here is a list of most popular ones) are now available which track deferred as well as real time; visitor behaviour on the website, which is then used for an enhanced user experience.
Many new innovations are happening in this space, we are approaching a world where computers will be able to influence all our senses (touch, see, hear and smell and taste), we are moving towards some form of convergence on how we can achieve a sense of real life experience to the user, this new field is ‘Cognitive Computing’ (check out link here and here).
Overall I believe engaging customers and personalisation should be viewed as an amalgamation of art, psychology, cognitive science and technology. Options include Purple Fiction, Pump Up The Blue, The Grey Father, A Star is Brown and Silverwalker.
Let it suit your personality and choose from a range of funky colours including Purple Fiction, I'll be Black, Pump Up The Blue, The Grey Father, James Blonde, Saturday White Fever, Red a€?n Roll and Silverwalker. Colour options include Purple Fiction, I'll Be Black, Pump Up The Blue, The Grey Father, James Blonde, Saturday White Fever, Red a€?n Roll and Silverwalker - which one are you?

Colour options include Purple Fiction, I'll Be Black, Pump Up The Blue, The Grey Father, James Blonde, Saturday White Fever, Red a€?n Roll and Silverwalker.
The shopkeepers knew us well, they knew what kind of items we would buy regularly, what kind of buyer were we, so they would recommend certain kind of items to us, invariably adding something new to our basket of buys, they would also let us know if we missed something in our list that we usually buy.
But the basic configurations of human beings are same, they get influenced by the same stimuli that govern cognitive and behavioural responses. In this blog I will try to capture some areas which relate to customer behaviour, traits and how eRetailers can utilise (some already are) this for a great customer experience resulting in loyalty, conversion and retention. There are many ways in which personalisation based on the site usage of the visitor can be tracked and utilised.
We are already to a certain extent making baby steps towards it, with the current available tools, we can start as simple as removing just pictures of apparel and replacing it with real models, including videos of the products being used, including videos along with the text content, using 3D store fronts. Despite the fact that just 16 percent of online shoppers represent 'new' customers to the Web, e-sellers are still dedicating more than half of their interactive marketing resources towards new-customer acquisition. Choose from Purple Fiction, Midnight Black, Pump Up The Blue, The Grey Father, James Blonde, Saturday White Fever, Red a€?n Roll and Silverwalker Seashell. Options include Technical Grey, Ia€™ll Be Black, White My Fire, Silver Walker, James Blonde and Red a€?n Roll.
The next frontier for eCommerce is to realise and imbibe this philosophy and use this to guide customer experience. Personalization is a business strategy—one that takes into account not only who the customer is but what she likes, what she doesn't like, when she wants to hear from you, and when she doesn’t.
Sometimes many tech entrepreneurs do not give much importance to this, as this is more of an art.
A happy customer will tell 10 more to come to your site, it is imperative for you to take care of your existing customers. It’s time for retailers to adequately focus more on providing best possible customer experience for the millions of customers already relying on the online marketplace to meet their shopping needs.

Using and optimising use of site analytics coupled with some good old customer engagement models can do wonders. The Twister wheels also allow you to remove and replace the wheel clips with an available colour of your choice. Experienced retailers in brick and mortar stores understand this very well and utilise this knowledge to a great extent to tailor a buying and after buying experience to personal traits.
This can be very simple things like greeting them on their birthdays, on special occasions, sending them coupons and keep them informed about the sale on your portal etc.
The Holy Grail is having a customer for life, and having that customer buy from you repeatedly.
It’s time we move on from considering customers a mere number on the term sheets and business plans to real entities with flesh and blood and treat them the way it affects them positively, empathise with them, help them, support them and love them.
I would recommend ecommerce business owners to spend some time in a good brick and mortar retail store to understand how visitors spend time, how the products are arranged to maximise sales and optimise an intuitive user experience.
The success of this ecommerce revolution lies in how each customer is treated and the day when this experience surpasses the one on the kirana shop a few blocks down your house, will be the day eCommerce will have truly achieved real success.
Brick and Mortar retail experience is being perfected through decades of research and understanding of psychology of the customers and consumer behaviour. Market research as they say 95% of the time only conforms what we can infer using common sense and simple observations in the first place.

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