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Lahore: Bangladeshi hackers on Sunday broke the security of Punjab Assembly’s official website and demanded the Pakistani authorities to take action against Shadoow008, one of Pakistani hacker.
The hackers have alleged that Shdoow008 is responsible of the attack as he defaced some Bangladeshi website.
The hackers also asked the government file complain against Shadoow008 to Federal Investigation Authority (FIA). Last night, the Linux Mint team announced that someone had hacked their servers and started pointing user downloads to malicious ISO images for the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition. Since then, in the last ten hours, the Linux and infosec communities have been working hard to investigate what happened and how the hackers operated. The first to provide an answer was Clement Lefebvre, leader of the Linux Mint project, who acknowledged in a comment on the official announcement that the initial point of entry was their WordPress blog.
The hackers managed to escalate their access to the underlying server and finally get shell access to www-data, Lefebvre explained.

The Linux Mint team discovered the issue, cleaned up the links from their site, announced the data breach on their blog, and then it appears that the hackers re-compromised the download page again. Yonathan Klijnsma, senior threat intelligence analyst for Fox-IT, a Dutch security firm, has noticed that a few hours after the Linux Mint announcement, someone had posted an ad on the TheRealDeal Dark Web marketplace.
The fact that the hackers opted to infect a top-shelf Linux distro with a simplistic IRC bot (something considered to be outdated in the early 2010s) leads us to conclude that this is the work of an inexperienced group.
Instead, they escalated the entire incident, placed ads on an underground hacking forum, which eventually caught the eye of security experts and forced the Linux Mint team to bring down their entire website, cutting off their access.
Its 2016 and a popular Linux distribution ISO was modified and a backdoor was added, an IRC bot.. Every budding Internet hacker or a user wants to hack a website,but is unsure on how to do that.In my last post,I discussed about Google Hacks which can be used to search for vulnerable sites and content from Google,however if you want to scan a website for its loopholes,you will need a good website ripper or a mapping tool. This criminal was responsible for the defacement of Google Pakistan Pressurize your law enforcement agency to make this criminal busted and let us live in peace and also let us leave u in peace,” they wrote.

Our Linux editor already covered the initial details of the attack, which we recommend reading before going forward with this article.
This is a well-known Linux ELF trojan named TSUNAMI that's a simple IRC bot used for launching DDoS attacks.
The group seems to have mishandled the entire hack, opting to distribute a silly IRC DDoS bot instead of more dangerous and lucrative malware like Bitcoin miners or banking trojans.
With site access still working, and with the Linux Mint team failing to detect their true entry point, all the hackers had to do was to wait.

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