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When it comes to putting together and executing a presentation there are people who can make a five minute speech feel like an hour and then there are those presenters that melt your mind with the power and effectiveness of their presentation. Another method that follows the keep it simple ideology is Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 method: that is 10 slides, in 20 minutes, using 30 point font. Larry Lessig is also known for his ability to provide powerful PowerPoint presentations on a wide variety of topics.
Unlike Lessig and Takahashi’s absence or limited use of imagery, Seth Godin uses carefully placed and captivating pictures to enhance his ability to present.
These are a handful of the many design methods that can be used to present a slideshow, achieving your desired effect. When I was younger and I had to make Powerpoint presentations, I never really liked to do them.
Putting together a good presentation is necessary to capture the interest of your audience. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
Lately we’ve been hard at work developing our Joint Marketing Program for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents. To help loan officers explain the value of My Single Property Websites and our marketing engine, we’ve created a free, customizable powerpoint presentation that they can use. As a loan officer, you need ways to set yourself apart and break through the clutter to reach top real estate agents. Michael is an active real estate broker, Certified Residential Specialist, and founder of My Single Property Websites. It’s not the fact they are great public speakers, but their ability to masterfully incorporate a slide show into their speech.

This way of presenting slides forgoes charts, color pictures, abstract designs, and slides with multiple bullet lists.
Rather than creating slides that simply repeat your words to the audience he recommends using stunning imagery on the slide to reinforce what you are telling the audience. When choosing how to develop your presentation consider what your ultimate desired outcome is and then choose the design methodology that will best help you to achieve that success. Since then I’ve tried my hardest to stay away for Powerpoint and have been successful for quite a while. Notice that it doesn’t have to be fancy and overdecorated, but it should be bold, concise and interesting. Loan Officers can sign up for a Sponsor Account, which lets them work with an unlimited number of real estate agents, and they can create an unlimited number of property sites. They know that at this point nearly all buyers are online, and that that’s where they need to be, along with their listings. Typically this style of slide show is used when you are attempting to bring an agreement between two sides, such as a venture capitalist presentation.
He limits the use of imagery, although not to the extent of Takahashi, and instead keeps slides changing with the words of the speech. Displaying a visually interesting image that coincides with your speech creates an anchor in the audience’s mind. Keeping each slide focused on one piece of information with a visual yet minimalist design, allowed him to give impactful demonstrations. However, as my taste in design has matured, I’ve realized new ways to actually make my presentations attractive. Today, we’re going to show you some slides from some really wonderful presentations that were shared at Note And Point.

Creating the right presentation (or as some call them, decks) takes some time — it’s not the same beast as web design but can incorporate things from it.
The plan is $79 per month, and they can split the costs with all the agents they are working with.
But marketing to a dozen different sites for each listing is time consuming, and maintaining a consistent image and brand across the internet is extremely difficult. Each slide will usually display one or two keywords relevant to the presenter’s current state of the speech. This style of presentation holds the audience’s attention as if they are witnessing the narration of a movie. This creates a slideshow capable of eliciting a strong emotional connection between the presenter and his listeners. I’ve also learned that simpler, yet creative presentations get the job done with most audiences.
This saves everyone money, and helps loan officers develop relationships with agents by helping them with their marketing.
Although the Takahashi design method will use many more slides than in a traditional presentation it allows the audience to easily follow the speech and quickly understand the main emphasis of the moment. In as little as 4 minutes, you can upgrade your entire marketing image, and post your listingA everywhereA buyers are looking.
If you’re an agent, contact your favorite loan officer and email them a link to this post!

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