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Beautiful abstract vector background with wire frame curves; cool backdrop effects for your graphic design projects. Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Sometimes Simple website backgrounds are a welcome change from the color-overdosed designs that most websites flaunt these days.
They can cover hundreds of themes and designs which is also suitable for millions of websites all around the world. Leave aside the intricate designs, themes and background images; as long as these HD plain backgrounds are there, there can be no competition. Royalty-free clip art illustration of a reflective purple spiral website background - version 3. Beautiful plain backgrounds never go out of fashion and they can be revamped every season with little touch-ups.

It is always a dire and immediate need of every blogger to give a fresh look to his blog or website.Having a good and spectacular website pattern will grab you more visitors and their interest as well. Beautiful plain backgrounds need not always be monochromatic and bland, they can have same hue textures, shades, patterns or even a soothing mixture of two or more hues to create abstract art forms.
Plus they can be coupled with responsive templates to make them suitable for responsive websites. Since most of these plain website backgrounds come in PSD files they can be easily edited on adobe Photoshop within a couple of minutes using readily available tool sets and a little patience.
Monochrome backgrounds like grey, red, or orange backgrounds also have their share of demand for the bold but neat appeal.
For one’s convenience one may also download them in ready to use JPEG forms and start working on developing their website right away.
The stark lack of designs makes it possible to add different textures, images and texts to the required areas without any complicated clauses.

People usually shoot arrows of boredom to the ordinary and conventional backgrounds of websites these days.
Changing the past old and faded fashion of white backgrounds I am armed with 25 free simple white seamless patterns for website backgrounds. If you put up a superb textured background on your site it would give a rich and compact look undoubtedly.
Give a massive and elegant look choosing from today’s collection.Make your own pattern sets in Photoshop.
Download the below mentioned PNGs, just go to Photoshop (EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN), name it as you like and your pattern is ready.

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