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Diagram 1) shows an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for a Logical view and Diagram 2) shows an ERD for a Physical View. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I'm working on a small uni database project, I would like to know if my ER design is good enough for me to move on to further steps. Further steps involve: Translating ER to Relational diagram, and basically implement it as a database for a database application, in which user can search and browse stuff through an interface. Models: each brand offers several models (for example, Buick’s models are the Enclave, LaCrosse, and Lucerne, and Mercury’s models are the Mariner, Milan, Sable, and Grand Marquis). Dealers and customers: dealers buy vehicles from the manufacturer and sell them to customers.
You should consider the Party Model as you might sell to employees, buy from Customers, etc. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sql database relational-database entity-relationship or ask your own question. If we had a "perfectly efficient" computer and all the energy in the Milky-way available, what number could it count to?
Is it possible to stay up while riding a bike on a moving sidewalk without actually moving?
Back in November 2007 in Davao City, I attended a seminar on 'Developing Personal Excellence'. I would not go into details, not that I don't want to share my story with you, it's just that the story is quite long. To my beh, even if I've waited a long time for God to answer my prayers, it's all worth it because He gave me you. After the two-day seminar, we (participants from Manila) have been given some time to tour the city and do a little shopping before going back to Manila.
Anyway, I'm not a prayerful person back then (hanggang ngayon ata), but upon hearing 'bout St.
ABSTRACT - This study examines how the congruence between brand personality and self-image influences brand loyalty through such mediating variables as consumer-brand relationship and consumer satisfaction. Lots of stuff is encoded in real VINs (they are well described on Wikipedia), but you can just make them up if you want. The product is the thing you sell (just the specification of a car, with a model number), and the Asset is the thing the customer drives away in (it has a VIN).
Little did I know that I'll be meeting my first, last, only boyfriend, and future husband in that seminar. However, it never crossed my mind that he'd be my guy, since he doesn't look my age and he's not my type. I told Him that I think I'm ready to enter into a relationship and that whatever is His will, I'll accept it with all my heart.
Joseph is also the patron saint of married couples and if there's anything that we should be praying in that church, it should be our better half. For high involvement products the consumer-brand relationship quality mediates the effect of satisfaction on consumers’ brand loyalties, but for low involvement products satisfaction directly influences brand loyalty.

Since most of us were not yet married and have no boyfriend since birth, NBSB (haha!!), we were encouraged to pray for that special someone. However, previous studies did not show how the congruence between brand-image and self-image influences brand loyalty.
Also, Sirgy (1982, 1986) outlines the importance of self-concept theory in consumer behavior research by explaining that consumers who perceive the product image to be consistent with their actual self-concept are likely to feel motivated to purchase and consume that product.
It suggests that under the promotion message that reminds consumers of their own self-image, consumers give more positive evaluations of brands congruent with their own self-image.
In one of his other studies that employed beer product brands, he suggests that positive brand attitude and purchase intention increase as the congruence between self-image and brand-image increases (Graeff 1997). Keller (1993) regards brand personality as the category of brand-image made by brand user and usage imagery attributes. Plummer (1985) asserts that one component of brand-image is the personality or character of the brand itself.
According to Aaker (1997), brand personality consists of five dimensions: competence, sincerity, excitement, sophistication, and ruggedness.
That is, consumers want to build a relationship with a certain brand when they regard the brand as beneficial or valuable to them. Thus, if consumers feel that they are getting a good value and are satisfied after initially using the brand, they want to build a relationship with it.
Kotler (2000) suggests that perceived consumer satisfaction has a positive effect on brand loyalty.
Oliver and Bearden (1983) suggest that consumer satisfaction affects attitude after purchase and this attitude continuously influences the repurchase intention. This relationship construct is multi-dimensional and encompasses cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects.
Table 2 shows the six dimensions of brand relationship quality suggested by Fournier (1998).
That is, contrary to high involvement situations such as purchasing cars, computers, etc., brand switching and impulsive buying are more frequent, and products are purchased habitually without much thought and cognitive processing in low involvement situations. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that the consumer-brand relationship plays a more critical role in brand loyalty building under high involvement situation. METHODOLOGY 3.1 Research Model This study examines how the congruence between brand personality and self-image influences brand loyalty through the mediating variables of consumer-brand relationship and consumer satisfaction.
The pretest used a principal component factor analysis, with varimax rotational procedures.
Twenty-four items were discarded and only eighteen items were drawn from the forty-two items. The absolute-difference model calculates the absolute distance between consumer self-image and brand personality.
A brand of a computer notebook was given to the people in high involvement situation, and a detergent brand was given to those in low involvement situation.
DATA ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH RESULTS 4.1 Data Collection and Analysis This study had a convenience sample of 600 people aged from 20s to 30s in Seoul, Korea. 11.0 was used for reliability and validity tests and a latent-variable structural equation modeling was employed to examine the research model.

Finally, since Korean consumers perceive competence and sophistication as identical factors, therefore, competent people are often considered to be sophisticated, intelligent and elegant. That is, Korean consumers perceive consumer-brand relationship in terms of affective, behavioral, and cognitive dimensions.
Committed consumers have a tendency to purchase one brand continuously even though they have an alternative, and they feel interdependent with the brand after all. If consumers feel intimate and familiar with a brand, they highly evaluate the relationship quality with the brand. But c2 tests are not widely used any more because it has too strict assumptions and easily rejects the model.
This finding indicates that the congruence between brand personality and self-image does not influence brand loyalty directly, but via consumer-brand relationship or satisfaction.
The coefficient of the path in high involvement is much stronger than that of pooled data, where the influence of consumer-brand relationship quality is diluted because of low involvement samples. Because low involvement brands do not build consumer-brand relationship, satisfaction strongly influences loyalty (.897) in low involvement situation.
Therefore, it is clear that consumer-brand relationship building is very important for high involvement products.
CONCLUSIONS According to the results, the congruence between brand personality and self-image increases not only consumer satisfaction but also consumer-brand relationship. Therefore, marketing efforts to build and strengthen the relationship with customers are required.
Since consumer-brand relationship is also affected by satisfaction, satisfying consumers is important for marketers as well.
Rather, satisfying consumers with a variety of benefits such as product attributes, functional quality, price, etc. According to multi-self-structure-theory, it consists of actual self-image, ideal self-image, and social self-image (Park and Mittal 1985). Though the extensive pre-testing and validation efforts undertaken have resulted in reliable and valid measures for the constructs studied herein, future extensions of this work will require similar efforts for Korean scale development.
Disentangling the Influence of Culture on Persuasion Processes and Attitudes," Journal of Consumer Research, 26 (March), 340-357.
Choi (2001), "The Influence of Self-Congruity Between Brand Personality and Self-Image on Attitude Toward Brand," Korean Journal of Marketing, 3 (2), 92-114. Michael (1973), A Typological Investigation of Self Concept Congruity and Brand Preference: Toward a Predictive Model, Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois, Urbans, Illinois.
Joseph (1980), "The Self-Concept in Relation to Product Preference and Purchase Intention," in Development in Marketing Science, 3, ed.

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